Friday, August 31, 2007

Update - Thursday, August 30th, 2007 - What a Performance

And the Oscar goes to…
Tracy has come downstairs from getting changed after dinner. She tells Charlie she's ready to start their row, but Charlie tells her he's not interested in playing. Charlie suggests a movie – but Tracy says she wants to have a row, “whether you like it or not”. She goes to one of the windows at the front of the house and opens it. Tracy then proceeds to open the living room windows. She starts yelling but Charlie won't bite and he just ignores her.

She goes to take a sip of wine and starts yelling about Shelley, thinking she's got a very good topic there. 'Keep your voice down, the whole street is going to hear you,' Charlie says. Tracy grabs the paper from Charlie and throws it on the floor, screaming about how Charlie tried to control Shelley and he's trying to do the same to her. Charlie gets up and tells Tracy that she'd better stop now or he'll give her something to scream about. Tracy goes into the kitchen and picks up a plate and screaming, 'No Charlie, no, please put that down!' She then throws it against the wall. 'I'm going to do another one of them,' Tracy laughs. 'You are out of your mind, you're mental ,' Charlie says with a grin. Tracy picks up another plate and, yelling about Charlie being a bully, again throws the plate against the wall.

Claire is falling for the performance and tells Ashley they need to do something. Bev suggests to call the police but Claire says ‘No’ and that she is going to get Ken and Deidre. She rushes out of the house with Ashley in hot pursuit. Alone in the house, Bev can hear very clearly the fake yelling coming from next door. She gets onto the phone and dials the police. Across the street, Ken and Deirdre are horrified to hear their daughter screaming.

Charlie starts to really get into Tracy's fight and he tells her to get out. 'No what I want Charlie is to go somewhere where me and my child are safe,' Tracy screams. 'You mean you're not safe here?' Charlie yells. 'Well no, look at you, you've gone crazy!' Tracy yells. 'Well if I am, then who's made me like this?' Charlie says. They bicker back and forth about who made Charlie crazy when Ken and Deirdre run in, followed by Claire.

'Just what's going on?' Ken yells. 'Row over,' Tracy whispers to Charlie, who quickly realizes that he has been taken in. 'Hello?' Tracy says to her parents like nothing's happened. They ask what all the shouting was about and Tracy tells them they were playing a game. 'There were plates being thrown,' Claire says. 'Yeah, it's part of the game. Remind me to tell you about it Claire and you and Ashley can play it too,' Tracy says.

'Do you want to come home with us?' Deirdre begs 'No, I'm fine!' Tracy insists. 'So what was all the shouting about?' Ken yells. 'We were playing a game!' Tracy yells back. 'We, darling, weren't doing anything. You were trying to prove a point,' Charlie says. 'Which was what exactly?' Ken asks. 'That she's crazier than I thought she was,' Charlie says. Tracy denies she's crazy, just not as predictable as he thinks she is. Deirdre falls for the line and asks Tracy again if she's all right and is told she is. 'Does anyone want a drink?' Tracy asks before going into the kitchen. What a hostess.

Tracy comments to Charlie that that was really good. 'I could have been an actress,' she says. Charlie asks what it was to achieve other than giving the neighbours something to talk about. Tracy tells him it's to stop him from thinking she's just a little 'wifey-thing' and showing him that she can stick up for herself. Charlie just laughs. 'And I didn't like those plates anyway, so now you're going to have to get some new ones,' Tracy says. Just then flashing blue lights light up the street as the police come for a visit.
The two police officers come into the house and Tracy sticks with the same storyof it being a game that she and Charlie were playing, 'But you see, no one's hurt and we're really sorry you got called out.'

'Well, apparently there was a lot of shouting,' the first officer says. 'But we were only joking,' Tracy replies. 'Well you, more than me,' Charlie adds. 'It's a strange kind of joking,' the other officer says. 'It's concerned your neighbours that much that they've called us.'

'Ah, well they're nice neighbours but they're a bit...over keen,' Tracy says.'Which neighbours are we talking about?' Charlie asks but is told they can't divulge that information. 'Right, so anyway, neither of you want to make a complaint against the other,' police officer says. 'Well I certainly don't,' Charlie says. Tracy pauses and then says that she doesn't want to make a complaint against Charlie.

The group at Ken and Deirdre’s discuss the events next door over tea and biscuits. Bev comments that Claire has become quite close to Tracy over the past couple of weeks. 'And what impression did you get?' Ken asks. 'Well, she's never said anything against him...' 'Like our Shelley never did,' Bev chimes in. 'But I've always got the feeling that she's hiding something,' Claire says. Gail comments that they weren't hiding anything tonight. Deirdre asks Claire if she thinks Tracy is afraid of Charlie, 'Yes, I do,' Claire responds. Did anyone think of asking Steve to join them?

