Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update - August 15th, 2007 - Baldwin United

Captain Jean-Luc Picard reacts to the latest developments in the Frankie-Jamie-Danny love triangle.

Baldwins United

Jamie and Frankie are about to tell Danny their dirty, dirty secret when their plan is scuttled by the surprise appearance of Warren, who'th jutht arrived from thunny Thpain!

Warren may be coming back to England to play for a new team (I think) but this visit is just a few days. He tells Frankie he's been dreaming about her "roathties" all week. He also teases Jamie about his delivery van driver job (hey, don't knock it. It apparently comes with a free van 24/7, courtesy of Penny King). Danny says he's booked a restaurant instead, seeing as this is a surprise visit.

Now, folks. I don't think I need to remind you that the last time the Baldwins all got together for a family dinner in a restaurant, it was Christmas, 2005. Mike forgot that his brother died and Carol got loaded and came over and ruined everyone's Christmas. She also planted the seed that there may be something between Jamie and Frankie way back then so while I dislike this storyline, you can't say it hasn't been marinating for some time.

Anyway, they get to the restaurant and Jamie pushes Frankie to use that as a venue for their big news, but Frankie resists, saying it will humiliate him. Well, if he can't humiliate him, he can at least pitch a small fit once everyone's seated and ready to order.

"I can't spend three hours making small talk," Jamie says.

"Small talk?" Frankie asks. "It's your brother. We want to know how you've been."

Jamie tries to push the issue but is cut off by Frankie, who tells him to shut it.

"So you're my mother now are you?" Jamie asks.

"Jay, son, please?" Danny asks, confused as to what he and Frankie are fighting about.

"Oh spare me the doting dad routine, it's turning my stomach!" Jamie cries.

"All right, point taken," Danny says. "I might be overdoing the Baldwin United stuff but I can't help it. Frankie don't deserve this though. She's done nothing for you but good. Now, come on, please, make up."

Jamie says he hates phonies and hates being phony and says he's got stuff he needs to say. Danny says he'll get his chance but asks that they have their dinner first.

Poor Warren. All he wanted was a "roathtie" but now he's stuck in a restaurant, listening to his family fight while he waits for his theafood thalad, followed by a nithe tiramathu.

When they get back to the apartment, Danny breaks out the brandy but Jamie storms out, followed by Frankie. She begins to make it clear to him that she's chosing her family over an affair with her stepson. An angry and all intense Jamie breaks up with mum right then and there.

Sticky Fingers

Steve comes by the café and rescues some shepherd's pie that Vera was about toss out. He goes to pay an insistent Becky, but as they were cashing out and it was going to waste anyway, Vera gives it to him gratis. Becky sneaks a fiver out of the cash register.

Hayley arrives back from the Cash n' Carry (it's like Costco) with a cab load of supplies. Vera tells her the cash is a bit short tonight and suspects Becky.

It doesn't help her case when she later arrives at the Rovers and buys a round for Hayley.

Of course, the moral of the story is that all former prisoners are not to be trusted, ever. So screw you, John Howard Society!

What's up with Cilla?

Les comes by with a package holiday brochure to cheer up his wife but Cilla is on the couch, depressed.

Later, Chesney, who suddenly has custody of his dog again, tells Les that he thinks Cilla is having an affair and gives good evidence of such (the phone calls, the odd behaviour). He tells Les he wants his old mum back.

Later in the Rovers, Les has a few more cross words with Becky and says all he wanted a smile from someone, somewhere but can't even manage that these days. I kind of feel bad for the guy.

In Other News

The factory girls are debating the merits of an office Christmas do vs. a rented hall. Kelly thinks the office is cheap as chips but Joanne counters that the alternative is listening to the likes of Vernon singing cover tunes. Then, someone, they rope Liam into deciding it. It has something to do with darts. I think the winner decides the venue and the budget.

