Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Candy In My Heels Tonight Update

First things first.

They got to send Frankie away....soon. At this point I think she's going to drop down in the middle of Roy's and start giving birth with Becky running around screaming, 'I don't know nothing about birthin' babies, Miss Haley!'


The show opens with Danny trying to not burn water, while Frankie complains about all the noise going on. Jamie calls her to find out why she spent the night with Danny and to yell at her to for not telling him about their cheap, disgusting, nauseating ‘love’ affair.

Danny meanwhile, smiles and drinks orange juice, oblivious to it all.

I’d like to take the opportunity to say that I don’t think Danny (or really many people) in their wildest dreams would think that their son would be schtumping the step mom….hot though Frankie may be and as cheating as Danny may be.

Later, Jamie wants to talk about the situation at the Rovers, which seems pretty risky if you ask me. Luckily, Eileen joins them at the table and announces that if she had to choose between Samuel L Jackson and Smokey Crisps, she’d have to say ‘Sorry Mr. Jackson.’

Glacia pauses at that moment to wonder what wound happen if she had to choose between Vodka and Paul Michael Glaser. She realizes that it’s an insanely mad decision and just happy that she lives in a world where she’d never have to decide between the two.

Later Jamie and Frankie decide to tell Danny the truth together and like Tony Soprano putting out a hit, they decided when would be the ‘right’ time to tell him. Jamie checks with Frankie and asks if she is ready to face the financial consequences and she says yes that she came from a poor background and is ready to go back to it.

Glacia calls, ‘Bullshit’. Frankie is a lovely woman, etc. but having said that….I know a material girl when I see one. Big difference between working at Roy’s part time for giggles and shits and having to depend on that as your income. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I think most of us would struggle giving up the lifestyles we’ve become accustomed to and I really doubt Frankie is going to be lovin’ life so much when it’s her and Jamine in a bachelor apartment with a futon and a WII system.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
The girls are asked to work through lunch at the factory which none of them agree to unless they have lunch bought for them. Liam says fine and gives over money for sandwiches. Kelly’s going to get them but says she won’t go to the Café for them. Haley says everyone should give Becky a chance (Personally, I’m siding with Kelly on this one.) and a discussion unfolds until Liam tells them got go get the sandwiches now or they go without.

Meanwhile, they girls want a bit more money for this years Christmas party. Their starting asking price is $1,000 and Danny’s is $250. In the end they get 250 plus are allowed to knock off early. (Which confused me because I thought they needed to work overtime.)

Does the Carpet Match the Curtains
Janice starts hounding in on Sally about being a natural blond…not. Words are exchanged and finally Sally pulls out a picture of herself and sister Gina in 1974 as proof of her blondness.

Oh come on Sally, love, I had your back until you pulled out that photo. A) You don’t need to defend your hair colour to anyone. B) We were ALL blond in 1974…those days are gone.

Something’s Up in the State of Cillamark
Cilla’s made breakfast for Chesney! A few hours after he’s left for school. Oh well…she tried. Puzzled by her strange behaviour, Les worries that she may be going through ‘The Change’.

So he consults Eileen who screeches like a banshee when she realizes that he believes her to be post-menopausal. (A quick check reveals that Eileen is 45. No word on how old Cilla is, but she had Fizz in 1985 and Billy presumably a short time before that…I’d put her at the same age. Even though Wendi Peters is only 39 herself.)

Later, Chesney comes home to find her making plans on the phone to go somewhere with an overnight case. He asks her about it, but she quickly changes the subject.

Life With Charlie
Tracey goes around to the Peacocks and offers up some of Amy’s toys for Freddie which Claire gladly accepts. Later, when Tracey delivers the toys, Claire asks if Tracey might not want to keep them in case Tracey and Charlie ever decided to have a baby. Tracey kind of laughs and says there’s just no way they’re having a baby.

Claire looks shocked and even more shocked when Tracey says Charlie isn’t a fan of sleepless nights, etc. (sigh…because people who chose not to have children are just plain evil.) Tracey takes the opportunity to play this up about how she’s just going to have to life with that cruel reality and not produce the spawn of Satan.

Then she asks Claire to go with her for a drink in the Rovers, after, of course, checking in with Charlie and getting permission first.

Oh and in the Rovers, Liz gives Tracey an expensive outfit for Amy. I was in the kitchen at that point so didn’t actually see the outfit, but I’m sure it was low cut with black and white strips – and matching zigzag necklace.

In Other News
Becky is annoying at the café and the other workers hate her. Haley, who I think must be HIGH, doesn’t seem concern and keeps walking around with a big goofy grin on her face.


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

"Jamie a bachelor apartment with a futon"
Yes Please

Debbie said...

I wonder if Frankie would still have money from the divorce settlement regardless of what happens with the love triangle.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Sally's sister is coming back for a visit. I hope the writers are setting up a story, because are we really supposed to believe Sally carries a keychain with a photo of her and her sister from over 30 years ago!?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Frankie say something like "we have lots of money"? I took it to be from that.

And I think Liam said something to Danny about the girls having reached the quota early, right before the Christmas party bargaining began?

Sorry, my family kept breaking the cone of silence rule last night, so I didn't get all the conversation.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Sally had a sister. First Kevin's long lost relatives, now Sally's?

WEstcoast fan said...

Janice has been such a cow to Sally lately; I find her so annoying.

The woman who plays Cilla is only 39 years old?? Is she made up to look older because I thought she was pushing 50.

Oooh, Paul Michael Glaser! I loved him in Starsky and Hutch. Sooo cute! Poor man has had a horrible, tragic life though. I wish him well.

Please gawd, let them tell Danny tonight and get it over with!

Jacqueline said...

My feelings for PMG run very, very, very, very freaking deep.

Westcoast fan said...

Wow, Jacqueline, I bow down in awe of your adulation of PMG! But Lyle Waggoner!!! I'd completely forgotten about him. You must have loved the Lord of the Rings movies (both Viggo and Sean!), especially Fellowship of the Ring, with the death scene of Boromir at the end (I'm a huge LOTR fan, but my affections run more towards the hobbits, what can I say, I like short men).

Debbie said...

I have an exboyfriend that my friends and i refer to as "The hobbit" He's got a rockin' body, although.

Anonymous said...

If Jamie and Frankie do run off I wonder if Danny can bring their D-I-V-O-R-C-E case back before the courts, getting a settlement and then running off with his son would probably be looked down on but not exactly a legal matter I suppose.

Sally's sister Gina was a bit of a nutter, not like Becky, more of a happy-go-lucky kind of character. She delivered sandwiches on a bycycle for one of the food emporiums of that era, Alma Sedgewick's cafe (then called Jim's Cafe, as in Alma's husband) if I recall correctly. When their mom gave them their inheritances she left to become a flight arrendant, just don't quote me on that cuz Jo's twin was written out the same way.


S. Poole

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Above should read flight attendant.

S. Poole

Working From Home Today said...

"She realizes that it’s an insanely mad decision and just happy that she lives in a world where she’d never have to decide between the two." Ha! Love it.