Monday, July 09, 2007

Update for Episode # 6403 July 9, 2007

Some of the fabulous 'alternative' music that Berlin has on tap.

The Websters

The Webster clan make a dash for the train station in an attempt to stop Romeo and Juliet - er Craig and Rosie from going through with their rather poorly planned getaway to the capitol of the gay cabaret. Acting like true English tourists the Scoobie gang purloin a taxi from some locals and rush off to le Gare du Nord.

There was no need to hurry though, our two teen masterminds have missed their train, causing Rosie to go into full meltdown mode. Craig helps matters considerably by pointing out that it was her fault they were late, due to her inane quest for the missing bracelet and the epistle she had to write to her family before they left. Craig goes to the ticket booth and manages to get seats on a train travelling to Mannheim, which will allow them to connect with the original train they missed. Rosie melts down even further when she discovers they only have 30 Euros left between the two of them after the purchase of the second set of train tickets. That should buy them two litres of beer in Das Kapital before they are broke and Craig is pimping Rosie out on the Tiergarten Strasse to make ends meet.

Rosie begins to have second thoughts about their great escape. Craig tells Rosie that if he means anything to her, she will come with him to Berlin. Rosie tells Craig that if she means anything to him he will stay with her and go back to England. Much crying and carrying on ensues. In the end Craig stays on the train to pursue 'his dream' to move to Berlin and Rosie is left on the platform in a puddle of tears, upset that she never kissed Craig as he left.

Meanwhile the Websters are being particularily useless in their efforts to track down their delinquent daughter. Sal wonders what Keith will think when they tell him that they lost his grandson. Kev isn't too bothered about that. Grandpa Webster eventually discerns that the train to Berlin has left, they were too late to catch them. Sal bangs on about how much she loved her daughter and a bunch of other nonsense that I missed because my cat starts to yowl in a rather plaintive fashion whenever she hears Sal's voice - perceptive kitty that she is. In the end they discover Rosie standing forlorn on the platform and there are hugs all around.

The Baldwins

Danny and Jamie run into each other on the street. Danny tells his son that Frankie needs someone who really knows her, and much to his surprise finds that Jamie agrees with him. Mind you both of the Baldwin men are thinking that they are the one that really knows good old Frankie best. The plot sickens - er thickens.


Bev is getting soused in The Rovers (again) and Sean is being a stand up gay - er guy by letting her cry on his shoulder. Bev tells all that were Liam to snog the face off her she would still turn him down. After a bit of coaxing Liz and Violet manage to maneuver Bev into the back and out of the public eye.

The Peacocks

In a rather touching moment Ashley explains to young Josh that his Grandpa won't be coming back again. As this is going on Liz comes by to talk to Ashley about Bev and her apparent refusal to sell the pub. Ashley promises to talk to his soliciter about the matter. A while later Claire tries to share some of what she learned in her therapy sessions and wonders if maybe there might have been a better way to tell Josh about the death of Fred. Maybe they could have looked something up bereavement and children on the internet. (and we all know the internet is the source of all truth and wisdom in the world) Ashley and his wife have a bit of a tiff. Claire talks to the wall for awhile. Still a few things to work out there.

Ashley announces that the reading of the will has been moved up to the next day, and then they can confront Bev about her ideas regarding the sale of the pub.

The Narcissists

Liam joins Maria in The Rovers for a drink. The young hairdresser comments on how he must have moved faster than Linford Christie* to get there so quickly. Liam tells Maria that he has a table booked at a posh spot downtown - she seems to be ready to go along with the plan for the evening until Charlie and Tracey show up, and Maria suddnenly remembers that she ate already. Liam notes that whenever they try to go for a date Maria always goes a bit weird on him. They decide to stay for a drink and are joined by Tracey and Charlie. While Liam is at the bar Maria tells the others that she plans to get rid of Liam - not that they were really together or anything.

Next we see Charlie in the women's loo waiting for Maria. Only mildly creepy. Charlie tells her that he likes what he has the way it is and doesn't want anything to change. They have a bit of a snog and then both go their separate ways.

Maria then tells Liam that she is knackered and wants to go home. Liam insists on walking her home. After they have left Tracey tells Charlie to make sure Maria gets home alright, since Liam is obviously a crazed stalker of some kind. Charlie proceeds to follow Liam to Maria's flat, push him up against the wall and make various threats. Liam takes it all quite well, telling Charlie that he will live to regret his actions and telling Maria that she has some odd friends.

Back at their place Charlie and Tracey have a strange conversation about her being a feminist friend of Maria and Charlie telling her that she has no friends. He wonders if Tracey is attracted to Liam and tells her to call him. Tracey wants to open a bottle of wine but is unsure about Charlie's mood. Things get even more Twilight Zone when Tracey suggests that she turn off the light and she can pretend that Charlie is Liam, and Charlie can pretend that she is Maria. I think he has a pretty good idea about Maria already without having to use his imagination too much.

