Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update for Episode # 6411 July 19, 2007

The Family Platt take part in some group therapy sessions.

Tracey gazes out the window into the garden and sees David lurking there, staring into her window, looking more than a bit crazed. She calls for Charlie and they ask David what he is doing in the yard. 'Gettin me ball' he tells them before he slinks back over the fence into his own yard. Charlie looks pensive.

Back in the Platt flat Gail brings up the notion of the whole family going to therapy in order to help David in his time of need. Sarah, who seems to have grown a spine and a brain lately, points out that what David needs most is a kick up the backside, and if he isn't interested in going to therapy, she sure as hell isn't going to therapy either.

Later in the street David is hanging around as usual when Tracey and Charlie saunter along. Young Platt gives her a wolf whistle. Tracey responds with 'get lost you little freak'. Charlie looks pensive.

Maria, having overseen this little contretemps, whinges to David that he promised he wouldn't do anything to get between her and Charlie.

Charlie and Jason discover the vandalism that has been done to the truck. Jason wonders if was some kids having a laugh or a jealous husband getting revenge. Charlie calls Jason a pillock. He knows exactly who did the damage. Charlie looks pensive.

David and Charlie walk by each other in the street and have a staredown. Very manly.

Fiz and Maria have a drink in The Rovers. Fiz natters on about how difficult it is to buy a tire for her scooter. Maria is a bit distracted though, as she is eavesdropping on the conversation that Tracey and Deirdre are having about Charlie. Tracey insists it is true love. Deirdre insists it is only a question of time before Charlie plays away agin. Maria wonders which of the women is right.

When the post arrives at the builders yard David once again is lurking across the street. In the post for Charlie is a Good Luck card that has 'Tut, tut, tut, What will Tracey say?' inscribed inside. Having had plenty of experience writing cards designed to upset people, David gets the desired response from Charlie, who goes to pay a visit on Maria to make sure that she has her young boyfriend on a tight leash. Maria comments that it might be alright if Tracey found out, then Charlie and Maria could be together. Charlie assures that her that he has a plan for them to be together, but he has to act carefully because Tracey is a right nutter and one has no idea how she would react if she found out.

Danny and Frankie have a chat in the kitchen after their night of reunion passion. They ask each other 'how was it for you?' as if they are young and in love. Frankie seems unconvinced about what she is doing but Danny tells her 'I can't remember when I was this happy.' This is all going to end badly, mark my words.

Jamie and Violet are having a bit of pleasant banter in the pub. Jamie is in the middle of a joke and as he is about to deliver the punchline Frankie walks in, which causes Jamie to leave - in the middle of the joke. Violet and Frankie have a heart to heart about Jamie. Violet can't understand why Jamie can seem to be interested in her one minute, and then is completely changed the next. (hint - think of the step-mom) Frankie wishes the two of them could get back together again.

Frankie stops in at her old house to pick up a few things. She talks to Jamie about Violet. Jamie wants to talk about his feelings for Frankie. Frankie tells her step-son that things have to go back to the way they used to be. Jamie tells her that he is not going to kid himself, at least he is being true to his feelings.

For some reason I feel like I have to have a shower every time Frankie and Jamie have one of these conversations.

Bev is perched on her usual bar, four sheets to the wind, with Fred sat beside her. (in ash form mind you) Sarah come up to the bar to get in the drinks and Bev decides to stick her oar in, telling Sarah that she is going to end up as a scarlet woman, just like her grandmother Audrey - it's in the genes you know. Jason, holding up the bar, defends sarah by asking Bev if that means that Shel is going to end being a bar stool like her mom. Bev is speechless. Sarah and Jason share 'that' look as she makes her way back to the table to where Audrey and Gail are sat waiting. Having seen the look between Jason and Sarah, Gail wonders if her daughter has lost her mind. This bit of madness seeming to be the last straw, Gail announces in no uncertain terms that the whole family is going to therapy, and there will be no discussion on the matter.

In The Kabin Ken is on the phone with Norris for the third time that morning to make sure everything is running smoothly. Blanche comes in, and after making sure there are no security cameras around, tries to get Ken to go along her scheme to take all the scratch and win tickets home, scratch them all to find the winner and pay for the other tickets with the proceeds. Ken tells her in no uncertain terms that he is not going along with the scheme. Blanche leaves in a huff.

Later Blanche returns to The Kabin to pick up her horoscope magazine and newspaper. Apparently her horoscope says it will be a lucky day for her. Ken points out that it means it will be a lucky day for 1/12 of the population - if horoscopes are true. Blanche tries to leave without paying. Ken says she has to pay. Blanche leaves without her magazine and a parting word from Ken 'not such good luck after all.'

Adam comes in to give his grandfather a bit of a break. Ken returns a while later to do some more work and Blanche returns for her magazine. Bev stumbles in at this point clutching a golf magazine. She is irate at the lack of sensitivity shown by delivering the magazine (which was a subscription Fred had but was to have been cancelled) on his birthday of all days. It turns out Adam had shown some intiative and organized that delivery. Adam apologozes, it was his fault. Ken apologizes, he should have noticed. Blanche wonders what Norris will think of all this when he returns. Ken points out that it isn't really his fault, Norris should have updated the lists. In the end Ken buys Blanche's silence with a free magazine and newspaper - which he will pay for out of his own pocket mind you.

David and Charlie have a few heated words on the street. David tells Charlie if he lays a finger on him he will tell all to Tracey. The only way to insure his silence would be to kill him - and is Maria really worth it? It appears that David has the upper hand. Charlie looks pensive.


Mayfairgirl said...

Has someone (David) finally outwitted Charlie? Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought the 16-year old David would be taking on the wily Goliath? Interesting. Who to root for?

Was anyone else cracking up at the dinner scene chez Platt? "Well, you were the one who tried to get social services to take my baby." "And you were the one that married a psycho." etc

Gail's wounded and mighty response: "Well, nobody's perfect."


Anonymous said...

Charlie vs. David, whom to root for indeed? David's good at manipulation but Charlie's the master. This will not end well for David.

I want all the Platts to go for group therapy. Then I want that therapy office to be demolished.

Jacqueline said...

Did anyone notice the Canada cup in the Platts?

Woo hoo!

That's exciting because we're Canadian and you know...we don't get a lot of attention and it's cool when that happens because it's like someone notices us....

Canada...the middle child between England and the US.


Anonymous said...

I noticed said cup. Maybe Nick brought it back with him.

papasmurf said...

Sounds like J could do with a little therapy for her (Canada) inferiority complex...

Jacqueline said...

No worries Papa, I'm just having you on a bit.

I'm going to spend the day listen to STompin Tom.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was possible, but David actually makes Charlie come across as sympathetic in comparison.


papasmurf said...

the girls are off to bingo,
the boys are getting stinko,

Kristin said...

When Audrey pointed out that Gail needed therapy the most, it was gold! Aaron and I laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. I think those were the wisest and truest words to leave the lips of anyone remotely related to the Platts ever!!!!

summer said...

I say if creepy, lazy little David can terrorize Charlie in any way or fashion, it's a bloody fantastic thing. Right now, this is definitely the most riveting story-line the show has had in a while. Slink on, David! Get that snake and get him good. ;)