Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coronation Street, Friday, 24th August

Today's update comes to us from Karen in Whitehorse.

Oh Cilla

Chesney is worried about Cilla dying, and Les does his best to cheer Ches up. Then Cilla comes down, and Les does his best to take care of Cilla.

Later, Cilla decides that she must tell Yana what is going on. She goes out with Les trailing after her. Realizing that Les seems worried, Cilla warns him that if he has been up to something, she’ll “wheedle it out of ya.” Ah, the foreboding. She enters the chip shop. Yana is clearly worried when Cilla says she needs to talk. At least she is not relieved when Cilla tells her she has cancer.

Later on, at the Rover’s, Les, Cilla and Yana discuss Cilla’s cancer. Yana wants to know what she can do.

“Just be a mate,” Cilla says.

“I will always be one of them.” Cilla does not catch the irony.

They all leave Rover’s, Yana goes one way, and Les and Cilla the other. Les pretends he forgot his cigarettes, and returns to meet Yana. They speak, agree it was a “one off” and decide that they will never breathe a word about messing around. Unfortunately, Ches hears it all.

Cut to Ches entering the house, wanting to talk to his mother. Les suggests he help Chesney with his homework upstairs. Ches wants to speak to Cilla, but Cilla assures him that she does not need to speak about the cancer. She leaves the room. Les then says that he doesn’t know what Chesney heard, but it “wasn’t serious.” Chesney asks if Les will take care of his mum. Les swears his love for Cilla and says he will take care of her. Ches agrees to keep mum.

The Dripster Takes Charge

Gail runs into Claire on the street as Claire is knocking on Tracey’s door to see if she will come out to play. Claire tells Gail that she and Tracey are becoming mates. Gail says: “Tracey doesn’t have mates. What’s she using you for?” Claire says she isn’t so bad, confesses she is worried about her, and asks Gail to keep an eye out for her. Gail agrees, but says: “Don’t you put your trust in her. She a right little… minx.” As Gail walks away, Claire sees Tracey’s curtains flutter.

Later, Claire confronts Charlie in her Claire sort of way. She tells him that she has been around to see Tracey, but Tracey is not answering the door and she is worried about her. Charlie puts her off in his charming sort of way, telling her Tracey is just fine.

When he goes home, though, he confronts Tracey about her odd behaviour. Why are the drapes drawn so early? Why is avoiding Claire when she would normally: “go up to the door, tell her to get stuffed, and tell her how best to do it.” Tracey confesses that she wants friends, and wants to hang out with Claire, but not as often as Claire wants. So she can’t tell her to get stuffed, or she won’t be her friend, will she?

Apparently a pot of carrots is central to the scene, as there is a long shot of Charlie moving them from the counter to the table.

The Crime Wave Continues

Norris is once again cleaning off the front of the Kabin when Amber strolls up. When Norris complains that he hasn’t been able to catch the fiend that is destroying his beloved Kabin, because he can’t see out at night as the lights in the neighbourhood aren’t very good, Amber suggests night vision goggles.

Later, at the Rover’s, Norris seems intent on a new plan. Rita does not approve.

Then, back at the Kabin, Norris shows off his new night vision goggles. Rita, perhaps concerned that everyone will know she is trapped in a silly plot line, asks him not to where them outside.

That’s Mrs. Connor to You

It is the day of the Christmas party at the factory.

During the workday, there is far too much talk about whether Liam should be addressed as Mr. Connor or as Liam.

After the workday, Kelly takes Liam’s photo with her phone while Liam changes, shows it around, and then has it taken away and the photo deleted by Liam, who will have none of it.

At the party, Liam and his sibs are there, the workers are all there, but Danny is not.

Sally and Kelly scrap. Sally wants wine, Kelly suggests she just shut up and have beer. Sally says that beer is a “man’s drink” and the reason Kelly drinks it is because she looks like drag queen.

Then, a rather glam stranger turns up bearing wine, and announces she is Carla, Paul’s beloved wife. Everyone appear surprised she exists, and Paul looks uncomfortable she is there.

Bizarre Love Triangle

Danny survives the night, and wakes up to a messy house.

At that very same moment, Frankie and Jamie are pretending to be a normal couple. They speak teasingly to each other.

