Friday, August 17, 2007

Update - August 16th, 2007 - No words need to be said

David is playing video games when Sarah comes downstairs and tries to get Gail to babysit. Gail agrees, but isn't happy about it. Sarah tells her it's only a movie.

Gail sees Eileen and Jason just coming out of their house across the street, and glares. Eileen remarks to her son that Gail looks about as pleased as she is. Jason tells her that it is only the movies and he's got loads of work to do yet. Just then an excited Claire comes running up. She's elated to tell Eileen that she can be Freddie's godmother after all, the vicar has agreed to baptize her beforehand. Eileen looks less than thrilled by this news, and says that it would be wonderful, but “She doesn't know the first thing about God”. Claire says excitedly that it's not a problem, the vicar has agreed to give her all the religious instruction she needs! You can tell that Eileen is ecstatic at the prospect.

Les asks Fizz in the cafĂ© if she thinks Cilla's having an affair. Fizz says she is not sure, but Cilla has got form. She also says that there might be a perfectly innocent explanation, but Les thinks that “there's no smoke without 'a flamin' bonfire!'

There seems to be some serious flirting going on between Becky and Jason. Jason pays Becky for his breakfast, telling her to keep the change, but she pockets the money – and is spotted by Vera. After Jason leaves, a scruffy man comes in and orders a coffee, and it seems that Becky already knows him. (No surprise). They are laughing and talking when Claire comes in to say that a dog tied up outside is frightening Ashley's customers. Becky's friend says that it's his dog, and when Claire leaves, Vera tells him to go and move it. Becky starts to get angry at the way Vera has spoken to her friend, (here comes another punch…) but the young man says he was going anyway, and leaves without paying for his breakfast. (Roy’s Rolls = New meth hangout?)

All the talk is about the darts match that's coming up that evening, where the workers are playing for the prize of a Christmas party. Liam tells them that the team consists of himself, Danny, his brother and their sister Michelle. When Janice gripes that she is nothing to do with Underworld he tells her that she's family and that makes her almost management, and anyway, without her there would be no team and no teams means no match and no match means no Christmas party. Janice then agrees that Michelle can play at the match.

Jamie is sitting sullenly on the sofa when there is a knock on the door. It's Danny and Frankie with Warren, who's come to say good-bye before he goes back to Spain. Warren hugs his mum farewell before Danny takes him out to the car. (There is some serious fake and bake going on there). After they've gone, Jamie demands to know why Frankie isn't taking his calls. "Because that's my son, your brother," she tells him, "and no matter what we want, what we do, that will never change."

Jamie catches up with Frankie outside, and she tells him that seeing Warren has brought her to her senses, she can't go on, it would hurt him too much. Jamie says they can't go on living their lives for other people. Frankie tells him she wouldn't be able to live with herself.

As Danny walks into the factory, Janice stops him and asks if their Christmas meal will include drinks. Danny is blank, so Joanne tells him about their staff meal if they win the darts match. Danny still looks blank so Hayley suggests he asks Mr. Connor. Danny goes into the office and tells Liam that he thought he made it clear that they were not shelling out for a staff dinner. Liam says they're not, because they won't win. He and his brother and sister have all been playing since they were children and that Paul is County standard. Danny thinks that if the management win they ought to get something – that would make it much more appealing.

In the pub, the girls ask Michelle, “ What's in it for her”. Michelle doesn't have a clue what they're talking about, so they explain about the darts tournament. They tell her that Liam has said she's playing that night, and she is quite resentful about the fact that he hasn't asked her first. Steve is listening to all this, and says that she should save herself the humiliation. "Humiliation?" asks Michelle, and he goes on to explain that she's not exactly the darts type. "Whereas Fizz and Janice…." He begins, and then notices them glaring at him. Vernon comes along at this point. "What my friend is saying Michelle," he tells her, "is it's not your game, it's highly technical. It's all in the wrist." Looking aggravated, she tells him he must be an expert then. She then tells the girls that, thanks to Steve and Vernon, she is going to play – and she's going to win!

Danny is in the cafe, talking to Frankie about Warren. He asks if she'll come to the darts match, but she says she'll give it a miss.

Hayley comes in and asks Vera where Becky is, and is told she's out the back getting her coat. "Best place for her," says Vera, "Fingers like fly-paper, that one." She then tells Hayley about Becky's “friend” who had a full breakfast and three coffees and never paid. Vera tells Hayley that she thinks Becky is taking her and Roy for “Right mugs”.

