Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Corrie Canuck Trivia

800px-Flag_of_Saskatchewan.svg for the pub night tonight they'll be two trivia games.

The first will be our standard Corrie trivia, but I'm keeping the questions to anything 2005 and beyond as a lot of people are relatively new to corrie. But don't get cocky...they'll be some tricky questions.

Second round, in honour of our Working from Home heading off to her home province, will be called, 'All About Saskatchewan'!

Winners of tonight's trivia win...the title of Chief Smartypants of the Universe...cause I didn't get around to getting any Corrie swag...;-(

So get your thinking caps on ladies and gents.

For those of you who wish to play at home, I'll post the questions up tommorow for your enjoyment.

FYI - I've reserved a table for 12 tonight under the name of Coronation Street, so just ask the hostess when you there. We shoudl be okay with that number, but if you do plan to drop by and haven't told me, just send me an email at glacia at gmail dot com.


Lisa said...

Sorry girls but I'm going to have to pass on tonight. I'm tres bummed about it. It does not mean that I will miss Working FRom Home today any less. Can't wait to hear your stories Monica. Keep in touch.

MJ said...

I'm with you in spirit(s).

Anonymous said...

Any chance of this shindig ever coming down to Windsor?? I would gladly come over the border for a drink with my Corrie Canuck pals...
What about this place??


Anonymous said...

How could I not have gotten the flag question? How embarrassing. Signed, Anonymous Saskatchewanian Corrie Canuck'er.

Jacqueline said...

Who the HELL could this anonymous Saskatchewan Corrie Canucker be?