Sunday, August 05, 2007

Corrie Actor Sighting

Thelma Barlow, who played Mavis Wilton for 26 years on Coronation Street appeared on a recent episode of Doctor Who. Barlow played Lady Thaw, a wealthy benefactor of the elderly Prof. Lazarus, a scientist who, through a dangerous experiment, manages to turn back the clock 60 years to become a young man. Lady Thaw also has a connection a mysterious Mr. Saxon, who, rumour has it, bears a grudge against the Doctor.

Despite her belief that his discovery will make them both extremely rich, his experiment causes him to mutate and he becomes a giant scorpion-like creature who, well, drains Lady Thaw of her lifeforce, leaving her but an ashen shell. Well, it's more exciting than retiring to the Lake District, in any case.

The episode, "The Lazarus Experiment," aired last Monday and can be viewed on the CBC Doctor Who page in its entirety.

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