Saturday, July 28, 2007


Good Saturday Morning, All!

My update won't crafted until tomorrow. But I did have time to catch last night's episode - wowee! Did you see the look Tracy gave him at the end? What the 'eck is going on?

And how do you all feel about what's going on between Frankie and Jamie? Because frankly, their scenes make me squirm a bit.

Discuss. I'll use y'all for inspiration.

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Tvor said...

Frankie and Jamie. Just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. She brought him up from the time he was 7. She's his mom. I could see him getting a crush on her if he'd been a teenager when Danny married her but this just doesn't add up and i think she's just rebounding from Danny. I can't imagine any other circumstances where she'd find him attractive when she'd mothered him for 20 years.

Tracy.. Well i think the fireworks have only just begun!

Jacqueline said...

Mr. Glacia was in the same situation as Jamie. His mom raised him since he was around 6.

Trust me...she's is MOM.

He kind of shudders when the jamie/frankie thing happens.

TheWeeJenny said...

Both my darling boyfriend and I are quite squicked by the Jamie/Frankie storyline, and are trying are best to pretend it just isn't happening. *blech* It feels wrong, and it sort of came out of nowhere. It feels like the sort of stunt that a lesser daytime drama might pull, and not of Corrie caliber IMHO.

As for Tracy, I do know what's up there, because I accidentally read a spoiler on Wikkipedia a few months back. :( We're in for an interesting ride in the coming weeks. (But then again, that goes without saying if you're talking about Corrie. ^_^)

Anonymous said...

Usually when Corrie attempts a controversial storyline, it's usually handled quite well like Tracy bedding Roy Cropper for a penny bet, which turned out brilliantly.

This, though, is about 7 different kinds of wrong.

Westcoast fan said...

If the goal of the writers was to make us all happy when Frankie leaves they show, then I think they've succeeded. I'd rather not have to watch her if watching her means seeing her bedding her stepson. What would Warren think!!!! What if they had a baby? It would be Warren's brother/sister and uncle/aunt at the same time! Surely that's a good indication of just how wrong this relationship is.

Like theweejenny I accidentally saw a spoiler on YouTube a few months back about the Tracy/Charlie storyline. I can only say, take that look very seriously.

Westcoast fan said...

Whoops, sorry, meant to say the child would be Warren's nephew/niece or brother/sister. Too early in the morning, and not enough coffee in the system is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Westcoast fan said...

Just popping in to add that even if Jamie and Frankie did have a baby we'd probably never find out what Warren thinks because nobody is ever able to understand him!

corrierules said...

Jamie and Frankie... ewwww :( ! Brain bleach anyone? And those puppy dog eyes that follow Frankie around as Jamie stalks her? Stares at her at work, stares at her in the Rovers... Feh! He's supposed to look all sad and heartbroken but it looks like he's thinking "I hate this storyline!"

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Frankie -- this is just a bit too teenaged crush for me. What is Frankie thinking? Holding hands under the table, etc? I thought she had half a brain, and was usually the clear-eyed one of the bunch.

I thought Danny was just going to commute, now he's talking selling? I will be very unhappy if his character leaves.

Um, didn't Adam get thousands and thousands for his share of the factory? Then what the hell is he doing living at Ken's and whining about Tracey putting him out of a bed? Hey, there's plenty of room at Jamie's house now! Go board there.

And can I just say that Bill, as a person, seems like a big greaseball. If he is going after Audrey, all I can say is he ain't no Archie, is he?

~missusmac, who is done her rant now.

Anonymous said...

Is Sally on Prozac? Kev at a lap dancing club, in at 5 a.m., and the best she can do is laugh and flick him with a tea towel?

Where did Psycho Sal go?

~missusmac, who believes Beth really is to blame for all the Platt problems.

Radmila said...

I love Frankie, and I hate that they've put her in this storyline.

Anonymous said...

I wondering why Sally did that as well...Usually she is flying off the handle...

Tracy's look really spells trouble for nasty Charlie...whatever happens, I think he deserves it!

Yeah Jame and Frankie kinda make me sick too...

But if you remember, the actress who played Frankie got into deep doodoo because another Corrie actor spied her and the actor playing Danny acting like more than co-workers and friends. I would watch the actress who plays Frankie more closely when she is eyeing up Danny...HMMMM....


Jacqueline said...

Why did Sally do that?

Because the difference in reaction (regarding lap dancers) between a woman in her 20's (Molly) and a woman in her 40's (Sally) - is that the woman in her 40's







Anonymous said...

The Tracy and Charlie storyline is making for some fantastic corrie viewing. She can really give the look and he is playing his role excellently.

Just catching up....BTW ditto on the earlier post mentioning actor Alan Rickman. My favorite of his many greatly played roles was when he played the bad guy in the first Die Hard.

Corrie Camper

Anonymous said...

Yes, MOST women in their 40s don't give a shit, but it's Sally. She obsesses over everything!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh Alan Rickman....He is soo gorgeous and yes us ladies in their 40's don't give a shit...Sally does obsess but maybe Kevin came home in an amourous mood after seeing the strippers!! LOL!!!