Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Update July 4, 2007 "Raindrops keep fallin' on me 'ead."

Back in the day, Les and Janice's relationship was exactly like this.

The Not-Widow Elliott

On their way to the salon, Audrey and David see Archie Shuttlesworth making his way toward the Peacock's. Audrey calls to Ashley but he ignores her (rather, he gives her "that look"). David wonders what that was about.

"Oh, Ashley thinks I killed his father," she replies and David looks upon her with a reverence he's not given to anyone in years.

Archie draws up the plans for Fred's burial, including available plots and a date change to accomodate Shelley's arrival. Bev reckons that she won't bury her husband without her daughter by her side. Ashley points out that she wasn't there for the wedding but Bev said that wasn't her choice.

Ashley then points out that Fred was anti-burial and wanted to be cremated. Ashley adds that Bev wasn't in the family long enough to know what he would have wanted.

Seeing that the discussion is heating up, Archie suggests that everyone sleep on and they'll return to these decisions tomorrow. Later Ashley tells Claire that he's angry that Bev is going round calling Fred her husband when the marriage never took place.

Later in the Rovers, Bev is behind the bar, nursing a drink, and exclaims to Danny and Frankie, "Who'd have thought it? Widowed twice at my age!" They suggest that Bev get some rest.

She later joins Ashley and Claire for a drink that they sort of think is one too many. She tells them that they shouldn't be fighting as widow and son. She then adds she might like to move in with Ashley and Claire and have a widow's walk installed on the second floor. Noticing Ashleys receding hairline, she notes that he is developing a widow's peak and that they now have something in common. And her favourite comic book character is the Black Widow because, like Bev, she, too, is a widow.

Ashley's had enough. "You're not his widow!"

Bev says she was ten minutes away from the fact. "He was the man I loved. And certificate or not, it's still my place to make the arrangements."

Ashley counters that she is just his fiancée. If she were truly his widow, she would have known his wishes. She starts crying but Ashley protests that that is her way of dealing with things that aren't going her way.

"But I'll tell you one thing," says Bev. "I'm taking my place at the head of that ceremony and Audrey Roberts will not be welcome. That's an end to it."

Danny's on His Best Behaviour

As an excuse to see Frankie at Roy's, Danny is treating the entire factory to all the best cakes, rolls, and biscuits Roy has to offer. If Roy's were Tim Horton's this would be the equivalent to getting all the treats in the front counter window.

Danny says it's all about largesse. Liam thinks it's about desperation as Sally beams at him (angling for the prestigious P.A. position, no doubt).

At Roy's, Danny does admit to Frankie that his generosity is just an excuse to see her. Later, he shows up at her door with a dozen roses (nice ones, too, not the poxy ones from Dev's) and a request to join him for a drink. Frankie acquiesces to one drink at the Rover's.

And indeed, they have one drink and he walks her to her door. He asks her if she really wants to go home to an empty house (Jamie and Violet are on holiday) and she says no. He then kisses her and they go inside. He tells her that when his number is up and his life flashes before his eyes, it's her he sees. He says Fred's death reminded him that life is too short for regrets. Frankie admits that she never stopped loving him and they begin kissing passionately.


Rosie's on her Best Behaviour

Sally is wondering why Rosie's bag is so heavy for a trip of just a few days. Kevin questions some of Sally's packing decisions and they laugh it off.

Meanwhile Craig and Rosie plan their escape from Paris to Berlin (in every disco I've been in, my heart is pumping for love - now that damn song is in my head). Rosie fears her drama teacher will look a fool for casting her in the lead in the school play. Craig thinks they won't even remember their names as they tear of their school neck ties, symbols of their oppression, and burn them.

At the Websters, Kevin and Sally are goofing around a bit with Kevin wearing his newly ironed (?) boxers on his head. Craig and Rosie come in and call it a good look for him. Rosie admits that her dad is pretty cool for an old git. Sally wonders where her rebellious teenager has gone.

Cilla's on Her Best Behaviour

Les is angry that Cilla is selling his old bike on Not!e-bay. Cilla claims they need the money. He says it isn't the money, it's the memories, claiming she is selling his heritage. Cilla then plays the Janice card and claims it's only the memories of Janice sitting on his handle bars, "singin' 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' on Me 'Ead" that Les will miss. They continue to have this argument upstairs. Kirk then jumps on the PC and presumably starts Googling "PVC corset fetish."

Oh, wait that's me.

At the salon, Cilla has come in to get her hair done, but really to hear the Fred and Audrey gossip. Instead, she gets a spray of water on her shoulder from shampoo boy David Platt.


Charlie is putting off seeing Maria until things are settled back home.

Fizz is bored with her life with Kirk, again.


Anonymous said...

I know that Ashley lost his father, and that he's terribly upset and is having a very hard time, but I honestly wanted to slap him every time he expressed the opinion that Bev was not Fred's widow. He's technically right, but they were about to be married, so why the need to be so cruel?

I understand that part of Ashley's constant "you're not his widow" whining is due to the fact that he doesn't want Bev planning the whole funeral. But there are much better ways to insist on cremation than by insulting the poor woman. Granted, Bev should have had more tact and mentioned to Ashley and Claire beforehand that she wanted to pick a plot/delay the funeral until Shelley's arrival, but that's no excuse for Ashley to torment the woman that his father was going to marry.

