Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday August 28th - The Thank God for Bell ExpressVu Update

She's a Man Eater

The show opens with Tracey Barlow up to her old tricks. Spying Charlie coming up the street through the windows she hops right to the hoover and pretends to be cleaning the family room. Once Charlie steps into the room Tracey lets out a scream and now we see what she's up to. She wants Clair to hear her through the wall that separates their two homes. The best thing about this scene is that the microphone is clearly visable. Ah Corrie.

Tracey spends the next few moments convincing Charlie to go out for the evening claiming that she will be spending her time with the parents as they have just gotten back from sunny Portsmouth.

Later, Tracey has Amy, the uni-browed Oscar-contender sitting on the bed in her room. After Tracey removes the door handle she closes the door locking she and Amy in the bedroom. What is she to do now?

Well, she starts calling for Claire to help her out of her bedroom. Once Claire gets up there Tracey starts behaving like a defeated woman talking about her own fat behind saying that Charlie deserves a night out. Claire asks if Charlie has locked her in the bedroom and Tracey never denies it. She then swears Claire to secrecy. Right.

So later Claire tells Bev who stays sober long enough to tell Ken and Deirdry the second they get back on the street. Deirdry bee-lines it over to Tracey's place the second she hears the news.

Tracey opens the door and THIS is just over the top. She will only let her mother see one side of her face as if she's got a black eye. Tracey wont let Deirdry into the house and closes the door while her mom wails, "Tracey, you're breaking my heart." Get used to hearing that line Canuksters.

After being turned away by Tracey, Deirdry heads to Claire's place and goes for a smoke and a drink in the back yard.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Frankie and Jamie are now in the house and wondering about Danny's whereabouts. They don't really trust that he is gone so they go over to the flat and it is just as Danny left it before he and Jamie went for that nice drive.

Frankie is now worried that Danny has gone to see Warren in Spain. After calling Warren and discovering that nothing is amiss, she decides to head to Spain alone to talk with Warren. We all wish Frankie luck in telling her son that she is in love with his brother.

A Room of One's Own

Over at the Battersy-Browns Cilla still doesn't know that Lez and Yanna were knocking boots on the couch just a few days before. Fiz has made a nice fry-up for their tea but Chezney is eating dinner at a mate's place. They take this opportunity discuss turing the attic into a room for Chezney. I think Lez plans to do the work, but that can't be right.

Later just before Chezney comes home, Lez complains that he can hear Tracey yelling in the street. Cilla calls her "common" but that is not the only hilarious statement she makes. This is what follows:
Chezney tells his parents that his eyes were bigger than his stomach at dinner. Cilla says "I was like that when I was young. I got quite chubby. But, you get passed it." Beat. Then she says "Although, Fiz never did." Beat.

Cilla feels off and heads to bed. Gotta love her.

Send in the Clown

Gail heads over the road to chat with Kevin and the hung-over Sally. Our girl Sally is nursing some tea, poor thing. Gail talks to Kevin and asks him about buying a car for her David. At this point Sally chokes on her tea then does her best to recover without letting Gail know what she really thinks. This causes a bit of a nasty look from Gail. But, why she would expect any other reaction? It is common street knowledge that her son is a "dangerous psychopath."

Later in the house, Rosie and Sophie are hanging in the dining room. Rosie has just gotten a new haircut and looks amazing. Sally and Kevin arrive home with Bill and the girls are pleased to see him. Looks like Bill will be staying on the street until at least Christmas.

What about his wife who he stole from fred Elliot? What will Audrey say?

In Other News

The pub is alive with the sounds of nattering Janice. She is sitting with Kelly, Sean and Fiz talking about Carla Conner. The reaction is mixed but mostly bad. Janie thinks that Carla is a botoxed up senior citizen. Later they talk about their first memory.

The writers use this time to further explore the Connors and put Carla on display. As she walks into the pub Janice makes the first strike across the bar at Carla asking her if her first memory was outside of her cave. Very nice.

Carla clearly doesn't like the pub and tries to get a drink for Michelle. Liz is being nasty about Michelle for no reason and Carla while talking to the both of them says "By the way, that top doesn't suit you." Now, we al know that she is talking about Liz and we all know that she is right. But, Michelle gets her out of that.

Later Michelle spends some time chatting with the newest dark haired family on the street. Now, we are fully introducted to the Connors.


Anonymous said...

Excellent update! Don't get me wrong I love Corrie, but I hated last night's show. I don't understand where Gail who is a single mother can afford to buy that insufferable brat a car! My son who is a second year college student has worked his butt off to purchase his OWN car so he can commute to school and save on rent! (rant over) I know it's just a tv show. And I am not looking forward to listening to Diedre wail over Tracey again! And as another poster noted the other day why doesn't Claire tell Steve that his daughter is living under the same roof as a wife beater!! I did love Rosie's new hair style. I think she is a very pretty girl. Sorry for sounding so crabby!

Jacqueline said...

I truly despise Seattle Slew - I mean Carly, Clara, whateverthefuck her name is.

She infects my television.

Anonymous said...

I already don't like Carla...horseface and jumped up thinking is she above the ladies who swaet behind the sewing machines.

hee hee...


Anonymous said...

Jacqueline: I so agree. Carla is a bitch on wheels!

Westcoast fan said...

Yes, Carla is a Queen B and she had better watch it because if Janice had had a little more elbow room, and hadn't been caught off guard she might have decked Carla for knocking that pretend chip off her shoulder (how lame of Carla was that?)

That was me who mentioned that Claire should be going to Steve, and how much more ammunition does she have now that she's seen Tracy and Amy 'locked' in Amy's bedroom. Charlie seems rather bemused by Tracy's behavior; he knows she's up to something, but he can't figure out what.

Do you think it will ever occur to Jamie and Frankie that perhaps they should go to the police to report Danny missing (and suicidal) or are they too self-interested to do that?

Maude_Lynn said...

Far too self-interested, Westcoast fan, far too self-interested. Their entire relationship is selfish, considering the kind of effect it is bound to have on Warren.

And I, too, am already not very fond of this Carla woman. She needs to be knocked down a peg or two, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

We missed last night's episode, so the update is very helpful.

Maybe Claire was worried that if she said too much too early it would blow up in her face as it did the last time when she thought that they left unibrow home alone. And now Deirdre knows, so that will accelerate everything.

Whitehorse Fan

Debbie said...

Was it Claire who thought that Uni-brow was home alone or was it Shelly? Or are you talking about a different time?

Anonymous said...

What was up with Liz? Chastising Claire for only coming to see Bev? "That's like going to the Kabin, looking at the magazines and buying aught" she says.

Huh? You have to buy a drink to talk to someone in the pub? That's the way to drum up business Liz. NOT.

Yes, Charlie knows Tracey is up to something. He just thinks it has to do with fooling Claire, I bet.


Debbie said...

I think that Charlie believes that he will always have the upper hand with women. So, while he knows that Tracey is up to something he no doubt also believes that he will still have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Debbie: I am absolutely redfaced. You are correct, it was Shelley not Claire. My only excuse is that my two year old has taken to liking our bed better than hers, so I am not getting much sleep these days.

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I don't like "Nice Cilla"? However, the strain of playing Donna Reed will wear off real soon, I'm sure, and then she can go back to being the shrill harridan we all know and love.

I agree with everyone else - I hate Carla too. And I have a horrible feeling that we are going to be seeing a lot more of her. Blech.

I don't know this Maureen, but I get the impression that things between Bill and her are... strained.

Anon - I thought the exact same thing! Gail has a grown daughter who has a crap job (she's not a licensed stylist yet, remember, she's "in training"), a granddaughter (who's invisible, so she doesn't eat much) and a teenaged boy in her house, all eating her out of house and home, burning tons of lekkie playing video games for 18 hour stretches and etc. And Gail is a receptionist at a health clinic.

Either people in England get paid lots better for these kinds of jobs, or...perhaps she's stealing prescription drugs from the clinic and selling them on the street? (Not THE Street, just random streets...)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I agree - now that Deirdre knows, she and Ken shoud go to Steve. I hope. Of course, I can't remember the last time Steve showed any interest in Amy. The last I recall it was when Moley was around.

Michigander Fna

Jacqueline said...

If I was Claire when Liz came out with that crack, I would have said, 'Okay, I'm not quite up for a drink, so I'll leave. Bev, I'll tell later you how I suspect Liz's granddaughter is living in a house of domestic violence. Ciao!'

Then I would have to London for the rest of the week.

Westcoast fan said...

Gail should be getting child support for David from Martin, so that would be some help. Also, it's only 150 pounds she's paying for a nonworking vehicle, so I don't think that will break the bank. Seriously, if I had a kid as messed up with David money would be no object if it meant getting him back on the right track.

Why is Cilla all of a sudden wanting to put a room in the attic for Chesney. Is she trying to make space for Les elsewhere in the house, anticipating she might not want him in her sickroom when she gets worse?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I completely forgot that Amy is Liz's grandchild. Well, I can't believe Claire isn't ratting Charlie out to either Steve or Liz. Pissed off Liz would kill for that child.

Clair doesn't like Tracey, and even if she does a little bit now, Claire is very straight and narrow when it comes to protecting children. I can't believe she's hemming, hawing like this.


Anonymous said...

Uh, Kev and Sally can't believe Gail can afford to buy a car for David, and Kev owns his own business... with access to cars...

Makes me wonder if Audrey is slipping some cash under Platt door every once in a while.

papasmurf said...

Well Richard Hillman was some type of a financial advisor I think. Maybe he left some cash somewhere.

I though it was funny when Carla walked into the pub and said 'that top doesn't work for you' while looking at Liz the harlot, then covering up by saying she was talking about Michelle.

Westcoast fan said...

Actually, I think it was Michelle who covered up for Carla by telling Liz that Carla was talking about her (but seriously, that top does not work for Liz, it makes her breasts unhappy to be covered up).

Didn't Sally and Martin have a fling at one point (or was that Kevin and Gail)? Either way it might be the source of Sally's less than generous comments about Gail.

Trudy C said...

Maureen was on the show years ago, married to Reg Holdsworth, they bought the shop off of Alf Roberts. Reg took off with another woman. - they had the most memorable waterbed scene.

She then married Fred, I say Fred for 5 minutes, then took off with Bill to live in Germany.

She also had a one night stand with Curly in a tent in his living room.

Ah, the memories are flooding back.

I think the reason they want to put Chez in the attic is because he's sharing a room with Kirk

Anonymous said...

Sally and Gail were actually best friends for a while. They weathered the Martin thing -- I mean, c'mon, it's Martin not Brad Pitt and he and Gail were on a break at the time :) -- and it was Gail that took Sally to task for sleeping with her boss.

However, they have a competitive thing going with who has the best kids, as many moms who are friends do. They aren't keen on each other's parenting skills.

Anonymous said...

I agree some money might have been left to Gail from Richard.

Carla is a dragon to everyone it seems.

Sorry just catching up....and Liz would be a great one for Claire to snitch to why hasn't she?

I remember Maureen she had some funny scenes she was kind of flaky, I can't remember the water bed scene anymore but Reg with a hair peice was funny. Yuck Maureen and Curly together....

Corrie Camper