Friday, July 06, 2007

Je Ne Suis Pas Bothered Update

Oh, there may have been other stuff that happened on last night's show, but the minute the shots of Paris came on the screen, Glacia's mind melted and she started humming 'Sous le Ciel de Paris' and breaking out the Gaulloises.

God damn I miss Paris.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, my mind naturally wondered if Rosie had remembered her French lessons before leaving Weatherfield.

Sous Le Ciel de Paris
The Websters have packed off to Paris, but not before Rosie and Craig say some almost tearful farewells to the Croppers and such. Roy packs a gagillion sandwiches for the plane trip and even has some vegetarians ones for our wee goths.

Paris is gorgeous as always and we see the family having outdoor cafe I *believe* on the left bank, if that was indeed Notre Dame in the background....but Sophie says it's just like Weatherfield anway. (Glacia's jaw drops and the Gaulloise drops from her lips.)

Grandpapa Webster (aka Bill Webster) shows up to greet the family and to comment on how big the girls have gotten. He's working in France and wanted to take the opportunity to bring them here. There is some mention of wife Maureen, who I assume is back in Deutschland.

No worries, dearhearts, I'll post some info about Bill and Maureen in days to come.

Sous Les Yeux de Charlie
Liam sees Fizz and Maria at the Rovers and invites himself to the table. It would seem that he has his eye on Maria and after their drinks he walks her home.

The Charlie-cam picks this up and the world's most evil and sexy builder is scowling up in the office as he witnesses Liam talking to 'his' Maria.

Sous Le Duvet de Frankie
Frankie wakes up next to Danny in her bed and tiptoes down the stairs without awaking him. Meanwhile outside, Sean greets Jamie and Violet back from their 'passionate' tour of Spain. Jamie invites Sean in for some duty free booze and once inside he sees Danny walking down the stairs buttoning up his shirt.

Then it's KABAAM! , KABLOOEY!, 'KABAMBBLE!' as Jamie gets all rock 'em sock 'em on Danny and knocks him out to the cobbles - sans shoes. There's a lot of screaming along the lines of 'It ain't wot you fink!' and 'Stay away from me mum!'

Danny is picked up by Sean and taked over to Eileen's, while Blanche makes a comment about southerners.

Later, we see a particularily creepy scene where Jamie, standing only in towel with heaving zero body fat chest, glares at the bed where his parents had SEX! Sean comes in to remind him that he's being obvious in his feelings about Frankie - to which Jamie says 'She's not me real mum', and Glacia takes another long drag of her smoke and says, 'Yeah, but still...ew!'

Jamie confronts Frankie in the livingroom and in short order is told to show some respect because she IS his mum and whatever she does with Danny is none of his god damn business.

Meanwhile, Violet is being ignored and looks like she's getting fed up and ready to dump that chump.

Le Bev est Sous La Table
Bev is drunk and giving out free drinks, all the time mentioning that she's a widow.

I was online with Shatnerian at that point and we've decided we're going to set up a new drinking game. You have to down a drink everytime Bev mentions that she's a widow or she says that drinks are 'on the house'.

Liz finally confronts her and asks her to lay off giving out free drinks before she bankrupts the place. Bev mumbles something drunk and surly about wishing she had bankrupted the place while Fred was still alive.

And as a quick update on the Fred situation:
People are gossiping and Ashley is mad. Rita is still pissed at Audrey and gives her another piece of her mind, to which Audrey says, 'Oh grow up.'.

Best Line of the Show:
Blanche about Audrey and her many fellows:

'She walks around with her nose in the air and her knickers around her ankles.'

Update on Second Life Partay....
Shaternarian came as Fred Elliot.

Good times, I say, good times.


Anonymous said...

Boy howdy, Blanche must just meander up and down the Street "exercising" her Polish hip and waiting for stuff to happen.

Once again, she had the best lines of the show. I love Blanche.