Sarah and Jason are in the pub discussing what movie to go and see. (I suggest Horror). Over at the dartboard the players are getting ready when Danny arrives. He tells the girls the news that if they lose they are paying for the Christmas meal. "Whoa, whoa," says Fizz, "you can't just spring that on us." Janice, however, says it's a bet. Danny turns to Jamie and tells him to get a ringside seat to watch his old man dish out a lesson in arrows. Jamie tells him he's learnt enough from him, and leaves.

Jamie calls round on Frankie, and says he won't leave until she looks him in the eye and tells him that she doesn't love him. He assures her that Warren will get over it, but if she sends him away she won't. He finally seems to convince her and they start kissing. Someone make them stop, please.

In the pub, it all rests on Paul's final score. He seems to be doing very well with his first two darts, but the last dart, that would win the match for them, hits the board and falls out on the floor. Janice takes her turn and scores just what is needed – the workers have won. Hurrah! Danny gets his coat and leaves, as Liam asks his brother how he could possibly have missed. "Who says I missed?" says Paul, and tells him it's the best way to raise staff morale. "What's a few quid for a meal?" he asks him, and then says, "Anyway, it was worth it, just to see the look on Baldwin's face!" And it was classic.

Jason and Sarah come back from their film, which wasn't very good. Jason says that next time he'll pick the film. "Who says there'll be a next time?" asks Sarah and warns him not to take her for granted. Jason walks her home and gives him a quick kiss goodnight and goes inside.

Les is outside the chip shop, waiting for Cilla to finish, looking worried. Yana is locking up the shop when Les pushes his way in. "Where's Cilla!" he demands to know, saying he's been watching the place for half an hour and not seen hide nor hair of her. Yana starts to explain that she's out the back cleaning down the preparation area, when Cilla comes in from the back. She is furious and pushes him out, locking the door behind him and telling him that she and Yana are off out. "I shouldn't wait up!" she snaps. (Side note: Yana’s hair reminds me of Bubble on Ab Fab)

Danny looking quite dapper, arrives home with some take-out. "Frankie!" he calls, getting plates out of the cupboard. He walks into the bedroom where he stops short. There are Frankie and Jamie in bed, looking guilty. Bewildered, he turns and walks out again. They follow him out, wrapping clothes around themselves. "We were going to tell you," Jamie starts to say. "Well go on then," says Danny, "Tell me what that was, 'cos it ain't what it looked like, it can't possibly be, can it?" There's a pause. "Tell us!" he screams. Jamie mutters, "We love each other…." "No!" Danny shouts, "you don't tell me that, you don't ever tell me that, boy, or I swear I'll kill you!" He tells him to get out, but when he goes to take Frankie with him, Danny lunges forward, as if to hit him. Frankie leaps between them, "Don't touch him, please!" she cries. "That's funny, innit," says Danny, quietly, "you sounded just like his mum then." He tells them to get out of his sight, and then stands looking totally stunned.


Jacqueline said...

OKAY - I have to announce that I had the pleasure of Debbie's company last night at my place.

We were sitting around eating pizza, sipping wine and commenting about the show. Not paying 100% attention when the show wraps up with Jason and Sarah...and then, and then, AND THEN.

Boom! Danny walks in on them.

My arms go up in a kind of 'Gooooooalllll!' motion and Debbie clasps her breasts and tries not to spit out her glass of plonk.

Can I just say that was one of the most beautiful Corrie moments I've had - made all the richer by having someoen to share it with.

Note: I watched it again at 10 pm and made Mr. Glacia sit with and hold my hand during the final moments.

Westcoast fan said...

That was brilliant how Danny found them so unexpectedly, really put the viewer in Danny's shoes, and I thought his reaction was perfect. Thank god that's over with, and this story's almost done. Ta ta Frankie and Jamie, after all you've done we won't be sorry to see the back of you.

Rob Swizzle said...

That was a back-to-back brilliant episode. Nicely summarized, Mayfairgirl!

Anonymous said...

Super summary.

Jacqueline, I taped it last night to watch this a.m. My mouth dropped open and I slapped my hand across it almost simultaneously.

DID NOT see that coming.

In other news, Vern looks like a jerk. And Claire is being presumptive even for Claire. What again did Eileen do for her that makes her so grateful? I can't recall.


Anonymous said...

Slight off-topic but did anyone else recognise Becky's skeazy mongrel-toting friend as DC Chris Skelton from the BBC time travel drama, Life on Mars?

corrierules said...

I agree. It was a great scene and Bradley Walsh was a pleasure to watch. Very, very good actor.

papasmurf said...

'Debbie clasps her breasts and tries not to spit out her glass of plonk' made Papa Smurf spit his sbux coffee all over the computer.

It was a great little moment at the end of the episode.

I liked how Gail knew all about the video game David was playing.

When Bradley Walsh started on the show people thought he was a bad choice, since he had a background as a comedian. I agree, I think he has great chops as an actor.

Westcoast fan said...

Yes, I thought Bradley Walsh was great. The anger he displayed was very real, very frightening. He definitely tapped in to something. Surprised me.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that no one else saw that coming either. My jaw hit the floor and I gasped out loud. That was the best Corrie moment for me and one that I was truly surprised at (I had seen spoilers so knew about Fred).

It almost makes you overlook the fact that it makes no sense that Jamie and Frankie would have gone from his place to Danny's (they were last shown at Jamie's, right?)

Anonymous said...

No, they weren't. Jamie had followed Frankie from there on her way to work. Danny popped in later to invite her to watch the darts game, she said she wanted a quiet evening in. Jamie and Danny talked at the pub before the match, Jamie left.

I did notice that in their old house Jamie's beard looked like it was a 10 o'clock shadow, it was so dark, while immediately out on the street he was almost clean shaven.


Westcoast fan said...

I think Jamie hotfooted it over to Danny's place from the pub once he saw that Danny would be tied up in the darts match for quite some time. Probably he convinced Frankie they had lots of time for a 'quickie'. Or maybe they fell asleep (ah, young love - barf!)

Honestly, when Danny got home I thought for sure Jamie and Frankie had done a runner and Danny would find a note on the counter. I was flabbergasted.

Rob Swizzle said...

John, good spot on the Life On Mars detective. I was trying to place that actor!

Anonymous said...

I really did not see that coming at all. I had convinced myself that Danny would never find out, so I had a shocked verbal reaction. It was really well done, and Bradley Walsh did a terrific job.

It totally threw me. I really didn't think Danny'd find out.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

On a different topic, can I just say that Claire is being horribly obnoxious?! And shame on the vicar for playing along with this ridiculousness. You're going to baptize someone who had made the conscious choice not to be baptized? WTF?

That is so presumptuous, and I sincerely hope that Eileen stands up for herself. I say that as a practicing Catholic. Claire and the vicar have no business doing this!

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

I think Claire is grateful that Eileen helped her when she was...what was the term Fred used?..oh that's right 'barking'.

Now, I'm going to add my two cents worth also as a practicing Catholic. Could Corrie stop making every religious person look like a complete toad?

WHY would you ask someone to get baptized - especially just so they can be the godparent to your child. It's wrong on so many levels.

A) That person has obviously made the choice to NOT be religious...respect that.

B) The godparents will be responsible for the religious upbringing of your child should something happen to you. (This is why it's happening in a CHURCH.) So why would you ask someone who's not religious. It's a disservice to them, your child and your faith.

C)I'm actually kind of steamed about the Haley snub. She must be LOVING organized faith right now.

But can I just say, those of us who are religious ain't all like that. I would never dream of imposing my faith on someone. Although though I don't know if Claire is really looking at it like that. I think she just really isn't putting much thought into the ceremony of baptism.

Mind you, I did like when they wrote Eileen's crisis of faith with Ed and in the end had her forgive him.

End of ranty rant.

1:07 PM

Debbie said...

Yes, Jacqueline watched that episode together. I like that entire episode a lot, actually.I really like the darts thing and the way Very clearly would do ANYTHNG to avoid actually working. It was a great episode.

Waht was especially brilliant was the whole "We love each other." At that moment, it all seemed so absolutely absurd.

Jacqueline said...

A bit like two 14 year olds getting caught playing doctor.

'But we wuv each other!'

Slaps upside the head all around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Glacia,

RE: Clair - You said it better than I ever could.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Re: Hayley

You know, here's the thing: it's not my job to pass judgments on other people, and I have enough personal experience with people with gender identity issues to understand that they have enough pain without me adding to it.

If God has a problem with anyone, I feel confident that He will handle it. He doesn't need me running interference.

In essentials, unity.
In non-essentials, liberty.
In all things, charity.

Charity (meaning kindness) being the operative word. I just wish more people made an effort.

Michigander Fan

Westcoast fan said...

Claire's behavior is completely out of character imho, and just another example of poor writing. I'm not sure what the point of this storyline is going to be, anyway. Surely Claire and Ashley aren't going to be killed off, are they? Practically speaking, if Roy is godfather, and married to Haley, then Haley is going to be closely involved in the raising of these two boys whether she is named the godmother or not.

BTW is Roy religious? My guess would be that he's not. Where is he, anyway?

Anonymous said...

I know Haley's transgendered. Good god, Les makes a crack about every second week.

But even when she was introduced, and when it was discovered she had been Harold, I still have never thought of her as anything but a woman.

