Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday August 27th – The Pain Update

Suicide is Painless

The show opens with Danny and Jamie careening through the northern English countryside. Danny looking crazed, and Jamie scared. Theirs is a complex relationship, Jamie, very much the screw-up son and his philandering father. Really this scene was years in the making. Leanne and Frankie pushed them on to a road that was already paved.

Danny takes Jamie to bottle-drop bridge – it could even be the viaduct that borders the set – to have it out.

Meanwhile back on the street, Frankie is going out of her mind with worry and for some reason decides to go to the pub. Thankfully it is deserted except for Liz and Eileen holding up the bar. Just after Eileen complains about the lack of action in the pub, Frankie bursts in. She’s almost babbling when she tells them that it was Danny who beat up Jamie and now Danny has taken him off somewhere. As Liz and Eileen try to comfort/pull the information out of Frankie, her story falls apart completely and having no ability to say what is really going on, she exits the pub bound for home.

Back at the bridge Danny is now on the ledge and asking Jamie all sorts of questions, threatening to jump if Jamie doesn’t say that he will give up Frankie. Jamie will not lie and refuses to say that. The two of them go back and forth all the while Jamie pleads with Danny to get off the ledge.

Nothing is working until Jamie joins Danny on the ledge for a real father and son bonding moment.

Danny tells Jamie that he will give him everything, the flat, the car and the factory but Jamie doesn’t want any of it. But they come to an agreement and the two of them sit down while Danny writes a note saying that everything he owns is Jamie’s as “proof.” They also agree that no matter what happens, they cannot have a life together. When he hands it to Jamie he moves to slide backward off the bridge and Jamie grabs him saying “I don’t want you to die.” Danny tells him that he could just let go and it would be easy because no one would know.

Jamie says, “I’ll know” and then in the struggle Jamie says, “I can’t, dad, help me” Jamie must have wanted to utter these words for years every time Danny ridiculed Jamie for being lazy or hopeless on the pitch.

Jamie and Danny finally get off the bridge and after Jamie grabs the car keys, Danny kisses Jamie on the forehead and says, “You always were a sweet boy. My first baby.” And walks off into the night.

Exit: Danny Baldwin

Work Parties are Painful

It’s party night at Underworld and when we last saw the girls they were all decked out in their finery for a few drinks with the sewing machines. While talking with Carla (and feeding her the odd apple/salt lick) we see that her relationship with Paul is not exactly all roses and wine.

While Carla is clearly a nasty piece of work she does convince Liam to get cabs to the real party location – The Italian (oh bliss). She is a very strong personality and first refuses to let Fiz sit with them (and who wouldn’t want to have dinner with Fiz? She is obviously evil). Then she encourages Liam with his Mr. Connor stupidity, makes Paul leave early and the gives Kelly a dressing down (which Kelly may have deserved, even though I love Kelly).

There will be more of Carla Connor, that is one thing we can be sure of.

Norris is a Pain in the Ass

Amber, a favourite of the Corrie Canuksters, walks into the Kabbin close to closing time for some midget gems or lemon drops and the lights are off. We se Amber through the lenses of what must be Norris’ night vision goggles. As he approaches Amber he tells her that he’d like to eat her liver with a nice chianti. While it makes sense to fear for Norris’ sanity, he isn’t exactly a scary man. Norris explains that he is just quoting that movie that Emily loves (Emily loves Silence of the Lambs?).

Back at home, now Emily has donned that night vision goggles and is creeping up on Norris quoting the same movie. Except Emily only saw the trailer and she thinks the film is disgusting. This makes more sense because I really can’t picture Emily watching Silence of the lambs with her church group after the Sunday service.

Norris starts his informal neighbourhood watch and while he is supposed to be watching the shop, he spends a bit of time watching his neighbours. We see Rita outside in her housecoat, some random dog peeing on a lamp post and then Norris strikes gold. There, standing him her bedroom with Charlie is a topless Tracey Barlow who catches Norris looking at her.

Norris immediately calls for Emily and tells her what happened and they Tracey “may have gotten the wrong idea.” Because Norris wasn’t really looking into her bedroom with night vision goggles? No, wait he was.

Tracey and Charlie come storming over and give Norris what-for. Charlie gets rough with him. Charlie is a bully.


Anonymous said...

This Connors business makes me miss Mike Baldwin.

And Norris should realise that it was Buffalo Bill, and not Hannibal Lector, who used the night vision goggles in the climatic scene with Jodie Foster blindly flailing her gun about.

And should a 60-year old man tell a 15 year old girl that he wants to eat her liver, even in jest?

Anonymous said...

Not to defend Norris or anything (the weasel) but there is this new invention called CURTAINS. Perhaps Tracy, who loves to shop, might want to investigate further before she gets undressed in a well-lit bedroom in the front window of the flipping house!!!

I learned that from Brighton Beach Memoirs when I was a teenager.

Michigander Fan

Westcoast fan said...

To answer your question, John, no, he shouldn't, especially when a few hours later he's going to become indignantly apopleptic over a 70 year old woman playing the same trick on him.

Aww, bye bye Danny, we still love you because you still love Jamie after all he's done to you (though seriously, that boy's going to suffer from PTSD after almost dropping you off that bridge-thingy).

Well, things have worked out just about perfectly for Jamie and Frankie, haven't they? Frankie's got half of Danny's assets from the divorce settlement, Jamie's got the other half for boinking his stepmum and not saying he's sorry. Now all they have to do is live happily ever after. Once they make that quick call to Warren in Spain, and make the big announcement in the pub about their happy union everything will be fine. Not.

Anonymous said...

As I said in the pe-update post thingie,

1. Carla and Tracy were separated at birth. Really.
2. Emily ROCKED in this episode! Not only was she funny with Norris and this week's insanity, but she actually stood up to Charlie "Spawn of Satan" Stubbs.

Other thoughts. OK, Frankie, if you can't explain to your best friends what's going on, perhaps that should be a clue that it is WRONG.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I just don't get why Danny handed Jamie everything and left. A strange exit storyline if ever there was one.

Westcoast fan said...

I think Danny's point was that because Jamie had taken the most precious thing from him, nothing else really mattered and he might as well have the rest, too. His life is over whether he jumps off the bridge or simply walks away. That's how much he loved Frankie.

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole Danny/Jamie was just a little bizarre, but then, that plot line is just a little bizarre.

As Westcoast fan said, all they have to do now is explain to their friends,neighbors and Warren... piece of cake!

Sometimes there is is a golden weird moment, such as Norris/night goggles/Tracy in the window. Just too weird, but too funny!


M-J said...

Looking forward to Leanne coming back and blowing up the Frankie and Jamie, uh, bliss.

Anonymous said...

In a previous post, I wrote about a romance between the actors who played Frankie and Danny. Here is more info!

The Daily Star says that Debra Stephenson might be the next celebrity to sign up for the reality show, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here". Seems she's anxious to go on the show and hopes it will give people something else to talk about besides her rumoured romance with Bradley Walsh when they were both on Coronation Street last year. Rumours? There were conflicting reports at the time. One report had them admitting it and one had them backtracking and denying all. Do people even remember the scandal of the week these days? Seems like it's the media that isn't letting the rumour die. I'm surprised she'd appear on that reality show, so it remains to be seen whether it will happen. Stay tuned! We'll certainly let you know if it does!
Source: CorrieBlog