Clurr and Ashley asks Hayley if she would ask Roy to be Freddy, I say Freddy's, godfather. She is chuffed at the news until they, rather gauchely I might add, ask Eileen, who is sitting right there beside Hayley, if she would be godmother. Eileen, because she is a decent person, tries to convince them that she'd make a crappy godmother just to see if they'll get the hint that they just hurt Hayley's feelings.

Meanwhile, even Les notices their social faux-pas and says they missed a trick there. But then he goes and says to Steve Hayley would be the "Hairy Godmother" and they'd could get both godparents for the price of one. This earns a reprimand from Hayley loyalist Becky. And then I don't feel so bad for Les anymore.


Anonymous said...

Well, I knew it wouldn't be long before Becky was helping herself to the money in the till. I wonder when she's rumbled if she'll turn on Roy and Hayley like she did with Kelly?

Speaking of Hayley, I thought it was a slap in the face when Claire & Ashley asked her if Roy would be the godfather to Freddie and then asked Eileen to be godmother. Hayley looked hurt and I don't blame her.


Anonymous said...

John the Un-PC! Making fun of a Thpeech Impediment! LOL!

1. Ashley and Claire should have their heads knocked together for that. That was rude and thoughtless. And, as much as I like Eileen, I think Roy and Hayley make much better godparents than Eileen does.

2. Liz giving Hayley advice about employees was pretty funny. Vern, Vern, VERN!!!

3. It's almost as if the writers knew that (how would this work?) ten months after the episodes, people on another continent would be wondering what the heck happened to all the dogs on the Street! I suspect Doctor Who was involved...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm sorry. The whole Jamie and Frankie thing had me pretty repelled from the get-go, but tonight it went to a whole new level.

Warren is Jamie's brother. I mean, if that doesn't straighten Frankie's head out, nothing will. But it seemed that she was more upset about the concept of losing Warren and Danny than the fact that Warren's her boy, and so's Jamie. She raised him from a pup. They wore the same jammies.

Ah, Penny King. I miss Penny. Could we have her back? I'll trade Jamie and Frankie for her at this point.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... John Howard Society.

Well, Becky has clearly proven that the system doesn't work, so might I suggest the Vlad the Impaler Society as an alternate?

I mean, really, there's no point in wasting tax monies feeding these people if they are only going to commit crimes again upon their release! Much better to use their severed heads as a warning to other criminals...

(On a related note, gullible people need to have "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" tattooed on their foreheads.)


Rob Swizzle said...

Do Ashley and Roy have a bond of any sorts? I thought the godfather request was a bit weird.

Hayley would just get Becky to help babysit if she was a godparent.

Westcoast fan said...

I always thought Claire was fairly thoughtful, so their not asking Haley to be godmother (as she clearly expected they would ) just makes no sense. Are they trying to suggest some discrimination because she's a transexual? And then to ask Eileen, who (much as I love her) has certainly never even made the cut in the 'mother of the year' competition. The writing on this show leaves much to be desired sometimes.

So it takes Warren actually coming home and standing in the same room with her and Jamie to make Frankie reallize exactly what their sordid little affair could do to the family. And there's Danny looking all cute and confused with his mussy hair and baggy sweater. How could you Frankie. As Warren would say, 'don't be tho thtupid, mum!'

What's with Chesney calling Les 'Uncle Les', I thought the adoption went through?

Anonymous said...

Pauline: I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding Hayley. Why wouldn't they just want into the cafe and ask Roy? Don't Claire and Ashley have any friends closer to their own age?
I don't understand how Les can possibly afford another vacation for Cilla? She just went away with Yana a while ago. I can never understand how Corrie residents take so many vacations abroad and seem to be able to take off from work at the drop of a hat.
Where on earth do they get the money? (Can you tell I need a holiday LOL)

Anonymous said...

I wish they would wrap the Jamie/
Frankie story up. Danny is really starting to get on my nerves with the "family" thing. He acts like Jamie is 12, he is 26 and should be living in his own place. I think Warren is a sweet kid but I cannot understand a word he says!

Anonymous said...

