Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Party - Corrie Canuck Style

Just had to share...this fab pic of Debbie and myself this weekend.


No one swings like Corrie Canucks.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You guys must have been listening to Status Quo!

MJ said...


Anonymous said...

OK. Now I know I MUST come to t'BIS next winter. Since you are clearly outrageous loud and obnoxious females, I will fit right in.

I'm always laughing when the people on Corrie talk as if somewhere 40 miles away is the other side of the planet.

Well, shame on me, because in North America, Detroit to Toronto is not THAT big of a deal. Detroit to Vancouver... well, that's a little tougher. So I'll be there or be square!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

The Quo rules! Hope there was some Ciller/Yarna style riverdance moves going on too, heheh.


S. Poole

Working From Home Today said...

Look at you two hotties! Was vodka the beverage of choice that night, G.?