Friday, August 31, 2007

Bill Ward is SO handsome

And that's all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

He is so good looking.

I read somewhere that he has a very low sounding voice and has to work on making it not sound so low on corrie....

I hope the writers on the show give us some more background on understanding why he is a bad boy.

Corrie Camper

Debbie said...

We do know that his mother abandoned him and his father.

Also, very early on, he talked about a son named Jake. But he was never mentioned again.

Tvor said...

He mentioned a brother who died of a drug overdose too, didn't he? Whether it was true or just something he made up for sympathy is another matter.

Bill Ward is indeed a nice looking man but i can't make myself fancy him because Charlie is such a bastard.

Jacqueline said...

Listen, there's some of us who have suffered FOR YEARS the slings and arrows of critism for their love of Charlie/Bill.

I'm just saying

Anonymous said...

I think the brother was made up to sob story someone -- shelley? Can't recall.

He is a very good looking man. I could get involved with him with no emotional strings attached. Easily.