I know Jamie and Frankie aren't related, biologically. But when she said told Jamie that Warren is her son, it really hit home how "related" her and Jamie are. Jamie and Warren are real brothers, and Frankie is Warren's mother. That is WAY too close, and it suddenly became even grosser.


Anonymous said...

Obviously Warren's reappearance is to prove a point, and send a message to Frankie. (It so is not to deliver dialogue, because I really did not understand a word he said.)

He IS Jamie's brother. That's not as debatable as whether Frankie is really his 'mum' or not.

Who would ask Eileen to be godmother? No, you ask Hayley to be godmother, then get her to watch the kid while you and Eileen go drinking.

Is Liam's brother a new actor? The first brother, who orchestrated the buying of the factory share seemed older. Or is this an entirely different brother?


Mayfairgirl said...

I see how Roy would be an odd choice as a godparent as they aren't close. But really, look at everyone on the Street - they all have some sort of issue. Roy is a safe choice, he is as vanilla as they come.


Westcoast fan said...

It occurs to me that Claire's snub of Haley is especially cutting given the unfortunate episode when Claire wrongly accused Haley of bruising Freddy (then Thomas).

Wouldn't you think that the actor who plays Warren would have taken some speech therapy/elocution lessons when he got written out of the show last time. I mean, even back then the other characters were joking about how unintelligible he was, and in last night's episode Danny must have made at least 4 or 5 references to how talking wasn't his strong point. Of course he makes lovely eye candy whether you can understand him or no.

Debbie said...

"And then to ask Eileen, who (much as I love her) has certainly never even made the cut in the 'mother of the year' competition."

I have to come to Eileen's defense here. She is a great mom, especially in comparison to anyone on that street. What has she ever done to make anyone question her competence as a mom?

Jason can be a bit of a pillock but she does a great job pushing him to be a better person. Also, she tells him things that is hard for him to hear but is the truth. Even though she can't stand Sarah, she really let Jason have it after the wedding. She is obviously caring and firm with him.

Todd came out of the closet and she was as supportive as she could and has only gotten more supportive.

She has been a more responsible and dependable mother that Deirdry, Tracey, Audrey Denise or Gail.

She admits that she has made mistakes in her life, but she really is a stand-up person.

Moreover, she is a great surrogate mother to Sean and Violet.

Haily would be a great god-mother, yes. But Eileen is also a great choice.

Debbie said...

I don't think he has a speach impediment, just a ridiculous accent.

I think Warren is supposed to be a little bit dumb and that is why Danny always says that talking isn't his strong suit.

That is why his pairing with Candise (how do you spell her name) was so funny. They were like dumb and dumber.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Eileen would be a great godparent. It's the way Clurr and Ashley broached the subject:

"Hayley, could you ask your husband if we would be a godfather to Freddy? We don't want you as godmother, of course. We want Eileen for that. But we want you to ask your husband to partake of an honour of which you, specifically, are excluded."

I can't figure out if that is sloppy writing or if Clurr and Ashley are intended to be as thoughtless as they appear.

I think I get Hayley's defense of Becky, though. She felt rejected by Emily's church when she signed up to do volunteer work. It was a reminder that she's a social anomaly and will never truly be accepted.

She sees Becky making what she perceives as an honest attempt to lead an honest life. Projecting her own insecurities onto Becky, she sticks up for her and excuses her behaviour, even when now she fears she could be taken advantage of.

Jacqueline said...

I think I get Hayley's defense of Becky, though. She felt rejected by Emily's church when she signed up to do volunteer work. It was a reminder that she's a social anomaly and will never truly be accepted.

Great observation John

Westcoast fan said...

I take your point, Debbie, and maybe my standards are too high, but Eileen does tend to lose it at times. If I recall correctly she's whacked Jason about the head and shoulders on more than one occasion. She's a little too direct in her criticisms of her son's behavior, and she's certainly far too confrontational with Gail. Her heart is definitely in the right place, no question there, and she is probably a better mom than most on the street (though certainly not better than Claire when she is well), and when the competition (that I know since I'm a newcomer to Corrie) is Tracey and Sarah, that's not saying much. I guess I'm also a little surprised because Eileen has never really shown much interest in any of the babies on the street, be they Amy, Josh or Freddy.

