Thursday, July 12, 2007

Update - July 12 - Bev Puts the 'Fun' in Funeral

Funeral for a Friend

It's the day of Fred's funeral and Bev is behind the bar, wearing her wedding dress, claiming it's what Fred would have wanted. She offers a drink to Ashley, which he declines, worrying that she'll make a scene.

She's. In. Her. Wedding. Dress.

On his cloud, Fred stands next to Mike Baldwin as they both look down.

"Dodged a bullet there, mate." says Mike, puffing on his cigar.

Meanwhile at Gail's, Audrey worries about saying goodbye to her old friend, but not the public reception she's sure to receive.

At Frankie's, Jamie thinks his stepmum looks stunning in her funeral garb. But Frankie tells him, despite his protests that she needs him around to save her from herself, that she is going with Danny.

At Eileen's, moths have eaten her only black skirt but Sean tells her it's no longer mandatory to wear black to a funeral so she settles for a red skirt. Sean has opted for the Noel Coward look.

At the Rovers, Claire suggests Ashley lay off Bev for a bit but he counters that Bev does not hold a monopoly on grief. Liz adds that Bev hasn't only lost her husband-to-be, but her future as well.

Ashley gives Bev the gift Fred had intended to give her on their wedding day. It's the nice watch Audrey helped pick out, with "To Beverly, my beauty" engraved on the back. Bev notices that it's practical, elegant, and not cheap. She doesn't seem all that impressed. She says she got him cuff links which was stupid because he never wears them.

"He would if you gave them to him," says Ashley and they hug. Aw.

Outside, Jamie is insisting that he accompany Frankie to the funeral but she insists that she can look after herself. Meanwhile, Blanche sees Eileen and asks her where she's going.

"To the funeral," she replies.

"Oh really, I thought you were going to the disco, or maybe an early Christmas party."

Eileen counters that she's not a professional funeral attendee like Blanche (or Cass and Betty Furlong -- starts at the 1:15 mark).

In the Rovers, Ashley says he can't imagine the place without Fred. Bev says not to worry, as she slugs back another gin, she'll keep his memory alive. Liz's eyes shoot daggers. Bev stumbles her way into the car and Ken mutters "Very Miss Haversham."

At the service, Jamie accuses Danny of following Violet and him. Violet confronts Jamie and asks why he's acting so weird. But before he can say "Because I'm totally into my mom," the funeral is to begin.

All eyes turn onto Gail and Audrey as they enter the building.

Anybody in Weatherfield want to give the late Fred Elliot the benefit of the doubt here? Anyone? No? Okay, we'll continue then.

"Of all the nerve," Blanche says. "Look at the cheek of that brazen hussy. Bold as brass."

Rita thinks Audrey would have at least had the decency to stay away.

Then the coffin enters the building.

The residents of Weatherfield then employ the old Amish shamed-based behavioural modification technique of shunning those who have fallen into disfavour. Audrey and Gail find themselves sitting alone in their pew.

Violet wants to sit with them because not doing so feels like bullying. Sean assures her that indeed it is as he's been bullied all his life. And apparently, he's not about to stop now and ushers her away from the shameful ones.

Ken, feeling badly, decides to sit behind them, not with them, so really, not feeling that badly.

Then Sarah comes in and that's about it for the guests. Besides his sister Beryl Peacock, who makes an appearance, none of Fred's many business associates nor even Mildred, from't wool shop show up to bid adieu.

There is the singing of hymns, Jerusalem, specifically, which is quite nice because you never hear hymns on TV. Counting this week's Doctor Who where we hear "The Old Rugged Cross," that's twice this week I've heard people singing hymns. Normally you just hear them on Vision TV (my late granny was partial to Songs of Praise). Ashley's crying so he can't join in.

Jamie and Danny are sniping at each other.

And then it's time for Bev, in her wedding dress, to say a few dignified words.

"She's going to throw herself on the coffin," predicts Norris.

"Don't enjoy it too much," cautions Rita.

"I wondered if she were going slur a few words," spits Blanche.

Bev says that Fred always knew the difference between quantity and quality, which is why he was marrying her. She adds that she feels cheated.