* Linford Christie was a British track star and 1992 Olympic 100 metre champion. Sadly he is most remembered for having a hissy fit not leaving the track after being disqualified for two false starts at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

Wow, did Rosie morph into Sally at the train station or what? Screaming at Craig because they missed the train, then because he took too long getting the info at the ticket window. Craig: Apple. Tree. Apple. Tree. You dodged a bullet, mate!

Danny/Frankie/Jamie: eew. Can't discuss it. Eew.

You know, I like Liz, and I hope she ends up with the pub, but seriously, can she wait until Fred's in the ground first? I thought she was going to Ashley to discuss Bev's ... ummm ... hysterics at the pub, not to discuss the future of t'Rovers.

The scene with Ashley and Joshua was really sweet, and that little guy handled it very well. Part of me is concerned about the kid (the actor, not the character) because death is such a hard subject for small children. I hope he doesn't end up robbing a 7-11 for drug money in 20 years.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Great pic and update BTW. This was my fave comment of yours:

That should buy them two litres of beer in Das Kapital before they are broke and Craig is pimping Rosie out on the Tiergarten Strasse to make ends meet.

But is she going to use eco-friendly condoms?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Excellent puns, jokes and updates!

According to my daughter, who recently came back from Hamburg, Craig will be able to buy 10 six-packs with his 30 Euros. No food, mind you.

Funny how quickly Rosie' retreat was Kevin's fault...Also surprising how upset Sophie was.

Bev is being, well, Bev. Jamie is being creepy. Ditto Charlie. Poor Frankie, poor Maria. Tracey is on her own.

I'm beginning to like Liam a lot.

Anonymous said...

I do have to feel sorry for Bev, even if I don't want to. Fred's early death has left her in no man's land, neither widow, nor wife.

You were just his fiance, Ashley says. Ouch!

It really shows the quality of the writing when these characters hae so many layers. Not one of these characters is black or white. (Except Ken who is always a saint, and frankly, just a little annoying because of that.)


Jacqueline said...

Claire's little blurb about Ashley should have done the research and should he have really told Joshua that Grandpa Fred was on a cloud - got - my - goat.

Your husband has just had to introduce the concept of death (as it relates to family members) to his son.

PERFECT time for a critique.

don't even get me started.

And so what about the clouds? The family goes to church to be married and buried, so I assume they believe in someway religious and believe in an afterlife.

But yes, I guess it's best to follow the zeitgeist that's on the internet and forget about basic intuitive parenting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, now that she's medicated, we're back to self-righteous Claire. The one who knows better about everything than everyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Keith

How is Bournemouth? We hope you and your sister are well.

Things are great here in Weatherfield. As you know, Craig has been staying and going to school. He's been joined at the hip, as they say, with Rosie for months now. And he's staying with the lovely Croppers.

We had a lovely weekend. Kevin's father, Bill, treated the whole family to a trip to Paris! And guess what? We took Craig. He loved it. It really is the city of romance. And you should hear Sophie speak le Francais!

That's all for now. We hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards
Sally Webster

PS: Craig and Rosie tried to runaway to Berlin but Rosie had second thoughts so Craig went anyway so we don't know where he is now but Rosie's here with us so that's good.z

Rob Swizzle said...

Poor Ashley, he's the last Stiff Upper Lip in an overemoting world.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about Ashley explaining death to Joshua. He's, what, 4 years old? Fred's on a cloud? I think those are terms the kid understands.

My atheist friends had to explain Jesus to their 4 year old without enforcing their views or explaining crucifiction. They basically came up "Well, lots of people like Jesus because they think he's magic." I think that's on a par with Fred on a cloud and I don't have an issue with that. I think Ashley handled it as best he could, given the circumstances.

Jacqueline said...

Excactly John.

I dont' think kids really need to work out theological or philsophical issues at 4. They just need to feel safe.

Jacqueline said...

Dear John,

Having a rough time as a shut-in in Toronto.

The highlight today, however, was receiving your postcard.



Jackie said...

Ok seriosuly, "Apple. Tree. Apple. Tree"

Priceless!!! lol too funny...

Corrie Quebec said...


Loved the letter from 'Sal'.

Here's one :

P.P.S: We will send Craig's belongings back to you including the ones from his digs at Diggory's vacant shop. I guess we'll see you the next time you come to visit your incarcerated daughter.

kowy said...

Ashley's description of Fred living on a cloud was spot-on.

I used to work with the bereavement group at work and was curious as to what was the 'right' way to introduce death to children. The answer I was given - from everyone, including the professionals - was 'do what YOU think is right'.

That kid playing Josh is incredible, but yes I'm curious about how they described what is going on to him really. Was John Savident in the background somewhere to show that he wasn't really dead and that they were just pretending?

Oh...and Maria needs to get it on with Liam.