Monday, August 20, 2007

Update - August 20 - Bhajis Make Everything Better

Jamie's Mum Has Got It Goin' On

Frankie is tending to Jamie's many wounds. He says they need to work out what to tell people, but she wants to wait. She points out that people will ask about his injuries and there is the whole public reaction thing. And the lack of Hallmark cards for when you leave your husband for your (step)son. Jamie tries to be optimistic, but Frankie is more realistic. She tells him that whatever happens, they'll have to be strong. Because torch-bearer villagers and their pitchforks can really smart.

Later, Frankie is hanging the washing out in the yard. Suddenly Danny is there.

"Stay away from us," Frankie tells Danny.

He says he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but yesterday all he saw was read and couldn't think straight.

He says he wants to start with a clean slate, just as he did with Leanne and Frankie did with Jamie, ergo they're "quits." He thinks they can start again from scratch. She looks at him in amazement as Jamie comes out of the house.

"You really are mental," she says. Jamie tells his Dad to get out.

"Just go, please," Frankie says, and they walk into the house and shut the door.

Frankie is again hanging out the washing in the yard and is startled into an early labour when Sean comes by.

Sean tells her it's sweet that she's doing Jamie's laundry and asks if Danny knows all about their little secret. But he sees Jamie on the doorstep, all battered and bruised, and gets his answer.

In the house, Jamie has made everyone a nice cup of tea as that fixes everything. That, and onion bhajis, but more on that story later.

Sean wants to know if Danny caught them by accident. Jamie thinks there could have some other reason for Danny to find out and Sean confesses that he did tell Danny he didn't want to know about his family's dirty little secrets.

"I could have been talking about Leanne for all he knew."

He tells Jamie he must have know "it would all end in tears" (drink!). Jamie says it's just the beginning. Sean asks if they think the two of them are going to live happily ever after. "You know as well as I do that Danny ain't gonna give up that easily."

Later at Danny's flat, Frankie comes 'round to see him, unbeknownst to Jamie.

Frankie confirms Danny he's living in a dream and that there will be no reconciliation.

"You and me are finished." She says the previous reconciliation but it was all a sham to stop her from facing up to the truth that she loves Jamie.

Danny thinks it's just been her revenge on him and Leanne. Frankie denies this.

"We did what we did because we love each other," she says.

Danny says it's Frankie who's dreaming because if she really meant all that she said, she wouldn't be visiting him alone.

Frankie says bringing Jamie would have been too emotional. She can deal because she doesn't feel anything for Danny any more, it's all just void. This brings Danny to tears.

"I'll let you get on with your life," she says, as she prepares to leave. "What's left of it."

And with that, a free woman leaves her ex-husband to start a new life of romance with their his son.

Anyone Who Says No to Bhajis is Sick

Les writes out a first anniversary card for Cilla. He thinks she's just been a bit down and the card could help cheer her up, despite Fizz and Kirk's assertion that it's adultery. As she comes downstairs, he asks if she knows what day it is. It's Sunday, apparently.

"Now bog off and stop pestering me," she says.

In the Rovers, Les and Yana discuss the Cilla situation. Les thinks she's having an affair, but Yana claims she'd know if she was. After a bit of flirting, she tells Les the best thing is to put on a romantic dinner.

Later, Les asks Kirk and Fizz if they can stay away that evening while he treats Cilla to an anniversary surprise.

"Tell her you know what she's up to," suggests Fizz. "That'll surprise Cilla."

Back at the Battersby-Browns', Les is lighting a candle on the table. He's wearing his best black shirt and presents Cilla with an anniversary card and a gift: a framed photo of their wedding day. She apologises and says she forgot.

She seems quite touched and she says the framed wedding picture "is all right, I suppose. I hope you didn't pay too much for that frame."

He's picked up a gourmet Indian banquet for two, and the lager's in glasses, not cans. Cilla says she doesn't want it and begins weeping and gets testy. She claims she's tired and has a headache and just wants a bath and an early night.

Les can't understand it. It's their first anniversary. He asks her to at least have an onion bhaji, but she rushes upstairs, telling him not to wake her up when he comes to bed.

Hayley's a Right Mug

Becky turns up for work in the cafe, even though it's her day off. Hayley is worried, because she's got to go into town and won't be there.

"Just as well I did come in then," Becky says. "Vezza won't be able to cope on her own if there's a rush on."

"What did you call me?" Vera asks.

Becky goes to hang up her coat, giving Hayley a chance to explain to Vera that she's talked to Becky and things might be better. Becky comes back and tells Hayley she's got nothing to worry about.

Later, Vera tells Blanche that the till has been £20 down since Becky began working there. She explains that she's keeping a close eye on Becky to protect Roy and Hayley's interests.

They're interrupted by Becky, who comes over to show them a £10 note she found under the fridge.

In the cafe, Blanche wants to know if any more stray bank notes have turned up. "You know, I wouldn't mind her cleaning my house if she gets results like that!"

Blanche tells Vera it will all be a front to make them think Becky's not thieving any more.

"For every tenner she finds, she'll pocket another two!" They clam up as Becky comes over. She says the last customer has just given her a fiver as a tip. Blanche asks if it will be drinks on Becky later, but she says she won't be keeping the money as it wouldn't be right, what with her being new. She gives it to Vera to put in the till. "Fifteen quid and counting," Vera says triumphantly to Blanche when Becky goes. "Fools' gold," says Blanche. "Hayley's welcome to it."