"Till death do us part," she sobs. "Well, death's parted us now and before I had a chance to say it. So I'll say it now. I do, Fred. I do take you as my lawful wedded husband."

Then she, yes, almost flings herself upon the coffin, leaving Liz to drag her away.

Then it's Ashley's turn, who manages to keep it together slightly better.

"Fred loved a lot of things and a lot of people," he says. "He was a big man with a big spirit. Not larger than life but full of life!"

Frankie breaks down a little and Danny comforts her. This so disgusts Jamie that he storms out of the church, with Frankie following behind.

Ashley continues. He says he knew Fred and Bev's marriage would have been a happy one.

"For me, he was much more than my father. He was my workmate, my mentor – a kind, wise guide through life. But above all he was my friend. He was my best friend."

Outside, Frankie and Jamie are a little distance from the church. Jamie tells Frankie that he's certain the two are about to get back together. Frankie is confused and asks Jamie to spell it out to him.

Back in the church, the vicar begins the committal of Fred's body to the crematorium. As it moves on the conveyor belt, it gets stuck, leaving the vicar and Archie to give it a little shove.

Audrey breaks out into laughter.

"That's Fred all over," she says. "He never could get his timing right!"

Then her laughter turns to tears as she says she'll miss him.

Bev fumes but Ashley takes little notice and says, with tears, "Bye Dad."

Outside in the graveyard where they are hidden from view by a large old tree, Jamie breaks down and tells his stepmother that he loves her.

"It's killing me. And I think it's killing you, too," he says, pulling her toward him for a kiss, which she reciprocates and I toss my gin and tonic toward the TV.

Meanwhile, Danny is seen walking toward the pair, as though he's about to discover them.

You finally got your incest storyline, Corrie writers. Are you happy now?

In other, non-squicky news

Kirk gave Fizz her scooter. She thinks it's the best present ev-ah!


TheWeeJenny said...

"and I toss my gin and tonic toward the TV."

And I threw up in my mouth a little. :P

It's like Fred dying turned everybody despicable. *weeps*

Mayfairgirl said...

Putting aside the Woody Allen storyline, Frankie did look really good.

Everyone is far too hard on Audrey.

Corrie Quebec said...

Nice wrap-up. I liked the part about Bev creating not creating a scene, and being "".

Frankie always looks great....though she's been packing on the pounds.

Anonymous said...

Frankie's not packing on the pounds. The actress is packing on a baby in real life. She gave birth last January.

Anonymous said...

Oh,was that be before or after the 'non-penetration' affair in real life with the actor who plays Danny?

Yes, enquiring minds want to know!

Jacqueline said...

While Frankie is just gorgeous because she's Frankie....I thought the outfit last night made her look like Cathy Jone's 'Babe Bennett' character on 'This Hour has 22 Minutes'.

I kept expecting her to say, 'Oh, I'm just goofing around!'

Oh, and JUST now dawned on me that Cathy Jones and Andy Jones are siblings

Anonymous said...

Was it just me, or did Frankie look like she was kissing Jamie back?

Blanche always gets the best lines. About Bev: Oh, I wondered if she were gonna slur a few words...

And to Eileen about the red skirt: off to a disco or an early Christmas party are we?



Jacqueline said...

And the Mike comment - genius.

Jacqueline said...

And tell can you sit there and sing hymns and pretend you're all good christians...while SHUNNING someone?

You got to ask yourselves, 'What would Brian Botano do?'

Corrie Quebec said...

Well then, for an expecting mother she looks fab.

Anonymous said...

"It's like Fred dying turned everybody despicable."

Well said.

Rita in particular needs a good talking to. When you start acting like Blanche, you've crossed the line.

And, why Frankie, why?!? Why'd you have to kiss him back?!


Working From Home Today said...

Are you all kidding me? Frankie looks good?!

I must be out of touch or something because I thought she looked dressed like my grandma, only my grandma would never wear that hat.

tanzie said...

In case this reminder reminds anyone in time...double episode tonight (Friday)

Jacqueline said...

RE: my comment about Babe Bennett/Frankie....

I'm just saying....