Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update - August 1st, 2007 - The Secret Summer Word is G.O.B.

Happy Birthday Jack Duckworth

Molly and Vera are packing for their trip to Amsterdam, but Jack still thinks it's all a ruse to get him to show a little more interest in his 70th birthday. Vera says if he didn't want a party so they're having one of their own and hands him a bag containing his birthday present of socks and underwear.

Later on Fizz and Kirk arrive with Les in tow, with a ride to the airport. Kirk looks dumped, despite his having purchased Fizz a scooter. Vera tells Jack that there's money on the mantle for fish n' chips. And they're off to Amsterdam. Tyrone and Kirk think they've been betrayed but Jack says they've been given the gift of silence for forty-eight hours.

Later, Tyrone and Kirk take Jack down to the pub. Wearing his best blazer and polo shirt, he says he doesn't want anyone to go to any fuss. And definitely no balloons. Kirk points out that it would be difficult to arrange a surprise party on an hour's notice. They enter an empty pub, to Jack's surprise.

"You're early," says Violet and Jack orders a half-bitter, half-disappointed that nobody threw a party for him.

Later, Jack and Tyrone ask Sean if their stripper-gram would be allowed to show the full monty. No can do, says Sean, if any bits are shown, they all get the sack. Michelle worries more for Jack's health.

Throughout the intertwining storylines, more and more of the street's residents filter into an increasingly crowded Rovers. Liam asks Michelle why the big crowd?

Just then, the lights go out and Vera appears from out back, followed by Molly and Fizz and Betty, who carries a pigeon shaped birthday cake. Everyone's in good spirits, except Tyrone and Kirk, remembering their ribald contribution to the party.

Just then, either The Weatherfield Regional Constabulary has suddenly relaxed its dress code, or the stripper has arrived.

"Right then!" she announces. "There's someone here who needs a good clamping!"

Now, see, if it were up to me, she'd be wearing an old school bobby's helmet and swinging a billy club, saying "Right. Wot's all this then?" But then, that's why I don't write for Corrie.

Tyrone hustles the woman out the door, followed by Molly who announces she'll kill him.

Jack asks where his present is.

"You've had it," Vera tells him.

"No, my real present," he says.

She asks if he can remember what they did after his 21st birthday.

"We're going to do it again," she laughs, patting his cheek, "the bed's all set up for it!"

Jack grimaces slightly.

Ken announces a toast to Jack but he protests, saying he and Vera have been a team for 50 years, so if there is any toasting, it will be to the both of them. And so everyone toasts Jack and Vera. May it always be so.

More Platts in Therapy

Audrey shows up late for work, after a night of boozing with Bill Webster. Gail, who was concerned she may have had an accident, starts unloading a world of judgement on her. But Audrey fobs it off as having overslept and a touch of the flu. Audrey says she may have to skip today's counselling session as she doesn't want to spread any germs.

"We're a family," Gail protests. "We share!"

Speaking of skipping therapy, Sarah-Lou agrees to go for a drink in the Rovers with Jason. When they get there, Jason wonders if they'll be like Jack and Vera 50 years from now. Sarah points out that they are only having a drink and nothing else.

Meanwhile, the therapy session has started with just Simone, Gail, David, and their Canada mug in attendance. Audrey shows up late and tells them that she may have to skip future sessions as she's decided, rather last minute, to spend a fortnight visiting her son Stephen in .... wait for it.... Canada.

Later, Simone asks Audrey if there is anything she would like to share. David starts with the snark. Audrey says that he gets away with all sorts because he knows that Gail won't sort him out. Gail asks what she means by that?

"What about the cards?" asks Audrey, who last week wanted to squash that issue.

Gail whispers that they said they weren't going to mention those. Simone says that they should explore everything.

"Tell us about the cards, Audrey," Simone says.

"No!" says Gail.

Simone explains that if they can be open they can't expect to make progress.

Gail says to Audrey that she always goes too far.

David asks if that isn't what they are all there for. Audrey thinks they should face the truth.

Gail jumps up and accuses everyone of ganging up on her. Simone says this isn't appropriate and asks Gail to sit down.

Later, when they are alone, Simone suggests Gail could benefit from parenting classes.

In Other News

Fizz overhears Cilla on her mobile telling someone they she'll see them later that afternoon. Fizz thinks her mum is having an affair.

Jamie is still being nice to Danny, but through gritted teeth.

Roy thinks Hayley should give Becky Grainger a chance.


Anonymous said...

What is this Canada mug you speak of? Where is it? I've never noticed it before.


Jacqueline said...

when the Platts are sitting around the kitchen table, it's on a lower shelf attached to the counter.

It's white with a red maple leaf.

Debbie said...

I loved Jack's response to that toast.

Westcoast fan said...

Aww, I'm with you Debbie, that was so sweet. I hope Jack survives what Vera has in mind when they get home!

This was a weird episode with no Charlie and Tracy.

Is Gail completely thick? Let's have family counselling but let's not talk about the most bisarro thing David has ever done on his way to becoming a grade A psychopath.

Corrie Quebec said...

I guess the shunning of Audrey has ceased all of a sudden?

I liked the bit about the bobby idea for the stripper. What if instead she had dressed up as a pigeon and let Jack 'pluck' her feathers. He's always been a bit of a pigeon fancier! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Gail and parenting classes. There's a novel idea!