Hayley is in the cafe showing Vera and Becky the gift she's bought for Freddy's christening: Bunnykins crockery and a tiny silver box for Freddy's first tooth. Becky's never seen anything like them and says she never had anything like those. Hayley points out that it's only silver plate, but Becky says she never had a cardboard box, let alone a silver one.

When she leaves, Vera tells Hayley that the till appears to be £20 up. Becky might be giving back what she stole, "but it's a rum way of doing it," she adds. Hayley says at least it's a step in the right direction.

Claire Peacock Investigates

Tracy is sacked out on the Chesterfield with a comforter. She's coughing and such and Charlie is offering her sympathy and offers to pick up something for dinner. As he drives off, Tracy is up and peers through the curtains to make sure he's gone.

As she walks down the street, Claire sees that Tracy's curtains are still drawn. Unseen by Claire, Tracey watches her from behind the curtains, smiling to herself.

In the shop, Claire eavesdrops on Charlie and Dev. Dev's teasing Charlie about buying Tracy flowers and food. Real men like Dev, you see, don't buy food for their women.

And since when is Dev so chummy with Charlie?

Claire quietly tells Bev, who's nearby, that she thinks Tracy is afraid of Charlie, what with the curtains drawn. Bev admits that he can see the parallels between what happened with Shelley and Sunita and what is happening now. She expresses concern for Tracy's mental health, then goes back to slugging gin, hugging Fred's urn, and crying "just ten more minutes!"

In Other News

Gail disapproves of Sarah hanging around Jason.

Blanche disapproves of naming children "Freddy."


Anonymous said...

Could someone tell me what a BHAJIS is??

Also I found this site with Tons of vintage Corrie photos and some photos that would be considered spoliers...Just delete if necessary.

Still they are great!


Anonymous said...

A Bhaji is a deep fried onion, filled with lots of lovely Indian spices. They're typically served as appetisers. More popular in Britain than over here.

Trudy C said...

Was it just me or did Jamie's eye look better every time he went out back? It didn't look quite so bad.

I just loooove Danny (don't know actor's name). He is doing a fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

Excellent show last night and as always a superb update! Where was Amy when Tracy was lying on the couch so obviously faking she was sick.

Anonymous said...

Amy is in the dishwasher with Bethany.

I knew it would be a slap-up meal at chez Battersby when Les put the HP sauce on the table.

Did Hayley even know what Becky meant when she asked about Freddy's little silver box: "what's this for then? To put his stash in?" That Becky, she's all class...

And someone posted that Vera looked ill in these recents scenes. I have to say, she does. I haven't heard any news reports, is she better now?


Westcoast fan said...

Excellent update!

How harsh was that of Frankie. First she admits she was just using Danny when she reconciled with him, and then she tells him 'to get on with his life, what's left of it'. Having said that, Danny's ability to grasp at straws is truly amazing.

I think Dev and Charlie used to be buds, especially after Charlie saved Dev and Sunita from the fire Maya set, but then Charlie tried to rip off Dev's insurer when he got the contract to rebuild Dev's shop, and they fell out.

Notice how plainly Cilla is dressing these days? Dhe's not playing away, and she hasn't told Yana what's up, so I'm joining the camp that thinks she's ill. Maybe the doctor found a lump when he examined her for her breast enhancement.

Amy's in the dishwasher with Bethany, LOL!

Jacqueline said...

When Becky asked Haley if she was going to buy a crucifix for Freddy and Haley says, 'Oh that seems a bit religious.'

What?! It's a christening!

Seriously, why are people even bothering?

I liked how Becky pointed that out.

Anonymous said...


Vera is actually leaving the show because she has emphysema. Very sad. Here is a link to an article about it.

Whitehorse Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

"Jamies Mom has got it going on" is a great section title!

Anonymous said...

Trudy C - I noticed too that Jamie's did look better every time he came out.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Frankie is acting these days as though she's been brainwashed by a cult. There's no fire in her eyes, like there used to be.


papasmurf said...

Was it just me or did Les take a good long look at Yana's jubblies while they were chatting at the bar?

Westcoast fan said...

Yes, Les definitely did that, and Yana definitely noticed. Didn't he make some comment about always having been attracted to her? Les is a strange guy - obviously devoted to Cilla (some might call him whipped), but with the roving eye. Not unlike Danny in the old days, I suppose.

I think that dead look in Frankie's eyes is caused by fear - fear that the sordid story line she is caught up in will blight her unborn child.

Rob Swizzle said...

Jacqueline, nice observation regarding the "Christening". I always wonder about those folks who go to church just long enough to get their babies baptised. If they believe in God enough to go through the ritual, do they really think He's not going to see through their shifty present-getting scam?

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this site - great job! I have to say - Danny may be a hound, but I had tears in my eyes last night as Frankie was leaving him at the table - Danny may have been impulsive and thoughtless and run way too much by "Little Danny", but he was never cruel. Frankie was was down right evil to him.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought the line "I'll let you get back to your life, or what's left of it," was very cruel.

Maybe she thought she had to be cruel, or he'd just keep hounding them?

Anonymous said...

I think we're forgetting that Danny was a serial adulterer. When they arrived on the scene, he and Frankie had just broken up.

Yes, she was having an affair then, I think with a buddy or business associate of Danny's. It was played as she had had enough of Danny's constant philandering, being left home alone, etc., so took up with this guy.

As I recall, Danny jumped on Sunita PDQ after arriving on the street. Then decided he really wanted Frankie back, no more philandering, etc. She agreed, and then came Leanne.

Soo, while this doesn't excuse Frankie or Jamie, it's worth noting no one in this triangle is blameless.


Westcoast fan said...

Freddy must be spinning in his grave! I'm so embarrassed.