Thursday, August 02, 2007

Corrie Pub Night Trivia


Just for giggles here are the trivia questions from last night. I'll post the answers tommorow.

Try this without Google and see how you compare to the drunken lot who invaded the Auld Spot last night.

Standard Corrie Quiz

1. What did photographer Bob want Liz to wear?
2. What was the name of Craig's mom and dad?
3. What character did Ian McKellan play on Corrie?
4. Who interrupted Steve's wedding to Karen and how?
5. What was the name of Gayle's last lover?
6. Why does the Battersby's wallpaper look like crap?
7. What was the name of Sally's last lover?
8. Who died during a rousing sing-song of the Hokie Kokie at the Rovers?
9. What was the name of Audrey's late husband?
10. What's Steve McDonald's twin brother's name?
11. What was the name of the Oirish girl Steve dated briefly?
12. Who rescued Sunita from the fire Mad Maya set?

Special Saskatchewan Bonus Round
1. What's the capital city of Saskatchewan?
2. Who is the Premier of Saskatchewan?
3. Name to NHL players who come from Saskatchewan.
4. What's Saskatchewan's motto?
5. What fictional Saskatchewan town is 'Corner Gas' set in?
6. Which Canadian Prime Minister came from Saskatchewan. (Hint...the only PM of neither French nor English heritage)
7. What's the provincial flower of Saskatchewan.
8. The Saskatchewan flag depicts three what?
9. Which star of 'Kids Say the Darndest Things' is from Saskatchewan?
10. Name two famous singing women from Saskatchewan.


papasmurf said...

Saskatchewan answers:

1) Regina
2) Lorne Somebody
3) NHL? bah
4) F*** it's cold
5) Dog River
6) Diefenbaker
7) Some sort of weed I think
8) 3 tallywhackers
9) No clue
10) Monica and her sister

Jacqueline said...

4) Saskatchewan - easy to spell, hard to spell.

9) Bill Cosby

Working From Home Today said...

Remember folks: "Regina, the town that rhymes with fun..." (thank you, Trevor)