Monday, July 02, 2007

Update for Episode # 6398 July 2, 2007

Fred shows up at Audrey's in a bit of a state. She of course is curious what he is doing coming to see her when he is supposed to be at the church getting married to Bev. Well, he was concerned for how Audrey was doing, after all he had heard that she was not well. The two old friends sit down and talk things out. Fred says he had thought for years that Audrey was the one for him. She knows all this, and again tells him that if circumstances were different she would accept his proposal, and it might be the two of them that were going to live happily ever after. Audrey asks Fred the question he has heard a few times before - 'are you certain that Bev is the one?' Fred replies that he would not have let things come this far if Bev was not the one for him.

Back at the church Ashley and Dev are having kittens trying to figure out what to do. Ashley knew Fred was going to do something stupid and sure enough he has. Bev pulls up in the limo expecting to get out for her walk down the aisle but Ashley tells her that there has been a bit of a delay and to go round the block again.

They need a cell phone, Ashley didn't bring his and Dev's is in the car with Fred. Ashley sends Dev into the church to borrow a phone from someone, hopefully in a discrete fashion. Our friendly shopkeeper, looking nervous and guilty at the same time goes into the sanctuary and bellows in a loudish voice that he needs to borrow a cell phone. Danny Baldwin volunteers his and Dev rushes outside only to discover that he should have got a phone with Audrey's home number on it. Silly git. Dev slinks back into the church and tries to get the number from Gail without raising too much suspicion. Of course neither he nor Gail has a pen so they have to borrow one from Ken to write down the number. Dev slinks out of the church again. Danny asks Gail what Dev wanted from her. A number she replies. Eileen wants to know whose number. Oh those gossip mongers.

Vera asks Jack if he remembers their wedding day. No, he has blocked it from his memory. Michele wonders if they have come to the right church.

Blanche and Norris do their level best to determine what is going on. Danny is sure that he will never see his phone again. Frankie, dead bird still perched gaily on her head, tells Danny to get a grip, it is highly unlikely that they staged the whole event just so Dev could make off with his phone.

The limo pulls up again and Claire gets out, looking fabulous, and asks Ashley what the delay is. He explains what is going on and tells her that she has to lie to Bev until he figure out what to do. Claire points out that they learned in group therapy that it is always the best course to tell the truth. Ashley tells his wife that under the circumstances it might be alright to disguise the truth a bit.

Meanwhile back at Audrey's the phone rings but she doesn't pick it up. Fred rightly guesses it was Ashley trying to find out where his father is. Audrey gives Fred a lingering peck on the cheek and wishes him the best of luck in future days. Fred tells Audrey, in a bit of foreshadowing, that if he never sees her again, that he will never forget her, and for her to be happy, I say be happy. Fred then makes his departure, and Audrey hears a moan and the sound of breaking glass. She rushes to the doorway and finds her old friend collapsed on the floor.

Fred has shuffled off this mortal coil.

The police and emergency workers arrive at Audrey's. She tells the police constable about how tragic it is for Fred to have died on his wedding day, and that all the people are still waiting for him at the church. The constable offers to go and break the news but Audrey thinks it is best if she is the one who tells people what has happened.

Bev has come round again and is out of the car and wants to know what the delay is. Ashley admits that Fred has gone off in Dev's car. The vicar sugests that Bev come into his office through a side door so she can wait there more comfortably.

Audrey shows up at the church and tells Ashley that his father has passed away. Ashley makes his way up the aisle to the vicars's office, his face looking grim. People in the church begin to realize that something has gone horribly wrong.

Ashley breaks the news to Bev that Fred has died. Bev is devastated by the news. Claire rushes to comfort Ashley. Bev is left alone and distraught.

Ashley goes into the sanctuary to tell the people that his father has died.

Ashley returns to the vicar's office. Bev wants to know how Fred died, where he died, who was with him at the end. Claire and Ashley, trying to spare Bev any more pain at the moment, do their best to deflect Bev's questions and avoid telling her the truth of where Fred died and who was with him when he died, but it is only making matters worse.

Audrey tells Gail that she should talk to Bev so she can tell her that the last thoughts and words Fred had were of his bride to be.

In a moment of pathetic fallacy, it begins to rain.

Bev, in a right state by now, is frustrated that no one can give her a proper account of what happened to Fred. She makes her way into the church and walks down the still decorated aisle, where she should have been having the happiest day of her life, but has turned into the most tragic day instead.

Audrey meets Bev in the aisle and does her best to comfort her, telling her that Fred was thinking of Bev at the end. Finally the pieces are falling into place for Bev. She realizes where Fred was when he died. Some heated words ensue. Ashley says there no sense in lying any longer, and he explains what has been going on the last few days, what Audrey has been saying, what Fred told him. Bev is thunderstruck.

In the end Ashley places the blame for Fred's death at Audrey's feet.


eps said...