Bev admits that she called the police when Claire went across to get Ken and Deirdre, and after what she heard tonight, would do it again. Ken identifies himself and Deirdre as Tracy's parents and asks what the police have found. 'We've been told it's all a bit of a misunderstanding,' one of the police officer says in disbelief, while the other officer asks what made Bev call them. Everyone tells their version of what went on next door and the police decide they'll start by taking everyone's names.

They all start to discuss their relationship, 'In fact, he threw her out a couple of weeks ago, and what did she do, but she came right back over here,' Ken tells the police. The police have heard enough and tell Ken they'll leave their cards and if Tracy wants to make a complaint, they'll take her seriously. 'In the meantime...' police officer starts, '...she says it's a game, she wants to stay there, and there's nothing you can do about it,' Ken finishes for him. 'We understand of course.'

Tracy tells Charlie that the police car is still there. 'It'll be there all week if they listen to everything that lot have to say at the end of which I'll be marched off in chains,' Charlie says as he pours a glass of wine. Tracy tells him he might be anyway if he goes off with another woman. They debate who it was who called the police and Charlie says, 'Whoever it was, you've given them all something to think about.' Tracy notices that the police are leaving and tells Charlie.

'So we're straight now are we? No more fun and games?' Charlie asks. 'Oh I wouldn't count on that,' Tracy replies. 'Well let me know when the next round is will you?' Charlie tells her as he walks into the kitchen.

'A lot sooner than you think,' Tracy says with a sneer...

Poor Chez
Norris and Rita come out of the pub and spot the police, wondering what's gone on. Norris sees Chesney walking towards him with Schmeichel and says, 'Now see, the police are here and do you know why? They're coming to look for whoever sprayed that horrible graffiti.' 'It weren't me,' Chesney says.' 'And you've just admitted that you don't know who it is either,' Rita points out. 'Well they'll be coming to lock you up next time,' Norris tells Chesney.

Back at the Ranch
Vernon decides he has already put in a hard day’s work. 'I've just got to pop out the back. Let me know if you need a hand,' Vernon tells Liz.

In the back, Liz finds Vernon sprawled out on the couch in front of the telly. 'Are you not bored in here on your own?' she asks. 'No! Well it's your job out there. You don't want me under your feet all the time,' he replies. 'So, when you come back in here, it's because you're being considerate,' Liz says. 'Yeah, you could say that, yeah,' Vernon agrees. 'Or you could also say, and there's them saying it, that you come back here to get out of everyone's way because you're lazy and idle,' she expands. Vernon laughs and says, 'You know, people have always said that about me.' 'And you don't mind?' Liz asks. 'Well....they're wrong aren't they? Why should I mind when they're wrong?' Vernon asks. 'You mean you're too lazy to even be bothered that folk are saying you're lazy?' she asks. Vernon tells Liz that he thought she was on his side; she tells him she tries. Liz changes tack and asks Vernon if Michelle is trying to get off with Steve, but Vernon tells her he hasn't noticed anything. 'No, that would take too much effort wouldn't it. Well I'm sorry to have disturbed you!' Liz says. He puts his cowboy hat on and goes for a nap.

Liz decides it's time to have a word with Michelle about Steve and what she saw in the living room. 'I just want to know what's going on between you and my son,' Liz says. 'Now you don't have to tell me, you are both old enough to do what you like.' 'I'd have thought so,' Michelle replies. 'I just hope you're being honest with him and you're not leading him on for a bit of a laugh,' Liz says. 'Well if I was, I'm not any longer. And thanks for the reminder,' Michelle says. 'Reminder?' Liz puzzles. 'Of what I so nearly got myself into,' Michelle replies.

Steve asks Michelle if they can go somewhere after she finishes her shift. 'No, because, if we did, your mum would turn up two minutes later to see what we were getting up to,' Michelle tells him. Onlooker Les has a chuckle all to himself at Steve's knock back.

A scene later and Bill Webster does appear, only to be greeted by a, 'Hello stranger!' from Audrey. 'Audrey love, I wondered when it was that you'd get back from Canada,' Bill greets her. Audrey tells him that she thought he was supposed to be back in Germany, but Bill tells her he's got work over here. 'Did nobody tell you?' Bill asks. Audrey says, 'No, no, they didn't.' Bill has just made himself comfortable with Audrey when Rita and Norris come in. 'Oh hello you two. Mind if we join you?' Rita asks. 'I'll have a vodka and tonic Norris if you're asking.' 'I guess I don't have to now do I?' Norris mutters. Rita sits down and tells Bills and Audrey that she's had enough of Norris, as all he's done is moan. 'So, what are you doing back here?' she asks Bill.