Mind you, I also think Ashley has completely lost it for blaming Audrey for Fred's death. Given what a friend Audrey has been to that family over the years, esp. when Claire had her mental meltdown, Ashley should get over himself and stop using his grief as an excuse to be a jackass.


Jacqueline said...

#1` - Ashley, shut up.

#2 - John is my youtube video GOD right now. I don't know which of those two are better.

#3 - "David looks upon her with a reverence he's not given to anyone in years." - gold, pure gold

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say much. Someone said earlier in the week that they completely forgot Corrie on Monday what with Canada Day festivities. So you'd think I would bank that and there would be a guarantee that I wouldn't do the same thing yesterday. But you'd be wrong.

After a grand afternoon of revelry and merriment, I realized with horror at about 9 pm that I had completely missed Corrie and hadn't remembered to tape it.


Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

PS. But I still hate Ashley.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Happy belated 4th of July girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's all give Ashley a collective slap upside the head. Grow up! Do you think your father would be proud of such behavior!!

Claire is annoyingly passive but I guess we can put that down to the meds. The least she could have done is give Bev a quick hug before she ran after Ashley out the pub.

Ah, Danny and Frankie *sigh*. Always hoped they would get back together, though I think Danny should move a bit more slowly. What will Jamie say when he comes home and finds his dad (yet again) in bed with the woman he loves.

Westcoast fan.

Anonymous said...

I know Fred didn't raise Ashley as his son but you'd think Ashley would have at least take on some of his dad's traits. But I find that everytime there is a family crisis, Ashley turns around and makes it All! About! Ashley!

Rob Swizzle said...

re: Ashley

The English have a saying, "I'm alright Jack."

Anonymous said...

I have always found that Ashley behaves like a spoilt brat. He works in his Dad's business and lives in the house his Dad paid for. I don't know how old he is supposed to be, but my 19 year old son is much more mature. I also felt that he has been very cruel to Audrey.

Anonymous said...

It's my mantra: I. HATE. ASHLEY.

Spoiled, selfish, immature, temper tantrum king, whiner.

I would have killed him in his sleep if I were Claire.

Michigander Fan

PS Glacia: thanks! and happy belated Canada Day to you! Isn't freedom wonderful!?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the only time I really liked Ashley was when Claire was going bonkers and he stuck by her. Other than that he behaves like a petulant child.

So the question is, will his dad's death make a man out of him, or will he continue down the road that has strangled-in-his-sleep as the final destination?

(I can hear Fred shouting from Heaven down to him "It were me own fault, Ashley, I say, it were me own fault. Doan' be like tha'".

Westcoast fan

cactusmcharris said...

Sorry to be a bit of a bother, guv, but where can I go to get a bit of history of Corrie Street? I'm not so long ago relocated to Kamloops from San Diego, CA (where there was no Street to be had) and really like this show and want to get some background.

Thanks much!

Jacqueline said...


gives a very nice background on all your favorite characters. There's also a Coronation Street novel that will give you the basic story from the start.

EPS said...

Wow, what's with all the Ashley bashing when we have Bev-the-Self-Centered to focus upon?
She is not the widow
She has little respect for her intended to automatically think the absolute worst of him
She is drinking and giving away drinks as if she owns the Rover's (what is her status, anyway? doesn't Ashley own it now?)
She is totally focused on herself - therefore the name (above)
Shows grief for HER loss: no money from Fred, no being taked care of by Fred, no status as landlord's wife, etc
Has show little, if any, actual grief about Fred (whereas Audrey is mourning the loss of a friend)

Ashley has had:
Shock of learning uncle Fred is actually Poppa
Infidelity of wife
Wife murdered
"Loss" of son (found out is Matt's child)
Matt showing up again wanting to be part of Joshua's life
Claire's recent MH problems
Death of Dad

Through it all Ashley has been steadfast - hurt, angry sometimes (with good reason), a little over the top, perhaps, but steadfast.
Now Bev thinks she is the primary player and her
neediness should take centerstage. Maybe she could start a new sport: Extreme Neediness.

Bev is typically the causal agent in her losses; Ashley typically isn't.

Anonymous said...

Eps, I agree with your comments regarding Bev...bad mouthing Fred to anyone who will listen, drinking like a fish. I assume that Liz and Steve are the legal owners of the pub. I noticed Liz trying to tactfully find out when Bev would be leaving. If that pub was my local I would avoid like the plague, Bev isn't exactly good for business.

Anonymous said...

So, whoever is the executor of Fred's estate will have to sign the closing documents on the sale of the bar to Steve and Liz. It's interesting that we haven't had a reading of the will yet. Did Fred change his will in contemplation of his marriage to Bev? Is she a big winner here? In Canada a will is automatically voided by marriage. If that's true in England as well then you would expect that a savvy businessman like Fred would have changed his will just before his marriage (and the will would avoid being voided by specifying that it is made in contemplation of his marriage to Bev).

Of course Ashley has been through a lot. You'd think he'd learn some coping skills from that. We don't see him bemoaning Fred's loss of life, we see him bemoaning his loss of his dad. Not much different from Bev. He should be sitting down with Bev and explaining to her compassionately what his understanding was of his dad's relationship with Audrey, rather than letting Bev continue to think the worst of Fred. But of course he can't do that because he's too wrapped up in himself.

Westcoast fan