Monday, July 30, 2007

The Sparks Are Flying Update

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Over breakfast, Frankie encourages Danny to go talk to Liam right away. She wants to get to Spain as quickly as possible, make a clean start of it. Danny balks at the idea of giving up the factory. But when she mentions days in the sun wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini, he practically runs out the door to find Liam.

Liam is rightfully confused but Danny confirms he’s “pretty much” serious. Not quite ready to talk money, though.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Frankie hold hands under the table at the café, excited by the danger that Roy might see them. Frankie says he should have waited at the house, she was coming to him.
“I want you now,” Jamie says. “Kiss me.” But Danny walks in to whisk her away from work. I’m sorry she mouths to Jamie.


Corrie Canucker’s are pretty much unanimous that this story is creepy. CorrieRules writes, “Brain bleach anyone?”
John writes, “Usually when Corrie attempts a controversial storyline, it's usually handled quite well like Tracy bedding Roy Cropper for a penny bet, which turned out brilliantly. This, though, is about 7 different kinds of wrong.”
Corrie Lover USA reminds us that there were real fireworks between Debra Stephenson (Frankie) and Bradley Walsh (Danny) at the time and it got them into heaps of trouble. Was this storyline their penance?

Okay, back to the Street:

Tracy decides to go back to Charlie! As she packs up her bag, she tells Deirdre that only Charlie gives her the level of excitement and passion she craves. She marches over to Charlie’s, pushes her way past him into the house, and tells the blond to take a hike.

Tracy says she knows that neither the blond nor Maria meant anything. “It happens.” Charlie is surprised. She pleads with him to take her back, saying their relationship works, they need each other. He thinks she just wants the house but she insists she wants him. She knows he only brought the girl back to make her jealous. “It was a game, Charlie, and you won.”
“Clever me,” he smirks.
She says she couldn’t sleep.
“Yeah, I did a bit of ‘tossing’ and ‘turning’ myself,” he grins even more.

But he doesn’t buy it. Tracy insists that yeah, sure, they’ve fought a lot and played dirty little tricks. But they turn each other on. She may not like that he cheated on her, but she still wants him. He scoffs and she gets up to leave, saying angrily, “You know what, I have never offered myself to any man. I have always been the one to turn my back and I have never changed my mind. Until now.”
“I’m sorry,” he stops her and asks her to stay. He admits the blond was just a game and Maria is nothing compared to Tracy. “And that is the truth.” It appears they are reconciled.
“A word of warning,” Tracy says.
“Don’t need it.”
“You do. On more mistake-“
“Won’t be one.”
“If there is... you are a dead man.” She’s deadly serious.
“You got nothing to worry about,” he smiles.

Big surprise, Deirdre and Ken are confounded by Tracy’s choices. One would think they’d get used to this by now but no. Ken can’t see the sense and Deirdre’s practically in hysterics, “What are we going to do?!”
Blanche is of the wise opinion they should just stay out of it. “She’ll do whatever she likes, without regard for any of us. She always has.” Too true.

“It’s good to have you home,” Charlie says to Tracy. He promises he will earn her trust again.
“Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, Charlie,” she replies.
But he insists he's letting her tame him. They decide to announce their reconciliation by stepping out into the garden. Everyone attending the Platt’s bonfire can witness they’re back together.

Charlie pulls Tracy close to him and gazes up at the fireworks. Tracy looks up at him with an expression that can only be described as perfect loathing. (I actually got chills. Well done, Kate Ford!)

In Other News:

At the pub, Sarah tells Jason about family counseling. He says he’d never go to family counseling with his mom because they’d be sat there all day. He invites her out for Bonfire Night but she opts to stay home. Jason looks hurt and Sarah appears to feel bad. Will there be another reconciliation?

Hayley is upset that the church group wants her to work with ex-offenders. They’re discriminating against her because she’s a transsexual. Emily defends the group, saying it’s not the Church, it’s a few individuals. Mostly they’re just curious. Hayley insists that she’s being discriminated against.

It comes out that the boys’ club, meaning Tyrone, Kevin, Les and Bill, ended up at a lap dancing club the night before. Les accidentally spills the beans to Molly, who promptly confines Tyrone to barracks. Later, Tyrone admits to Les that he couldn’t resist the girls because they were wearing all these whispy things, all pink and gold and tassels 'n that….

At the bonfire, Molly tells Sally about it and Sally, rather surprisingly, takes it all good naturedly, playfully attacking her husband with a tea towel.


Anonymous said...

1. What's Deidre's voice going to sound like after the tracheotomy?

2. I have no interest in the Haley storyline. If the writers can't give someone a sex story they don't know what to do with them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tracey Ford generally does a great job. I hate her character, but that's the mark of a great actor - to make you really dislike them.

As always, Blanche is the most practical member of that family.

Refuse to speak about the other... abomination. Shudder.

Jason's comment about his family and family therapy was pretty funny.

Ummm... question. Why would anyone at Emily's church even KNOW that Hayley is a trannie? Does she just put that information out there for everyone, or is Weatherfield supposed to be so small that everyone knows? It's not like everyone goes to church. As far as I can tell, Emily seems to be the only church-goer on The Street, and she's not a gossip. So how do they even know to freak out about Hayley?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Michigander fan: I was wondering the same thing. Why on earth would her sexuality have anything to do with being a volunteer?

Jacqueline said...

Cause they don't want her near the 'children'. Or else they don't want a transsexual representing the church.

I totally related to poor Emily's situation...having to apologize and explain the more narrow minded people in your faith community.

Anonymous said...

When she's with Jamie, Frankie transforms into this vapid woman. I hate what the writers are doing to this character.

The original Frankie, the one who showed up on the street full of piss and vinegar, would never have put up with any of this nonsense.


Westcoast fan said...

I'm guessing that Emily told her church that Hayley is a transexual. After all, she looked awfully uncomfortable when Hayley said she wanted to volunteer for the church. I'm guessing she doesn't (deep down) approve of Hayley and felt obliged to let the church know so that they could decide whether it was 'safe' for Hayley to work with children or impressionable youths.

Anonymous said...

Well Emily and her fellow church goers are your average and typical narrow minded church people....They should be not looking at the tranny but at the ministers and priests to protect their chidren from...(I am ex-Catholic BTW!)

I have never understood the Bonfire tradition...Do Canadians celebrate this holiday?


Jacqueline said...

No, no Guy Fawkes day here.

Just the occassional orange I found out a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

They do it in Newfoundland but it's supposedly dying out. For background on the holiday, check out this page: