Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update - July 25 - "Fidelity seems like such a quaint concept"

Previously on Coronation Street

Maria told Tracy. There was massive fight on the street. Then a big fight with Charlie. Tracy's ringtone for Charlie is "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls.

Because All Relationships Can Be Measured in Money Spent

It's breakfast at Stubbs-Barlow residence but Tracy, standing in front of her "GEMS" refrigerator, is angrily buttering some toast and is definitely not speaking to Charlie. He wants to make up but she wants to know how many other tarts he has stashed away. He says Maria was the only one but Tracey says she wants him out.

Meanwhile, at the Platts, David shocks his family by casually announcing he's going back to school. The reason why is obvious as, heading out the door, David sees Charlie and ducks behind a wheelie bin, completely terrified.

Stubbs sees Maria and tells her she blew her chance.

"Chance at what?" Maria asks. "To be lied to and humiliated like Tracy?"

"You've never had another man like me," Charlie says. "You said that more than once."

"Yeah and now I'll never want another one," Maria retorts, perhaps thinking of her last long term boyfriend Tyrone.

As Charlie leaves, David pops out from behind his wheelie bin refuge and tells Maria that he's sure Charlie is going to blame him for the trouble he caused. Maria thinks his main priority is getting back Tracy but David think otherwise, being well acquainted with nutters.

In the Salon, Audrey tries to get Maria to feel better by telling her she's not the first woman to make a mistake like that and she will likely make the same kind of mistake. Maria is certain she'll never be that stupid again but Audrey says she's made enough mistakes in her life to know that's not true.

Later, Charlie comes into the Salon and tells Maria he's evicting her from the flat. Audrey tries to protest that Charlie needs to first give notice but Maria stops her, telling her it's ok. Given the dodgy nature of tenants' rights in Weatherfield, I guess he can evict her on a whim.

Fizz says Maria can move back in with her. Audrey notes that orgasms men like Charlie come and go but friends like Fizz are forever.

Meanwhile at Tracy's, Deirdre tries to convince Tracy to take Amy and come home. Ken reiterates this at the Kabin. Tracy notes that it's quite a twist, everyone feeling sorry for her.

In the Rovers, Maria sees that everyone is talking about her. Nevertheless, Liam, having finally put two and two together, asks her on a date.

In the café, Roy thinks that to today's generation, fidelity seems like such a quaint concept. Ken thinks his relationship with Hayley shows love can overcome all obstacles, what with her being transcendental and all.

Charlie arrives home to find his things in a bag outside the door. Tracy tries to keep him out but he pushes past her. He reminds her that he bought the house. Tracy agrees but counters that it is a home to her and Amy. Charlie points out that her home is across the street. Tracy says that they were once a proper couple but Charlie's ruined it all and now he has to pay.

Charlie says that he indeed paid for it all: The house, the clothing, the fake abortion. He then gets his bag, bringing it inside and tells her that she can pack her own bags because he is staying.

"Me too!" yells Tracy.

Oh dear.

The Weatherfield Players Present: "Woody and Soon-Yi: A Love Story"

Jamie takes the letters from Frankie's mailbox and goes to the Rovers to give them to her, along with a letter of his own, spelling out his feelings for her. She goes to the very clean ladies' bog to read it but is interupted by Joanne. When she comes back out, Jamie gives her the Manson Lamps and goes outside.

She finds him in his van. She gets in. She says she's scared of her feelings. Jamie says that means she feels the same way. Then they kiss. Like, really kiss. I think I actually yelled out "Boooo!" but it's all hazy.

Then she runs out of the van and back into the Rovers. There she finds Danny and immediately suggests they move to Spain. Like right now!

Chesney the Paper Boy

On his first day of the new job, Norris nags Chesney about making sure he gets the route done in time for his classes. When he returns, he asks Norris for his money. Norris tells him that he gets his pay at the end of a full day's work, something with which the residents of Battersby-Brown manor are unfamiliar. Nothing like kicking the working classes while they're down.

Sophie's New Shoes

Sophie is complaining that her new dance teacher will have her head if she shows up wearing her worn out shoes. Rosie offers a pair of hers but Sophie rejects the offer, claiming they are minging. So Bill Webster buys a new pair for Sophie and a gift card for Rosie, just she doesn't feel left out.

Meanwhile, Bill appears to be putting the moves on Audrey, claiming she's a beautiful as ever and offering to put up a set of shelves in the back room for the price of a hair cut. Bill is, of course, still married to Maureen.


Jacqueline said...

oh are LIGHTENING!!!!

I'll have to backtrack the update.

corrierules said...

Aargh watching Rupert Hill as Jamie try to convey his deep love for Frankie was laughable. The puppy dog eyes as he watched/stalked her in the pub -- really not convincing at all.And the storyline, feh! But Bill Ward as Charlie and Kate Ford as Tracy were cracking. Thanks for great update.

Westcoast fan said...

'Manson Eyes'! That's great.

