Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Art History Update


If It Ain't Dutch, It Ain't Much

Jack has stated once again that he doesn't want any fuss on his 70th, other than breakfast and bed...and ONLY breakfast in bed. Oh and the racing form, thankyouverymuch.

Vera says that's great but she won't be around because her, Molly and Fizz are off to Amsterdam to enjoy all that Les Pays-Bas has to offer, specifically, waccy-baccy, the red light district and some Veneers.

The will also be looking at some lovely Dick Van Dykes* while they're there.


Tyrone is shocked that they won't be here to celebrate, but Jack just flat out doesn't believe them.

I think Vera would be a HOOT to travel around Europe with.

Did Anyone Else Notice that Roy's Rolls Serves McCain Fries?
Haley makes it to the community centre to do her first class in adult literacy, when guess who she runs into?


Oh yeah, chain smoking, underfed, sniffing Becky is deeeelighted that Haley is the instructor and wants to make sure that she's in every single one of her classes.

Haley is less excited and actually seems fearful of Becky. She tells Becky that she didn't like the way Becky framed Kelly, but Becky claims she doesn't remember the incident as she was in a bad head space at that time.

She makes it to the bus stop and is worried when Becky comes traipsing up to her. Turns out that Becky just wanted to return her purse. Becky then tells Haley that she does feel bad about Kelly and is trying hard to turn over a new leaf. Haley wishes her the best of British luck with that.

Back at the cafe, Haley tells Roy all about it and how upset she is that Becky is in her class. Roy asks Haley if she doesn't think Becky deserves to get a chance like everyone else.

Note: Kudos on the makeup department again for making Becky look so strung out.

Also, is one allowed to smoke in the community centres in England?

If the Shrew Fits
Tracey is being very forgiving of Charlie and he is being very suspicious.

They make their way to the pub where Tracey announces to everyone that her and Charlie are back together and if anyone would like to buy them a congratulatory drink, they'll be sitting at the table right over there, thankyouverymuch.

Bev asks Tracey if she has no self respect.

Gin soaked, urn toting, wearing your wedding dress to the funeral Bev has asked Tracey if she has no self respect.

Who's watching Amy? Didn't Deidre refuse to?

Cilla Batersby - Feminist
Cilla has decided against the boob job because....society puts too much pressure on women to look perfect.

And speaking of perfect, Yana's leopard skin skirt was to die for.

Has He Been Acting Weird?
Danny and Jamie have a talk and in the end Jamie tells Danny that all is forgiven and that he and Frankie should stay in Weatherfield where they can all be a happy family. Danny is bewildered, but overjoyed that his son has returned to the bosom of his arms.

Jamie leaves and when Frankie returns, Danny asks her if she thinks Jamie has been acting weird lately? Frankie, after a pregnant pause, asks Danny what he means. Danny says that Jamie said the strangest thing to him. Frankie waddles over to Danny and says, 'Like what.'

Danny tells about their reconcilliation and Frankie, like a woman who just got a negative result on a pregnancy test, breathes a sigh of relief.

She goes over to the house and has it out with Jamie and the upshot is, she tells him that if he really loved her he wouldn't cause her pain. He agrees.

Later in the pub, Danny asks Jamie to join them for a drink and he agrees. Jamie and Frankie sit down at a table, where Frankie carefully lowers herself down into the chair, taking a load off her feet. She tells him he's doing a good job on behaving.

In other news....
Bill tries to get Audrey to get loaded with him, but she stops at one drink.

And I love Mr.Spence. Mr. Spence is lush. Mr. Spence is well fit.

*Glacia once said 'Van Dyke' at a pub night many years ago and was cruelly, cruelly mocked by her friends. She is still in therapy.


Westcoast fan said...

Great update.

I loved the exchange in the pub when Cilla, trying to justify her incomprehensible decision not to have a boob job, says 'well, beauty is only skin deep' to which Fizz responds, 'but you're 'orrible on the inside, too!'. Priceless.

I don't understand how Sally can be so mean to her younger daughter carrying on with the teasing Rosie started, is she just trying to show Rosie what a 'fun' mum she is?

Frankie told Jamie she'd have to suppress her feelings for him??? WTF? She's as bad as he is.

I didn't notice any cobwebs on Bev. Violet must be giving her a dust-off every morning before opening.

AMAI said...

Great recaps! I'm reading them every day! I should chime in more often.

westcoast fan, I think the problem with Sally is she just doesn't care about Sophie as much as she cares about Rosie.

Frankie is NOT as bad as Jamie. She is trying to get out from under the socially unacceptable attraction. Actually, I've been thinking about that situation, and the feelings must have really begun to grow during the period that Jamie's real mum Carol was around, especially while she was living in the house with them. With his real mum there together with the hurtful behavior courtesy of Danny (sleeping with Leann), I can understand how the relationship between Jamie & Frankie got changed. I realize I'm in the minority on this whole issue, so I'll shut up now.

Westcoast fan said...

amai, if I recall correctly, I think Carol accused Jamie and Frankie of having 'feelings' for each other when she was around. At the time it seemed to be just more of her petty manipulations, but maybe she really was picking up some vibes.

It was a bit strong of me to say that Frankie is as bad as Jamie, but to acknowledge those feelings to him isn't going to help the situation, and she is (and has always been) the adult in this 'relationship' whereas Jamie perhaps is finally expressing feelings he has harboured since early adolescence and which he was too young to really control back then.

papasmurf said...

Deirdre ended up caving in to the babysitting blackmail.

Vermeer maybe?

Jacqueline said...

Glacia kisses Papa and says, 'Yes, I know dear...I was making a joke because Vera called them veneers.'

Amai - talking about being in the minority....I'm the only person who likes Charlie's character.

papasmurf said...


Rob Swizzle said...

Notice how Bill volunteered to tend to Sophie in her room? I immediately remembered how Bill greeted Rosie in Paris with a sort of "Cor blimey, you've all grown up, eh?" Fingers-crossed the Corrie writers don't have some granddad molester storyline up their sleeves. The Jamie-Frankie stuff is more than enough incest for one soap.

Anonymous said...

That Becky makes my skin crawl...I hated that character when she was before...ECKKKKKK! I hate the way she holds her ciggie and she chomps her gum and just seems dirty and nasty. I guess that actress is doing her job well huh??


AMAI said...

westcoast fan, yes, you're right. I thought she was losing it a bit, but I also remember thinking they were setting something up generally, what with that guy whom Liz Macdonald was going with for 5 minutes. Remember when he brought his mum in, and wanted a 3-way with Liz, himself and his mom?

I agree with rob swizzle. I hope they're not going to go over the top with the incest stories.

Jacqueline, what is it you like about Charlie? Is it the drama, or do you think he's good looking?

Becky - UGH NO PLEASE GOD NO. I cannot stand that character. Ick. WHY?????

Anonymous said...

Becky IS icky! And that's why she's brilliant. You almost want to throw soap and a wash cloth at her.

She is absolutely, squirmingly disgustingly awful!