Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Update - Legyen szíves kifogás a barátom. Ő birtokol elmebeli probléma.

Walking Tall

Charlie finds David kicking a ball about in his yard. Dirty looks are exchanged. Gail comes out to tell him that a social worker is coming 'round today to discuss he's not going to school so he might want to stick around. David opts for Option B: Skulking About, so he misses the appointment. Maria walks by on her way to work but she too, gets a dirty look.

Gail later tells the social worker/lady from the school that she's tried everything with David. The woman suggests that often in these cases, there are external factors at work. Like the barmy case of the Platt family. She also suggests that if everyone went in for group therapy, it might make David feel less of a target.

Later, Gail keeps this advice in mind as David eats a salad sans forchette, and tells him she'll be in his face every minute of every day until he shapes up. There is some yelling and he storms out.

Later at Maria's David is showing her what a big man he is by drinking two whole beers and making her life with some innuendo about Blanche's sex life. He then asks what she sees in Charlie and what's more, why wouldn't she be interested in him. She laughs it off and then claims he's her "bezzy mate" and besides, there is too much of an age difference. And she's 164% hotter than he is.

Meanwhile in the Batcave, Charlie spies on Maria's door with his CCTV, knowing that David is there. He calls and asks to come 'round. Maria agrees and shoves David out the door, claiming that if he really were her "bezzy mate," he'd understand her need for dirty sexual things.

David leaves but skulks outside her place. Inside, Maria admits to an understandably upset Charlie knows about them. However she claims that David will do whatever she wants as he has a little crush on her. He won't say a word, she claims.

After Charlie leaves, David re-emerges from the shadows, takes a 2x4 with a nail in it from Charlie's truck and starts going Joe Don Baker on the door and tires.

Speaking of Bezzy Mates

Things are still tenuous between Frankie and Danny. She's still in the spare room at his flat and Danny remarks that it is as though the two are total strangers.

Later, Frankie has joined Deirdre, Eileen, and Liz for their daily knees-up. Eileen does a sensitive impression of drunken Bev talking to Fred's ashes.

They ask Frankie about the situation with Danny. She says they are taking things slowly. Liz translates that to mean they aren't sleeping together. Eileen wonders if she's still punishing him for some long forgotten sin. What was it? Oh yeah, sleeping with his son's fiance.

Frankie takes this conversation to heart and goes home full of booze to Danny, where they postpone a take-out in favour of sex.

Magyar Misadventure

It's the day of the big weekend in Budapest and Norris shows up at Ken's at 5:30 in the morning to remind him to make sure the papers are ready at 7:00am.

Later at the Kabin, Norris is still nagging Ken about his retail skills.

"Just giving him the benefit of my experience while I'm still around," he tells Rita.

"If you're talking about your time on earth, it'll be shortlived!" Ken retorts.

"Legyen szíves kifogás a barátom. Ő birtokol elmebeli probléma*," adds Rita.

Later in the pub, Emily asks Norris what kind of sandwiches he'd like to take with him.

"I'm not eating that rubbish," Norris says. "It tastes of plastic."

"Legyen szíves kifogás a barátom. Ő birtokol elmebeli probléma," Rita again says.

Norris is annoyed and claims he's tried to look up that phrase and can't find it.

Later, as they pack up the taxi, Norris reminds Ken to make sure any freebies from the stationary suppliers are put to the side.

"Legyen szíves kifogás a barátom. Ő birtokol elmebeli probléma," Rita again says.

Norris now believes the phrase is meaningless and gets into the car. Rita tells Ken, Deirdre, and Emily what the phrase means:

"Please excuse my friend. He has mental problems."

In other news

Fizz took her driver's test and is now licensed, despite nearly killing Blanche. Again. She packs up some sarnies and head out on her first official road trip.

* I looked up the phrase using an online translator so I seriously doubt it's grammatically correct.


Anonymous said...

And it looks like whenever a Corrie actress gets pregnant in real life they install her in Danny's flat in a bathrobe (I'm talking about Leanne & now Frankie). :)

Almost fell off my chair when David yelled to Gail to "get lost". If I'd spoken to either of my parents like that my feet wouldn't have touched!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my last post...


Jacqueline said...

Kudos for the Hungarian John.

I was going to try through my Hungarians...but they don't answer their emails fast enough.

Also, how did Frankie get home if she was drunk? I hope she took a cab.

Rob Swizzle said...

David's board-with-a-nail-in-it looked like it came from a Warner Brothers cartoon. Charlie better hope there's no anvils just lying around.

Mayfairgirl said...

Interesting tidbit I found on the bbc site today: