Thursday, July 05, 2007

Second Life Party Tonight!!!

Okay - for all you interested.

sigrid at home

SL / Corrie Party
Chez Glacia - Sagwa 143, 170, 40
8:30 - Standard Eastern Time

I'll be logged in as Sigrid Soderstrom. If I'm not there at 8:30 exactly, I'll leave the door open and you can make yourselves at home.

If you're not in Second Life and want to join in the fun, you can email at glacia at gmail dot com, or go to the SecondLife website to download the software, etc.


Anonymous said...

I may pop in for a bit but keep in mind Big Brother starts tonight so I may be basking in the glory of the Chenbot and her little famewhores.

Jacqueline said...

Just make sure you bring the fishnets, capice?