Anonymous said...

I think Eileen is one of the best moms on the street. (She's no Liz, but...JOKE.)

I just don't see her as godmother material. I don't remember her being all that, well, interested in other people's babies or kids. Her own kids, yes. Other people's, no.

Which is not a bad thing, just doesn't make her traditional godmother material. Whereas Haley would be perfect: interested, willing to knit or babysit, etc.

I would have thought they might ask Dev to be godfather, seeing as he is the last of Fred's friends left alive on the street.

Wow, and they never thought to ask Bev as godmother?! Gosh, what were they thinking...


Debbie said...

Yeah she wacks Jason. But he is a grown man and it isn't a punnishment. It is more like the way I wack my cousin Andrew.

She as absolutely direct with her ciriticisms of him. But Jason needs things spelled out for him. And he needs to understand the consequences of his actions.

Her hatred of Gail has nothing to do with her parenting skill. She's not perfect, but she's a great mom. She'd be a great god-parent as well. If you want a mom-figure on your side. You need Eileen. She is stable. Especially when your own mom is a bit high strung as Clair is (and that has nothing to do with her post partum).

Liz is a good mom too, by the way. She used to get in between Jim and her sons whever he went too far. Mind you, she should have left him for herself and her son's sake. That man is a bit unhinged with a filthy temper.

Jacqueline said...

aaaah Jim.

But it'd be so good to see him ass kick Vern.

westcoast fan said...

I agree with you Debbie that Eileen is a very loving mom and will fight like a tiger for her kids. But you need more than that and possibly that's part of the problem. Whacking your grown sons and getting into rows with your neighbors on the street does not set a good example for your children. And don't forget that part of why Jason is a bit messed up is because he always perceived Todd to be the golden boy in the family and himself to be less loved. I'm sure Eileen didn't mean to send him that message, but somehow she did, probably because she is very vocal and direct in her criticisms and Jason (justifiably, no doubt) came in for a lot more criticism from her than Todd did. Her heart's in the right place, but sometimes her mouth isn't. That's where the problem lies.

Clair may be a bit high strung, but (absent the post-partum depression) she's been a model mum to both the boys, and has even tried to encourage Ashley to be reasonable about Matt Ramsden's right to access to Josh. I can't see Eileen behaving that way.

Rob Swizzle said...

Package vacations are cheap in the UK. The Brits just fly to some walled compound on the Mediterranean and drink as much Stella Artois as they can. A $100 dollar plane ticket doesn't come with $200 in tax, as it is in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it weird how the Matt Ramsden story just went poof! and disapeared? I wonder if he will be back??


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I haven't heard of too many people spliting up couples when choosing godparents. I thought it was weird that sensitive Hayley was left out.

Eileen was not a bad choice. I agree she is a good, tough, but very caring mom. She is great about opening her home to people who need it too.

By the way I really liked the Jean-Luc Picard photo, love him!!

Liz is an ok mom, I like her enough, but for the most part I remember her getting into serious troubles in the past with her male associates.

If I remember Jim's past correctly he was violent and drunk, and away at the army most of the time which were the big problems for him and the familia. Jim needs some help but is ok, I think he deserves a second chance because he came to Steve's rescue.

But Steve if I remember did push him off the roof. I was hoping to forget that and the love triangle between dad and Steve's girl.

It didn't happen both are great lads......

Corrie Camper

Debbie said...

That's right. Fiona Middleton. Then Steve's dad interrupted her wedding.

This is like a favourite Corrie recycled story line. Steve, his dad and Fiona. Mike his son and fiance, Danny his son and leanne, Danny, Jamie and Frankie

Jacqueline said...

Jim schtumpted Fiona?

I love him even more.

Was this before or after Vicky?