Man I am so creeped out by this Jamie/Frankie coupling. My Gawd, snogging in the van where they can be seen!!! Ahh, but I see how we might get rid of Frankie, but keep our Danny - she goes to Spain, he commutes down on weekends. Gives him a little time to play while he's all alone in Weatherfield, too. I hear Maria's available. :P

Tracy needs to be given up as a lost cause; how on earth does she think she can stay in Charlie's house but break up with him? BTW, while I was watching the two of them fight in profile on last night's episode it occurred to me that if the two of them ever had a baby it would likely have no nose whatsoever. Neither of them have one to speak of. Give me Alan Rickman any day.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it amusing that Roy was talking to KEN & DEIDRE about FIDELITY?

Mrs. D

Gregg Anderson said...

I'm thinking The actress playing Frankie is pregnant, am I wrong about that? She seems to be hiding her stomach (a la Leanne) a LOT and her boobs are weeeell.... huger than the hugeness they were before!

Anonymous said...

Yup, she is pregnant...or she was....the actress had her baby awhile ago.

Bill Ward and Kate Ford are really good in these episodes...They both are evil in their own ways.


Anonymous said...

I think Tracy can handle Charlie cheating, what she can't handle is people feeling sorry for her. Which is why she isn't moving out.

Hmm, how bad will tensions be in the house as they resume living, and hating, together?

Oh look, Charlie has scared David straight!

Do Audrey and Bill have a history? I don't know anything about him.

As for Frankie and Jamie, well, that was a bit of a kiss, wasn't it? I'm all for Frankie moving to Spain right now!

BTW, the actor who plays Roy lives in Spain, and commutes to work.


Anonymous said...

You know, I felt bad for Tracy, until she decided that Charlie should move out of HIS house. What planet does she live on? And hold on...

Didn't she used to own a flower shop? I have a recollection of Cilla's wedding... flowers being stolen out of Tracy's shop. Or is that the crack messing with my head again?


Bill seems like a bad influence on Kevin, and not too concerned about being separated from his wife. I haven't made up my mind about him yet.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

Missusmac, I think Audrey has a history with every man of a certain age that has ever set foot in Weatherfield. She was a right goer in her day. Don't let that sophisticated older lady facade fool you. She never saw nothin' wrong with a little bit of bump and grind.

I like that Tracey thinks that she can keep that house after living there for five minutes. But, she is just going a little crazy.

Mayfairgirl said...

i find it difficult to believe that at one moment frankie hates the idea of being with jamie and then all of the sudden is convinced with one letter. pleeaazze.

as for the flower shop, the only person i remember owning one, was lucy - peter barlow's ex-wife.


Jacqueline said...

I don't know about owning the shop, but she definately worked in one...and I got a feeling it's lucy's old place, but I can't be sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Lucy, the 1st Mrs. Peter Barlow, owned the shop because I think the business has her name on it. Since she took off, we've only seen the flower shop once in a while. The last time I remember a reference to Tracy working there was during Les and Cilla's wedding. That was only to create a sight gag about Cilla refusing to pay for flowers.

My theory is about the shop is that it's under new ownership and that Tracy only picks up the odd shift there for extra spending money. But really, it's just a loose end the writers never tied up.

Anonymous said...

What's with Audrey convincing Maria she'll make the same loser mistakes again? Way to be supportive, you bitter old hag.

Anonymous said...

Yes, apparently Jamie is a much better letter writer than I had previously given him credit for.

OK, I knew I remembered Tracy with a flower shop at some point.

So she lives with him, he pays the bills and supports her and her daughter (although I presume that Steve-o pays child support) and yet she thinks she can kick him out of his house because she's mad at him? (Justifiably, but still!)

Wonder what Blanche would say to that? I can kind of hear my grandma... let's just say Tracy would get a flea in her ear about it from Gram!

Anonymous said...

Recently (last month or so), Tracy said something like "I'm a florist", to which Charlie or Blanche (can't remember which) replied "you used to be a florist".

I don't think Tracy has been putting in very many hours over at the flower shop.


Anonymous said...

Two quick comments:

1) Stalker Jamie, with his constant glowering stares at Frankie and his inability to crack a smile, has officially become creepier than David. It was a tight race there for awhile, but Jamie has certainly pulled into the lead.

2) Not only do I find the incest plotline distasteful, but it is also really really boring. I would have vomited at the sight of Frankie and Jamie in the van, but my disinterest won the day. Sadly, Chesney and his new paper-route if a far more compelling storyline. Will he show up on time tomorrow? Who knows!?!?


Summer said...

I dunno... yeah, the step-mom thing is creepy.... but Jamie himself? Sorry, that is one physically beautiful man, whether he's stalking/staring doefully/shooting daggers at Danny.

Anonymous said...

jaime was become the biggest creeper! and frankie is just being plain stupid! i was having a fit when they were in the van! i almost chucked something at the t.v., but instead i opted for throwing a cushion at the window.

~Sarah H