Boy, I just can't generate any sympathy for Bev the Self-Centered. Audrey seemed genuinely sad, Bev the Self-Centered seemed miffed, ticked off, mad at Fred for ruining her day.
I admit, I am not unbiased when it comes to Bev.
I'll sure miss, I say I'll sure miss ol' Fred (one HAS to repeat when speaking of Fred, don't you think? I say, don't you think? OK, enough is enough)

Gregg Anderson said...

Holy crap, I can't believe they did that!

Poor Bev, Poor Ashley,... Poor FRED!

Working From Home Today said...

Nice update, Papa Smurf. I love that picture.

One of the most touching moments is when Ashley does reveal "he's died" to the guests. The look of shock and sadness, especially on Rita's face, had my throat a little tight.

Anonymous said...

Well, the line that did it for me was when Jack Duckworth said, "that's awful".

When Jack feel real sorrow, you know it's a loss. And it is.

I found myself feeling very angry with Ashley. Hey, nice job of pouring oil on the flames there, little boy. Audrey is trying to tell Bev how Fred felt at the end, and Ashley is like a little boy with a stick poking at her.

"We all know it was you Audrey, you wanted him to stop the wedding," etc.

In fairness, I don't think Audrey ever told him to stop the wedding, or to not marry Bev. She made her feelings known, that was all.

Audrey is gonna be in trouble on the street I think when this gets out.


Anonymous said...

According to what I've been reading, John Savident asked to leave the show.

His first stop after Corrie death was a real-life heart operation, and then he went on to a panto performance in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with Suranne Jones, formerly the fabulous Karen from Corrie.

Still, I'm sad he's gone. He was one of the good ones, who always had great funny lines.

Anonymous said...

So sad to lose Fred. One of the best characters on the street. Although this storyline is compelling, part of me wishes that they had simply allowed Fred and Bev to move away, happy together in marriage and retirement. That way Fred could have visited occasionally.

Fred and Mike in one year.

The actor who plays Ashley really impressed in this episode. He did a fantastic job.

At the end, I was torn between saying "Shut up, Ashley, you are making things worse" or "Poor Ashley, let it out".

God, at one point in the episode (in Audrey's home, before Fred passed), Audrey looked so tanned -- it was if she had spent a day under Cilla's tanning bed. She looked awful.


Jacqueline said...

I'm actually suprised that Ashley could hold it together to make the the announcement to everyone.

Given the shock of what has happened, I can forgive Ashley for lashing out at Audrey. However, I don't think Audrey killed Fred with her revelation. I'm thinking that being an overweight, smoking, drinking senior *may* have had more to do with Fred's death.

I knew his death was coming, but still to see his face on the floor was horrible.

Anonymous said...

Very sad about Fred and, like Glacia, I was horrified to see him on the floor.

Ashley just doesn't know when to keep his yap shut. I was feeling for him until the last couple of minutes there. You know, you find out your sister's husband cheated on her, and then he keels over - why in God's name would you put that out there for her to deal with for the rest of her life?

That was really unfair and juvenile of Ashley, and Fred hadn't even cheated on Bev.

I think it's going to be a rough road for Audrey.

I came up with the perfect cover story, but nobody would listen to me as I screamed at the TV. Sigh.

I will really miss Fred a lot.

Side note: Rita looked FAB with that hot pink jacket on!

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...


Tell the cover story!

Jacqueline said...

Oh, on a side note...I had a Rogers techincian in my house yesterday fixing my phone. He saw my copy of 'Coronation Street - The Epic Novel' and immediately went into an immitation of Fred.

I told him to be sure to watch that night's episode.

Anonymous said...

Trust Ashley to put the worst possible spin on things. Surely he added to his dad's stress by questioning his decision to go through with the marriage to Bev. And how many nights did Ashley sit across the dinner table from Fred, watching him tuck into his fourth pork chop, without a word?

Oh, I'll miss Fred, I say I'll miss him! This episode really blind-sided me.

Westcoast fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, I did too, Michigander Fan. My cover story:

You see Bev, since they were such old friends, Fred felt he could not get wed without Audrey in the church, so he went to fetch her!

She sent him on his way back quickly, promising she'd be there in a jiff as soon as she changed, but he fell down dead as she turned away.

~missusmac, who also thinks smokes, booze and slabs of red meat did Fred in, not Audrey.

Pamer said...

i'm completely gobsmacked.... Fred was my hero. Very very sad to see him go

Anonymous said...

I did not know his death was coming until Sunday afternoon.

I was sitting on a sunny deck enjoying drinks with my sister, filling her in on what had happened on the omnibus. I said Fred had driven off, and that I really didn't know what was going to happen between him, Bev and Audrey.

She: Fred dies.
Me: WHAT?!
She: Yeah, he dies. You told me that.
Me. No I didn't!
She: I'm sure it was you...
Me: No it wasn't.
She, thinking briefly: Oh right, it wasn't you.
Me: Thanks a lot!

