Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hello blog fans. I would like to take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Debbie, your newest Corrie Canuk contributor (yes, that is me in the picture). Discovering the glory of The Street back when Todd wasn’t gay yet, I have been watching regularly for a few years. Since then I have spent a fair amount of time watching classic episodes on my laptop and doing research to get more information on the characters and story lines.*

Due to my unfettered internet access and friendship with computer savvy people, I was able to watch the episodes currently broadcasting in the UK. I am kinda like the oracle at Delphi. Except, I’m not blind, and I don’t live in a cave. Nor am I as chatty as those oracles. So, you will hear no spoilers from me.

I do have to say that watching the episodes twice you really appreciate how clever the writers are and I have laughed out loud on several occasions when I notice that they are setting us up.

As it stands right now, I will be the alternate updater, like a pinch hitter in baseball, or a fluffer in the porn industry. This is all very exciting. You gotta love The Street.

*In all honesty the laptop used for my Coronation street habit was given to me at my last job and watching Coronation Street wasn’t exactly a work related use for it. Nor was reading the personal ads on Craig’s List or Facebook stalking my ex-boyfriend (his relationship status is still ‘single’ not that I care), but everyone bends the rules a little bit. I am now sans laptop and currently experiencing with drawl symptoms akin to what heroin addicts must go through. The plan is to get a new laptop and the downloading will begin again.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Debbie! Funny, smart AND an oracle - what's not to like...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Ah! I loved the Brazilian dance instructer comments.

And who hasn't looked up their ex-boyfriends on the internet? Isn't that what it was created for?

Welcome back!


Rob Swizzle said...

I like the intro and look forward to another great voice on the blog! Corrie Canuck truly is the web's secret cache of great writers.

MJ said...

Welcome to the funhouse!