Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Okay kids, due to some difficulty involving German engineering, we have a late update. I forgot to make notes, so I'm going to have to wing this one a bit.

A full update can be found here - Got to October 23 - but only read Part 2 - or else you'll fall into tonight's episode.

'Ash'ley's Problems.
Ashley gets ready to go back to the butcher's and open shop with some encouragement from Claire that everythign will be okay on the home front. He goes to the shop and is a little unnerved by the apron with Fred's name tag still on it. At that moment Blanche comes in asking for meat and tells him to be sure it's fresh.

I was afraid she was going to be all 'tell it like it is' Blanche, but she actually has a lovely heart-to-heart with Ashley telling him that it'll all be okay. He says it feels too soon to open the shop, and she tells him that it will always be too soon, but we carry on with life. She also tells him that one thing he could do is rename the shop 'Peacock and Sons'.

After she leaves, Ashley cuts himself with a knife and goes to the back to get a bandaid. Inside the first aid box is a note from Fred, 'A butcher with a careless eye, leaves a finger in every pie.' (Glacia starts crying.)

Claire comes into the shop with Thomas and tells Ashley that she's decided to rename Thomas - to Fred. Awww - a beautiful mement.

Then Bev walks in - to give Ashley HALF of Fred's ashes in a plastic container. This is all because Blanche gave her shit at the Rovers. She saw Bev propped up at the bar, drink in one hand and her other arm around the urn. Blanche told her that Ashley was actually in pain while Bev gave 4 performances a night. "...why hang onto his ashes like some kind of trophy? Give his son some peace of mind and get yourself a bit of respect back before it's too late" So Blanche is the hero of this episode.

And pardon my French, but, 'What exactly the fuck is wrong with Bev?'

The Platts
I don't know David says he's going back to class, but then they found it's a holiday so him mom sends him to the Salon to work.

Over at the Rovers, Audrey tells Gail that all David nees is a slap upside the head.

Um...yeah...he kind of does.

Charlie, Maria, David and Liam
David sees Liam and gives him shit for standing up Maria. Liam then tells David that he didnt' have a date with Maria, which makes David cross at Maria for lying to him.

Meanwhile over at the Salon, supplies are running low and Audrey sends Sarah to get more supplies and tells her to keep her phone on in case she thinks of anything else she needs. Sarah reminds Gran that she's lost her phone, so Audrey tells Maria to lend Sarah her phone.

This is a problem, because Charlie is texting Maria every 5 minutes. She has no choice though, so the reluctantly hands over the phone to Sarah.

She then writes a note and asks David to take it over to Charlie (under the guise that it's a note about her rent). He asks her why he should, and she reminds him that they are friends and that she shared her pizza with him.

He takes the note over and Charlie, upon reading it, writes another and tells David to take that back to Maria. Again, David is 'why should I?' and instead of just giving him a fiver, Charlie says, 'Cause I said so.'

No suprise, the minute he's away from the yard, he opens up Maria's original note (not sure why he has it instead of Charlie), "Don't text me as Sarah has my phone. Gutted about last night. Can't wait to see you again. Love M xxx."

Then he opens up Charlie's note, 'I'll be round at six. Hope you and Rat boy didn't eat all the pizza".

David mad. You no like David when David mad, Charlie!

In Other News
Norris is worried that he will accidently end up in a steam bath naked with 35 Hungarians. Rita, on the other hand, is looking forward to it.

The factory gals are gossiping about Frankie and Janice figures that Frankie is only in it for the money.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you regarding Bev. She is really getting on my nerves who the hell sits in a bar hammered with their arms wrapped around the urn of their loved one?
If the Rovers was my local, I'd run over to Weatherfield Arms. Talk about turning the ale sour. I also LOVED Blanche in last night's show, she was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Blanche really came through and showed her softer side last night.

David had Maria's note because Charlie wrote his note on the back of it. So now what is rat-boy going to do with the information he has? He seems to have about the same morals as Charlie, which is to say 'none'. Will he now try to force Maria into a relationship with him?

Bev becomes more irritating with every passing minute. Perhaps she is going to drink herself to death. One can only hope.

Westcoast fan.

PS. Is Corrie airing at a different time tonight. I thought I saw a ticker tape on that early in the episode yesterday, but I missed it and it didn't repeat the way it ususally does.

Jacqueline said...

I just looked at the cbc website and it looks like everything okay.

Anonymous said...

Bev is torn up because she just saw her meal ticket go bye bye. Now she will have to work hard for the rest of her life. I loved that Charlie called David Rat Boy--how true. My favorite David scene of all times when when Audrey found out he was writing the cards to his own family members(under the guise of Richard Hillman). She jumped over the sofa and smacked the shit out of the kid! OK, now you all know its been a hot long summer and I am home with my teenage sons for far too long!
Terry (just outside of Detroit)

Anonymous said...

Terry, I feel your pain. I have a few of those teeangers myself, but none as bad as David, the walking sneer.

I do think Bev is mourning her meal ticket, but also mourning Fred. She really did love him. In her mind, if she lets go of those ashes, everything is over.

Somewhere in that soused mind she must realize she has nowhere to live, no business to run, and just a few weeks ago royally pissed off her only living relative by telling the world she was pregnant.

Um, no where to go for Bev but up, I guess?

~missusmac, who is wondering when Audrey is going to have her meltdown and tell everyone the truth so we can get over the ridiculousness of this shunning. I mean seriously, Deirdre cancelled her hair appointment?! Deirdre is shocked?!?! Mother of Tracey?

Anonymous said...

I loved Blanche's confrontation of Bev. She had some great lines:
'I'm sorry to interrupt your matinee performance but I wanted a word..." followed by, "I saw 'genuine' emotion across the road. A lad sincerely mourning his father, not playing to the gallery twice nightly.'

Anonymous said...

Notice how quick Sean was to back up Janice's claim that Frankie only stayed around for Danny's $$$.

The girls were saying it was either because of the cash, or Jamie, in a 'mother-son' way of course they meant. Sean, sensing danger, opted to call Frankie a gold digger as the better choice.