I am always surprised that such a big deal is made of her background by some characters. I am also very disappointed in Emily trying to make excuses for her church buddies...



Jackie said...

I honestly felt so bad for Danny. I mean I know he has been a pain in the ass, and less then perfect, but this time I felt like he truely was trying to make an honest go of things, and what a great acting job, the hurt shown on his face just about killed me!

Tanya said...

I was surprised snuck up on me and I very nearly lost my caesar through my nose. Glad to see its almost over tho...the whole thing made me feel dirty.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Walsh really does have good acting chops and they got even better on Friday's episode. It's a shame that the character is leaving! (for only awhile though)
I won't miss Frankie...yeah where the hell is Roy?


Westcoast fan said...

Is Danny leaving the show for a while? I thought he might stick around, drinking too much and being morose. No wait. . . that's Bev's job

Anonymous said...

In the scene with Vera in the cafe when she was telling Hayley about the mongrel-toting bum who had a full English and 3 cups of coffee and didn't put his hand in his pocket, I thought Vera looked really ill there. I know in real life she suffers from emphysema, but it's the first time I have seen her look so unwell on screen.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that likes Jamie and Frankie together? It happens.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, Audrey was probably a lot more help to the family when Claire was "barking" than Eileen was. They should be naming Audrey Godmother -- would love to see Bev's face if that ever happened!


Anonymous said...

Skeezix, I agree. Audrey came over and was hands on, changing diapers, making Josh's tea, etc.

Eileen, although I love her, brought sandwiches one day, but Clair hid from her....

Anonymous said...

It was tough to watch Danny finding out that way about the affair but he had it coming sort of after Leanne.....but I feel like washing the memory of the whole thing away with bleach.

I like the actor that plays Danny and the actress who plays Frankie too. Frankie's character when she first appears on the street was written so well, she was so much more fun to watch.

Poor Hayley she is so nice you really want to believe she can turn barking Becky around.

Back to the past my memory is a little uncertain about who came when into the Steve's love life. I think Fiona was first, than while they broke up Vicky was next. The lure of money I think was driving that and purely pissing off Alec Gilroy, so he married her. Vicky did love him.

For my thinking Fiona was his true love as a young boy.......but no one out did Karen as his true love as a man. Karen was great bring her back please.

Corrie Camper

Westcoast fan said...

Did Danny have it coming after Leanne? Was he right when he told Jamie and Frankie that they were together more to hurt him than because they loved each other? I think there's a grain of truth in that; it's not the only reason they're together, but it certainly makes it easier for them to justify their behavior.

There's a fundamental difference between Danny and Jamie that maybe comes from the fact that most parents (including Danny) unconditionally love their children in a way that children don't necessarily unconditionally love their parents. When Jamie found out about his dad and Leanne he hated his dad, and has continued to hate him to this day, with no hint that he still loves him on some level. When Danny found out about Jamie and Frankie he continued to love them both (though he admittedly has a strange way of showing it by beating up and almost drowning Jamie). Sure, some of this love is the desperate desire to play happy families, but still he loves them both.

Am I right in saying that when Frankie saw both Danny and Jamie disappear beneath the water she was still concerned only for Jamie? Does she really care much for Danny at all?

Sorry for these Sunday morning ramblings.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure Danny had something coming whether it should have been that harsh is questionable he definately looked tortured.

A lot of thoughtful thinking there about parent and child love, thanks, I really hope that a child can love a parent unconditionally.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Westcoast, I think Frankie called both names while they were in the water, but I think she was screaming Danny's name so he would find Jamie. Just my impression...

Also, where's Adam? Is he dead? He hasn't been seen since the great Fred's dead magazine caper, and it was weeks before that he made his last appearance.

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude, but where is Friday's update? You guys are awesome the best updates ever! No other webside can hold a candle.


Anonymous said...

I know! I am dying to discuss Friday.

Westcoast fan said...

I have to admit I've been anxiously awaiting Friday's update so we can discuss the show, and I can pick up on all the things I missed. Could I very humbly make a suggestion for this fabulous blog? A few weeks ago when a Friday update was going to be late the blogger responsible for it very thoughtfully posted a quick note letting us know so we we all felt free to post away. It would be great if that could be done whenever the update is going to be late.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy this blog. I don't know anyone who watches Coronation Street so this is my only forum for discussion and it's wonderful to be able to discuss the show with such interesting and knowledgable folk! A thousand hugs to you all!

Trudy C said...

I loved Danny's reaction. The whole scene was priceless.

So what's up with Vernon's hat? Is he now a nice guy 'cause he's wearing a white hat now?