Not to display my ignorance of the European Union, but can two 16 year olds just leave Paris and go to Berlin like that? Aren't there visas and things? (Or is that the point - that the kids are unaware of the consequences of moving to another country?)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Rita. She must have been so heavily damaged by Len's infidelities way back when, that now the mere rumour of a tryst makes her believe nonsense about Fred and not even give Audrey the benefit of the doubt or the opportunity to explain herself. She seemed a little regretful later in the Rovers, but too little, too late.

The kids wouldn't need passports or visas to go from Paris to Berlin, anymore than anyone in the family needed them to go from Weatherfield to Paris. Welcome to the EU.


Anonymous said...

Michigander Fan

The EU is pretty lax about border crossings these days. If you hop on a train from one EU country to another, you don't have to show anything to anyone, except for a ticket, of course. It surprised me when I went from France to Brussels almost ten years ago. I expect to pass some kind of customs agent but all I found was a waffle vendor (seriously).

I'm pretty sure teens can come and go as they please.

Jacqueline said...

Once in Europe, you're almost never to show a passport. The last time for me was passing from Norway into Sweden and that was just a very passing glance by the nice swedish customs lady and her drug sniffing beagle.

Last year, going from Switzerland to France was like crossing provinces on Via rail. Not even an announcement to say you've crosssed the border.

GoBetty said...

Er... when I lived in Italy we were always stopped, checked... Passed frequently from Northern Italy into Austria and Slovenia (this was like 15 years ago though).

Jacqueline said...

Ah wait..I remember. We were check this last november when we went from switzerland to italy.

I guess it depends on the country.

Anonymous said...

Did some research. Countries that are part of the "Schengen area" (named after the treaty that, in part, eliminated border controls between members) have no border controls between them. The removal of controls began in the mid-1990s, which would explain why GoBetty had to show passports to travel from Italy to Austria 15 years ago (Slovenia is still implementing a number of border measures, and won't be a full member of the Schengen area until next year).

Switzerland, although not a EU member, joined the Schengen area in 2004. Not sure why Jacqueline would have been checked, unless they do random security checks.

Interestingly, the UK and Ireland are not members of the Schengen area. So, my post above is incorrect. Although Rosie and Craig would need no passports to travel from Pars to Berlin, they would have needed some passports apparently to travel from Weatherfield to Paris.


Jacqueline said...

Thanks Skeezix!

I suspect the check between Italy and Switzerland has more to do with the customs and duty free. We had to be very careful to have receipts for EVERYTHING crossing either way.

Anonymous said...

Even if Rosie and Craid can travel easily, what are they going to use for money??? Rosie hasn't had a job, so I wonder if she has any significant savings, and presumably all Craig's earnings have simply gone to support himself so far. Are they traveling on the 20 quid, (or whatever) that Rita very kindly gave Rosie.

Any wagers on how far they get and who eventually picks them up and sends them home? Any wagers on how high Sally's voice goes when she finds out what they've done?

Westcoast fan

Anonymous said...

You know, that's really weird.

I mean, I get the third degree crossing the border between Windsor and Detroit. I don't have to show a passport (yet) but I do need my birth cert. And I do mean, the third degree.

Sure, I do look shady, but still...

So let me get this straight. Craig and Rosie can move to Berlin and get jobs and it's no big deal?

I'm sorry, but this is fascinating.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Drug sniffing beagle. Hahaha. That's hilarious!!

Do they have a historical reason for not wanting to use a German shepherd?

Everybody knows beagles don't care about drugs. Beagles care about FOOD. Any food. All food. I've never met a thin beagle.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Remember when the Arc de Triomph shattered and fell last October? That was Sally. "ROS-SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think the teens have planned this as far as Craig's mate's brother letting them crash on his couch until they find jobs and get their own place with their limited knowledge of German. It's planned as far as most 16 year old plan their great escapes.

Anonymous said...


Waffle vendor!?

