Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update - July 26 "Our (disputed) House"

Who's House Is It Anyway?

Well, it's Charlie's of course, but that doesn't stop Tracy from beginning her morning by yelling at him in the street that she wants him out of the house.

"I don't do guilt and I don't give away houses," Charlie, pointing out that he, in fact, owns the house. "So either we kiss and make up or you're the one that's out. Which?"

Tracy insists that he'll be the one moving out and walks off down the road. Charlie at this point calls to Jason and says, "Let's get this done."

Later, Charlie and Jason have installed new locks on the doors. Meanwhile, Maria walks by and Charlie calls out to her, leaving her frightened.

At No. 1, Tracy sits at the dining room table wondering what she's going to do. She says she's entitled to that house as much as Charlie.

Have you no pride?" asks Blanche. "Do you not care what folk think about you? That you must be soft in the head putting up with his behaviour."

Tracy says he's made a fool of her, and now he's going to pay.

Meanwhile, Violet spots Jason and Charlie hauling several garbage bags in the back alley behind the Rovers. The bags are deposited in the back garden of the Barlows. He texts Tracy to inform her of the new situation.

"That rat!" she exclaims. It looks like Tracy is moving back in with the Barlows after all.

Tracy tries to find Charlie, but to no avail. Later that evening, she and Deirdre spy Charlie coming out of a taxi with a recently acquired bird. He makes a show of kissing her in full view of Tracy and her mother, as well as a bemused Cilla and Yana, who themselves appear to be out on the pull.

Tracy looks furious, yet quietly resolved.

"I swear," she says. "I am going to kill him."

The Family Platt in Therapy

At Gail's, David wonders what the point of this therapy session is. Audrey can't tell him and he wonders, given Sarah's attitude toward him, if it's going to be a blame David session.

Later on after work and school, Simone, the counsellor arrives. After a bit of coaxing, Audrey, Gail, Sarah, and David (no Bethany), sit down and start talking. Simone asks them to think of her as a referee, but with no red or yellow cards. David asks if there are penalties for head-butts as his middle name is Zidane.

Simone asks the family to each define their roles. Gail says she is mother, cook, cleaner, babysitter, blinker, and only gets help when she asks for it. Sarah is a mother and apprentice hair-dresser. Audrey is mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and a business owner. David says his role is to make life interesting. Audrey thinks her family has had its ups and downs but on the whole, they're tight.

Sarah starts pointing out some of the things David has done (the lies about being bullied, the Richard Hillman cards) but every time the truth comes out, Audrey hushes her up.

Simone asks everyone if they had a wish to change one thing about their family, what would it be? Gail says she wishes she was smarter in her choice of men. Sarah wants David to go and live somewhere else. Audrey wishes everyone were a little nicer to each other. David, in a rare moment of honesty, wishes he was someone else, because he doesn't like who he is.

Bill Will Fix It

Bill is cutting quite a swath across Coronation Street. He puts up shelves for Audrey and says he may ask a favour in return and starts flirting with her. He later tells Kevin his secret to a successful marriage is to keep your wife in another country as much as possible. Later he goads Kevin into coming out for a pint later on with him, on a school night, no less. Bill thinks the women in Weatherfield must have big thumbs to keep all the men under them.


Cilla and Yana discuss the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery. Cilla wants her breasts streamlined, even if Les says he likes her just the way she is. Later, Yana admits she'd like some botox as she worries about wrinkles. Cilla chalks that up to her being skinny and not have firm skin like her.

They both admit they don't have the money and Cilla thinks Yana would look very funny with one eyebrow injected. Yana thinks Cilla would look silly with one breast done, too.

In other news

Frankie pushes Danny on the move to Spain. He finally gives in. It looks like they're moving.


Anonymous said...

"David, in a rare moment of honesty, wishes he was someone else, because he doesn't like who he is."

Hmmmm. I'm not sure. Either a rare moment of honesty, or a typical moment of David the manipulator. He knows what to say to have maximum effect.


Jacqueline said...'s something that's been bugging me. Have you ever noticed the HUGE height difference between Audrey and Gayle?

They were standing beside each other yesterday and all I could wonder is....'Did Audrey schtump Bilbo Baggins?'

On a related note..Mr.Glacia couldn't stop giggling everytime someone in the Platts would mention murder, marriages or other Platt related mayhem and Audrey would go, 'Oh shh shh shh, we don't need to go into that.'

Debbie said...

It is a good thing that Bethany wasn't at the therapy session. She is too young. She does, however, need a priest because that little girl is like Rosemary's baby. Every time I see her I cringe.

I think David does hate himself. I think that is pretty clear by the way he behaves.

My favourite part of the therapy session was when Audrey said "I think we are a nice little family" and there was a beat of silenc. I totally think that was meant for the audience to yell out "HA!"

Anonymous said...

I think Bethany needed to be there, because it's clear that she's the puppetmaster in the family!

No, seriously though, it was very enlightening the way Audrey kept shushing everybody every time they mentioned anything bad.

Tracy forgot the first rule of crazy relationships - possession is 9/10 of the law. If you have no legal right to the house, then you need to sit your butt down in the house and not move. Really. I'm surprised at her. I thought she was wily-er than that!

I think David was being BOTH manipulative and honest. The thing is, you always reveal things about yourself, no matter how smart you think you are being.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Loved the Our House video, who is the group please?

Jacqueline said...


Four points to Glacia for being old enough to remember this when it came out and to sing it at her crap p/t McDonalds job.

Anonymous said...

They were a great band! One hit wonders from the 80s.

I just found out that Men without Hats were Canadian. At least, that's what my friend Canada Joe told me.

Safety Dance!

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Who is this CANADA JOE??!!!

Some random Canadian?

Anonymous said...

"I think David was being BOTH manipulative and honest. The thing is, you always reveal things about yourself, no matter how smart you think you are being."

True. It could be a bit of both.


Anonymous said...

Skeezix, thanks for noticing! I thought I was being particularly brilliant myself! Teehee.

Glacia, I'm sorry. I can't tell you. He's in place at CSIS, spying for the CIA. I can't blow his cover. No, he'll be my brother-in-law soon, unless the mood-altering drugs my sister has been feeding him wear off in time for him to escape.

But then, you're not a random Canadian either!

Michigander Fan

PS. We should all have "Random Canadian"/"Random American" tees made up for the next BIS - we can recognize each other that way!

Jacqueline said...

I seriously think we should get Corrie Canuck shirts. on the front.

On the back either 'A random Canadian' or 'A random American'...or 'A random Brit', etc.

Jacqueline said...

.com I mean

Jacqueline said...

Canada Joe makes me think of poor Office Glen.*

*Zenophobic Canadian beer commercial refrenced with a loving sense of teasing to our American cousins.

Anonymous said...

I loved Madness -- One Step Beyond, was the name of the album, I think!

We listened to quite a lot of British stuff at that time, including this. I too worked part-time at McDonald's, Jacqueline.

We weren't allowed to sing, only wear our popsicle lime green polyester uniforms avec hat, and hope to hell the boys we were interested in never ever got the urge for a Big Mac on our shift!


Anonymous said...


You mean you DON'T all know each other? But how can this be?

I originally named him "Canada Joe" to distinguish him from "Cousin Joe" in family discussions. But it has sort of taken on a power all its own now...

I think he secretly likes the fact that I have given him a nickname (he's an only child), but he doesn't like it when I have him paged in Borders as "Canada Joe."

Michigander Fan