“Are you saying I am fat?” Frankie asks.

“No, I’m saying you are pregnant perfect,” he replies.

The two traipse upstairs for some mother-son bonding time.

Afterwards, Frankie is unhappy. Not because she has just bed her son, but, she explains to Jamie, because she feels she needs to tell Warren about them, face-to-face, and alone.

Evening comes. Danny wanders around aimlessly in his apartment, and then, suddenly, he seems to make a decision. He leaves the apartment.

Frankie and Jamie are leaving their house, and Danny, who has been parked, lurking and waiting for them, comes tearing up the street to them.

“I thought we’d have a proper chat, man to man,” he says to Jamie after he pulls up the car to them. Frankie protests, but Jamie agrees. Off they go. Frankie madly phones Jamie on his cell phone. As he goes to answer it Danny grabs it and throws it out the window. Danny is driving very quickly. Jamie asks him to slow down.

“Just you and me son on our own. We are going to finish this tonight,” Danny says as he speeds through a red light.


Tvor said...

Rita, perhaps concerned that everyone will know she is trapped in a silly plot line

Best description ever!!! Every plotline Norris is in is silly. I can't stand the jumped up little pantywaist.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "pregnant perfect" thing. It was supposed to be "pregnant" with a strike through, but didn't translate.

Whitehorse Fan

westcoast fan said...

Great summary Whitehorse fan!

Do you think everyone from Underworld is going to spill out onto the street while Frankie is freaking out over Jamie? Will the truth then come out (assisted, perhaps, by Sean?)

Anonymous said...

Great update!

So much going on in the street right now.


Anonymous said...

By the way, is there anyone in Liam's family who is ugly. Paul's wife looks like a fashion model.

Again, I have some issues with picture perfect U.S. soap opera types. Hope this isn't that type of casting...


Anonymous said...


EXACTLY! If I wanted to watch Thorne and Brittany and their perfectness, I have a dozen choices - one of the main reasons I love Corrie so much is that the people look normal. (That is, a few are attractive, more are average, and a few are... well, you know.)


Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Frankie's line to Jamie: I'm not a teenager, I can't stay in bed all day!

I repeat: ewwww! Ewwwww! Ewwww!

MF, maybe the beauty will grow on us? Maybe they are hugely twisted, and have come down in the world, and their misery will affect us?


Up until this point, Tracey, Maria, Sarah and Vi would be considered the 'hot' babes. (Oh and Rita.)

Michelle and Carla are so beautiful, they make them look average.


Westcoast fan said...

missussmac, remember when Leanne was with Danny she complained to someone (maybe it was Janice) about how frisky he was for his age. Maybe Jamie takes after Danny in the stamina department. Ewww, ewww, ewww!

Debbie said...

Um. Are we watching the same show? While Carla is totally glam but she also looks like a horse, like she is Hillary Swank's sister, like she was the understudy/extra race horse for Seabiscuit (Hillary Swank being the lead). She could be a Royal, for goodness sake.

Interesting side note: She was on Coronation Street in 2004 (UK time) when she played a housewife who bedded Jason Grimshaw - lucky cow ... I mean horse.

Anonymous said...

I did think she was a good looking mare!

Seriously, she looked like the street equivalent of Posh Spice to me!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Debbie. I think Vi is far more attractive than Michelle, and Carla was dolled up, but again, I didn't think she was beoootiful.

I think Carla is for sure set up to contrast against the working class Corrieites, but I thought they were trying to paint her as nouveau riche.

But then, I guess all this proves is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Whitehorse Fan

Anonymous said...

Interesting things afoot. Did anyone else cringe during Les' "emotional" outburst after learning of Cilla's condition? That man is one of the worst lead actors the street has ever had (mind you, there would be a couple others fighting for the title...).

Anonymous said...

Great update.

I thought the same thing about Les' outburst. It seemed so contrived and trying - unbelieveable.

Are there any more brothers in the Connor family? Liam is a much needed hottie on the street.

Anonymous said...

Les' attack on the pink tanning bed was one of the street's most embarrassing attempts at AWK-ting, with a Capital A.

Just imagine how many takes it took to get it even that 'good'! The crew drank heavily that night.

I'm with Fizz: stop Les, stop!