Rita's ready to get in the next round but Bill takes a pass. Sally's keeping some dinner warm for him and he doesn't want to upset her like he did last time. 'Say ta ra to Audrey for me will you?' Bill asks as he gets up and leaves.

Just then Audrey returns from the ladies washroom and is disappointed that she's missed Bill. Rita offers her a drink and Audrey thanks her, says she's had enough, and takes off home.

The new ‘Mr. Baldwin’
Jamie tells Sean that he's had a phone call from Frankie and she's told Warren the news - and he's not happy. (No surprise.) He mentions that Frankie is going to stay in Spain a few more days to help Warren get his head around this news. (This might take a while.) Jamie tells Sean that he's going to go to the flat to have another look around and asks him if he wants to come.

Over at the flat, there is still no Danny. Jamie checks the phone messages and mail. There are two phone messages from Liam. Jamie pulls out a crumpled envelope and shows Sean, 'To whom it may concern: I leave everything and sign over all my assets to Jamie Baldwin.', and look, he's signed it,' Jamie says. 'Wow, you know what this means don't you? You're my new boss,' Sean says. 'Well, I don't know about that, but it certainly looks like he's not coming back,' Jamie replies.


Debbie said...

Great update, Mayfair!

OK, Liz was absolutely out of hand last night. Well out of order. Yes, her son does a great job of finding psycho women to date, but she is with Vern, for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the other posters...why in hell don't they tell Steve that they think Amy is living with a wife beater? No one seems to remember that Liz is Amy's Grandmother too. Why does Michelle's son need a babysitter, the kid looks about 15.

westcoast fan said...

That was one bizarre 'fight' Tracy orchestrated. You have to hand it to the actors, director and writer, somehow it seemed plausible that she could get away with it and continue to paint Charlie as a wifebeater. I'm surprised he's not really catching on. He's underestimating Tracy.

So Liz is finally realizing what a lazy freeloader Vern is; better late than never. And isn't he supposed to be head bottle washer? He wouldn't be 'underfoot' if he were out in the pub, he'd be doing a job. Or is he still on a day off?

I don't argue with Ken being reasonable with the police and acknowledging that they can't do anything if Tracy won't make a complaint, but surely they won't be sending Amy back in the morning?

Anonymous said...

I think it is the arrogance of Charlie that although he knows Tracey is trying to do something to him, he thinks he can always handle it.

Did Chesney grow about 2 feet? He seems really much taller.

Wow, Warren didn't take it well? Surprise!

And again, no one got Liz or Steve. I don't understand why Deirdre at least didn't go running to Liz. She and Liz are supposed to be best mates! Even if Tracey loses custody of unibrow child, Deirdre and Ken will probably see more of her when she's with Steve.

Vernon is a big loser. Period.

Anonymous said...

I agree great update thanks.

Poor Chesney is right, that kid always gets a brow beating from Norris. I'd like to see Chesney waving goodbye to Norris one day as they cart Norris off in a police car......

Vernon, just needs to start putting money on the horses now and tending to some pigeons and they will have recreated Jack D.

Bill's back and Audrey is after him wonder if he came back for her?

Frankie and Jamie.....enough of them already.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Corrie Camper,

The vehicle they will cart Norris off in will not be a police car...

But I agree he will be carted off.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

As Vern was lying asleep under his cowboy hat with his cowboy boots on and listening to c&w music, all I could think was: "Howdy cowpokes!It's Christmas at the Double D Ranch."

Double D being Liz's bra size, of course...

Michigander Fan

westcoast fan said...

I really don't understand Jamie and Frankie. Danny's been missing for days. he was suicidal the last time Jamie saw him. Warren hasn't heard from him. Even in their own twisted little world of self-interest can't they see they'd better send out the search parties. If Warren 'isn't happy' about Jamie and Frankie, think how bummed he'll be when Danny's found dead in a ditch. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be a joke? LOL That says alot about Kate Ford..and not in a good way.

"I could have been an actress"

Tracy is a volcano ready to erupt....

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something else - where was Blanche when this alleged "domestic" was going on? Don't tell me that Deidre was able to keep her at home - she can't control Blanche to save her life!

It is inconceivable to me that Blanche would not have been front and center, pushing Clair and Gail out of the way to get a better view.

Does anyone else think the writers messed this up?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

OK, totally non-Corrie related but I have to. It's a compulsion...


You keep use that word. I do not think it means what you think it means...


westcoast fan said...

I think Ken and Dierdre must have locked Blanche in the dishwasher with Amy. They couldn't leave the unibrow all by her lonesome. I agree that she probably would have wanted to come out, too, but Dierdre had to come because she's Tracy's mum, and Ken had to come to be the resigned voice of reason when the cops came by. So Blanche drew the short straw.