~missusmac, and yes, we're still sisters -- although this was much worse than when were teeangers and she would pretend she was me on the phone with my boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

My cover story was this: (It's sort of complicated, so stay with me...)

What is true:

Fred bought Bev some fancy jewelry as a wedding gift. Audrey helped him pick it out. Also, he told Dev that he left Bev's gift in the car, which is how he got Dev's keys.

My story

I would have said that he had Audrey hold onto it for him so Bev didn't discover it accidentally. He planned to get it from her when he saw her at the wedding, but when he realized that Audrey wasn't coming, he knew he had to go get it from her.

But pretty much anything would have been better than the way Ashley handled it. I. Hate. Ashley.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought: Hmmm, an overweight, smoking, drinking butcher, who gets to eat as much of his product as he wants. Perhaps that contributed to his demise...

But I didn't want to sound judgy. However, since someone else opened the can, I now feel OK with the worms.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

No judgement pass, just that Fred wasn't exactly the picture of health.

The jewellry story is great! I think Ashely and Audrey should have put their heads together before telling Bev - but then again, who thinks at a time like that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he smoked and drank and ate meat...but Fred was still a sweetie. Judge him on that not all that other stuff. He reminded me of my late grandfather...RIP Fred!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is actually judging him about his lifestyle. Everyone loved Fred.

I think the point was that you can't blame Audrey for man that size, with those habits, having a heart attack/collapse...

Not that Bev will see it that way! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll miss Fred Elliot. He was a classic Corrie character to the end. He'll be remembered among the greats.

I read somewhere that John Savidant left the show because of the increased filming schedule which he thinks contributed to an overall decline in quality on the show.

I'd say it was a given that Fred's weight did him in. He drank and smoked in moderation but his main vice was his diet. The added stress of the wedding and Audrey's bombshell didn't help but I'm sure it was the diet that did him in. Meat is fine to eat but it needs to be in a smaller proportion to more green vegetables. Fred's meals were generally 60% red meat, 30% potato, and 10% greens.

Anonymous said...


Thanks! (rubs hands together gleefully) Heh heh heh... bet you didn't know I was evil!


Greens? What greens? Except for the Websters, I don't know that I've even seen anyone on the Street eating anything but meats (beef, pork, fish, whatever) and starches (mostly taters).

Oh. And alcohol. Lots of that.

But a salad, spinach, broccoli?

I'm going to miss Fred alot though. I'm still a little sad over Mike Baldwin. I hope nobody else dies soon. At the church, as they were waiting around, I was looking at some of the senior characters: Betty, Rita, Emily, Blanche, Vera and Jack and thinking, gosh I hope they are all in good shape!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Ken and Emily eat their vegetables. And Rosie, if she's still vegetarian. And maybe Dev and Amber, 'cause their Hindu and don't eat beef.

Anonymous said...

Definately a sad day for Corrie - I think I'll miss Fred more than Mike, I say more than Mike.
I thought it was great that the Director did not show Fred actually taking the fall - with his size it may have been more comical than morbid. I guess we now look forward to seeing Liz McDonald and her breasts running the bar.
ps - Maybe it was just Audrey's place, not Fred's smoking, drinking, etc that did him in - didn't he fall down a sink hole in her backyard just recently as well?

Jacqueline said...

Don't forget, Norris was called a 'health food freak' by Amber for buying - a--- banana.

I think Fred is of the, 'You don't eat meat? But you'll die.' school of nutrition.

Mr.Glacia and I fell of the veggie wagon in honour of Fred this weekend and bought two steaks at the healthy organic butchers (a mere $1,789)to enjoy while watching the last day of Fred.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that Roy and Hayley also eat vegetables, though Roy probably approaches it in a scientifically medicinal way, dosing himself each day so he receives the prescribed amount of vitamins and fiber.

Yes, poor Fred and the sinkhole, that should have been a warning to him that Audrey's place was not conducive to his health!

Oh, what will become of poor Bev. Is she going to retreat into a corner of the pub and drink herself into oblivion? If only he had died on their honeymoon then she would have stood to inherit something.

Westcoast fan

Jackie said...

Ok seriously, they cannot air an episode in which FRED DIES!!! on a holiday (for some of us anyway). I mean come on, it was the Canada Day long weekend! I completely forgot about Coronation Street until 10pm last night, at which time it was too late! and I come here this morning to find out I miss Fred dieing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

I will definatly miss him, he was one of the classics...

Anonymous said...


Tape the omnibus Sunday morning starting at 7:30.

I missed Cilla and Les' wedding because I had a brain fart about what day it was on, and I didn't realize it was run again on Sunday. So I REALLY missed it.

Fred's last episode is worth seeing, even though we're all talking about it already. It was a really great scene. Very touching.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

would mushy peas be considered greens?