OK, I went to Germany via Heathrow many moons ago (like 1987).

We were only doing a plane change at Heathrow, and I still had to pass through a metal detector (which was malfunctioning) and get patted down by an English lady who called me "ducks".

Then when we flew back to Detroit, we had to fly into a special terminal and go through an hour of customs purgatory.

How is it that things are laxer now than they were before 9/11, before Locherbie even?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Westcoast said: Any wagers on how high Sally's voice goes when she finds out what they've done?

Yeah. Any dogs should leave the room. Stat.


Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Actually, I do know the reason for the Beagle.

A lot of customs are now using non-traditional sniffing dogs because they do the same job and aren't as obvious.

When people are at an airport and see German Shepherd or a Lab, they start hiding the drugs, etc. But if someone's walking around with a bichon frise - they wouldn't imagine it's a drug dog.

The last time I landed in Norway, the custom officers had a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever and a Newfoundlander. (Glad to see Canadian dogs can get work.). They would toss a ball in the general direction of the suitcases and the dogs would retrieve them, but at the same time, take a sniff around.

Very casual.

And the Beagle on the train? I thought it was a passenger's dog when he came sniffing. I looked up and saw the Customs officer and got a bit of a shock. So, that, coupled with being a Canadian in the wilds of Sweden in November I guess made them ask me for my passport.

Anonymous said...

Blanche: "Southerners!"

Did anyone else hear "Dueling Banjoes" in their heads when she said that?

Is there a similar North/South divide in England?

You know, I'll bet a book about the sociological aspects of the show would be highly informative.

As an aside, isn't this like the second time Sean has helped Danny out after a bad situation? Seems to me, the last time, Danny even refrained from calling Sean "Mincemeat" for a week or two.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline said: Glad to see Canadian dogs can get work.

Yes, German working dogs have been getting all the best law enforcement jobs for too long... not just shepherd, but Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc. I'm glad there has been a diversity initiative within the canine work force.

Seriously though, I take your point. Certain dogs would be obvious and other dogs are more "stealth". Of course, you know what would be really stealth? Drug-sniffing cats! It's the 4-hour work day we all long for, with plenty of time for naps.


Jacqueline said...

"Yes, German working dogs have been getting all the best law enforcement jobs for too long..."

As Glacia reads this, her German Shepherd, Mitzi rests her head on Glacia's lap.

Glacia covers Mitzi's eyes and reminds her that die Deutschehunden will always be needed for cuddles.

papasmurf said...

There is a long standing dislike between north and south in England, in terms of financial success, football teams, music, and so on.

Just like we Canadians are so much better than our American cousins.

I think I was in the same cafe in Paris as the Websters.

GoBetty and Jacqueline were checked by the border guards because they are such fine ladies, and boys will be boys, if you know what I mean - even in Europe.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can just see my Yorkie-Shih Tzu cross trying to be a sniffer dog - he'd run up to people, flip on his back for a tummy rub, wriggle back onto his feet, lift his leg to their luggage for a complimentary marking and scamper off to another tourist. He has no work ethic. His only ethic is 'play, play, play', which very much encompasses the spirit of Fred's parting words: 'be happy'. He is, in spades.

Westcoast fan

Anonymous said...

Michigander Fan, I think there are some Europeans who believe that in a post-9/11 world, there should be a return to border controls between the various countries. But I believe that the point of the "borderless Europe" was that travelling within the EU would be like travelling within one country, with people no more needing passports to say drive between France and Germany than they would to drive between Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I don't know that things are "laxer" per se, because one still has to pass through customs to get into the EU.

And most EU citizens can work anywhere within the EU (restrictions on some countries apply).

Anonymous said...

Jaqueline: Brillant update as usual.
I have to tell you I LOVED the French Lesson clip you had of Catherine Tate
I showed it to my jaded teenage son, and he thought it was really funny.
Thanks again. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jacqueline said...

I love papasmurf.