Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who's This Len Fairclough Person, Then?

Rita mentioned her late husband Len this week, so I thought I might post a quick bit about Len for those of you who weren't around back in the Len days.

(Len being the older bloke.)

Len Fairclough (played by Peter Adamson) was on the show from 1961 - 1983 and was bit of rough and tumble builder from Liverpool.

He was married twice. Once to Nellie Briggs, who gave him a son, Stanley (played at one point by Peter Noone aka Herman of Herman's Hermits.), and later to our Rita.

Len had met Rita in a club where she was working as a cabaret singer - which is how she was introduced to the show in 1972. They had one of those crazy on again, off again relationships and finally in 1977, they were wed. Len had bought the newsagents on the street, renamed it the Kabin and installed Rita as the manageress.

They lived in No.9 (currently the Duckworth's digs) mostly - which now houses.... Len bought No.7 (currently Frankie's digs) to rebuild the house that had collapse there, with a view to selling it at a profit. However, when Rita saw the new digs, she convinced him that they should move in, instead.

(Damn, where have I heard this storyline before? Sounds vaguely familiar.)

They tried to adopt children, but were denied because they were considered too old by the powers that be. Instead they fostered children, including Sharon Gaskell

Here we see the social worker about Sharon.

I think this video has been shown before on Corrie Canuck as the actor who plays the social worker goes on later to play Richard Hillman. Also, for those of you who might not know, the shop keeper in this clip is Alf Roberts, Audrey's late husband.

On Dec.7, 1983, Len was killed on the motorway returning from Bolton. It was after his death that Rita learned that he was coming back from visiting his mistress, Marjorie Proctor.


Ang said...

Thank you!!!!

Tvor said...

Oddly enough, Rita Littlewood made a one off (or so they thought) apperance in 1964 as an "exotic" dancer, as a friend of Dennis Tanner. They brought the character back in 72 and seem to have conveniently forgot her past as an "exotic" dancer and made her a cabaret singer instead. Gospel according to :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Sharon come back and emotionally blackmail Rita for oodles of $$$?

I vaguely remember this, but could be wrong.