Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clarification and Update

Okay, I believe the switch in schedule is only for some parts of the country. Last night I watched the 8pm airing of Corrie Street – which I think comes from Winnipeg. Montreal and Toronto got regular episodes. If there are any readers out there from Winnipeg, please feel free to back me up on this.

So, what I will do is update you on the first episode I saw last night and let Shatnerian post the second episode tommorow so that we don’t get ahead of ourselves here.

Glacia washes her hand of all of this and jumps into the update.

Der Himmel Über Berlin
wings of desire

A letter arrives at the Webster’s household for Rosie with eine Deutsche Briefmarken – presumably from Craig in Berlin.

Sally takes the letter over to Kevin, who tells her that she need to take that right over to Rosie. Sally hums and haws about it, worried that it will beckon their first born into the land of beer and pretzel. Kev reminds her that Rosie had that choice and didn’t take it. Sally says, ‘Yeah, but that’s before she had a chance to miss him.’

Later on the Croppers ask Kev about Craig and he tells them that he hasn’t heard anything, but Rosie got a letter and he’ll update them as soon as he knows anything.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to cheer Rosie up, Sally decides to have a girl’s night in with her and watch a few rented DVD’s, including, 'Metropolis', 'Cabaret', 'Wings of Desire', 'Goodbye Lenin' , and of course, 'Funeral in Berlin'.

This doesn’t seem to work and Rosie tells Sally how she’s worried about Craig and how she thinks she will never hear from him again. Sally breaks down and gives her the letter, which of course has Rosie a bit pissed. Sally apologizes and says that she was just worried about losing Rosie. Rosie tells her that the only way she will lose her is by ‘pulling this kind of crap, you horrible woman.’ - Okay, maybe I’m paraphrasing there.

Later at the dinner table, Kev tells Rosie that the Croppers want to know how Craig is doing and they wouldn’t mind knowing themselves.

She tells them that he’s staying at his friend’s brother’s flat and is working in a youth hostel.


Remember That Old Busby Berkeley Musical, ‘Tarts on Tap’?
tarts on tap

David gives Maria Charlie’s notes, but not without being all weird and creepy about it. She is happy for the note and even more so for the return of her text-free cellphone from Sarah.

David asks if she wants to hang that evening, but she tells him she just wants a night in. He acts weird and creepy. Of course, this is a lie and he knows it. She is going to see Charlie that night and David decides to lurk around in a weird and creepy fashion until they’ve finished their disgusting feast of sexual desires to the haunting refrains of ‘Let’s get down and dirty, baby’.

When finally Charlie goes back home to Tracey, David, weirdly and creepily, knocks on Maria’s door and questions Maria’s friendship and demands that she tell him the truth. She hesitates, but he finally tells her that he read the note, so she is forced to fess up.

They have a long discussion and she tells David that she doesn’t want to lose his friendship over this because he’s her mate and in the end she convinces him not to tell.

Now, I have no idea at this point who to root for.

On the outset, if I was Maria I’d be all ‘screw you’ to David, because what’s the worse that’s going to happen? Tracey finds out? Isn’t that a good thing? And while David is being a prat, he actually does make some valid points about how Charlie is just using her and hey, doesn’t she care anything about Tracey’s feelings.

Tracey’s feelings? Charlie outcreeped by wise-speaking David? Maria playing with David to get what she wants.

I’m so confused.

Buddah’s Pest
Norris and Rita are getting ready to head off on their trip, but not before Norris can obsess about Ken knowing the security access code – 8392.

He also gives Ken a list of notes such as, ‘Don’t forget to turn the store sign to ‘open’ when you start the day.’

Rita mumbles something in Hungarian.

Et tu, Emily?
In case anyone is wondering where Emily stands on the shunning thing, she’s cancelled appointments at the salon, along with Deidre.

Audrey laughs at the hypocrisy and how Weatherfield is lousy with glass houses.

And On the 'I’m Going to Be Sick' Front
Frankie and Danny go into the Rovers together.

Jamie stares at them.

Glacia barfs.

Sean tells Jamie to leave it alone, and that he knows what it’s like to have unrequited love. Jamie says to Sean, ‘Yeah, but you and me ain’t never gonna happen.’

Nice, Jamie!

Fizz loves the new scooter and is preparing for her learner’s permit.

Best Line of the Episode
Charlie calls David, ‘Postman Prat’ – Glacia laughs.

She Said What?
Did Maria say that Sarah is ‘away with the fairies’?
What does that mean?


Corrie Quebec said...

Loved the part about the "disgusting feast of sexual desires". Nice touch!

On the other hand how could it be any more disgusting than his ongoing smorgasborg with Tracy?

Anonymous said...

Away with the fairies, means she's clueless, child-like, wandering mind... sarah in a nutshell.

Rob Swizzle said...

David was terrific last night. I was expecting some sort of blackmail plotline, but instead he revealed himself to be just a boy who has been betrayed by every adult he has ever come in contact with. The scene doesn't make him likeable, but it certainly made him more human.

Both Blanche and David step out from behind their caricatures in the same week. Bravo, Coronation Street writers.

Jacqueline said...

thank you anon!

Rob - you've got that dead on.

Anonymous said...

The missus pointed out something last night:

At one point, Sarah-Lou, Audrey, and Gail were in the Rovers and David was at Maria's. Sarah had mentioned also that the babysitter had gone to bed.

So...where was Bethany?

My guess: in the dishwasher where Sarah left her.

Anonymous said...

And another thing, since when did Emily Bishop get so judgemental? She cancelled her appointments at the salon? Oh, Emily, I thought I knew you.

Is anyone on the street ever going to question to plausibility of Fred joining Audrey for a romantic tryst moments before his wedding, or will Audrey forever be known as That Woman What Killed Fred Elliot?

Anonymous said...

This is my first time commenting and I just want to say that I really enjoy all the updates (you all do an outstanding job). I have really enjoyed the WITTY comments too.

I have been watching the show since the 80's and remember some of the older people like Persey Saugden. Terry Duckworth was really nasty but entertaining.

If we ever catch up with England's episodes it would be better because I can't stop sneaking peaks at what's to come you know? I would love a marathon catch-up weekend....dream on....

I will really miss Mike Baldwin (losing too many old timers) but I will forgive the writers if they can give us a character something like him in his place at the factory.

Well glad I finally posted.

Corrie Camper

Jacqueline said...

Welcome Corrie Camper!

Glad you like the blog and decided to join in.

BTW - I tend to genuflect at the mention of Percy.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the whole AudreyPariah story line is getting a bit wearing. Just in terms of the timing it should be pretty clear that Fred didn't have the opportunity for a quickie with Audrey. Why on earth isn't Ashley doing more to unsully his father's name? He knew what was going on.

Frankly, I'm not surprised by Emily's behavior. I've never forgiven her for not forgiving the man who killed her husband when he was so sincerely repentant.

I see bad things ahead for David. He is going to get in way over his head if he messes with Charlie.

Welcome Corrie Camper (hope that's okay for me to say, as I'm a newcomer, too)

Westcoast fan.

AMAI said...

Hello, Corrie Canuck!

I was introduced to your blog a week or two ago, and want to say thanks for doing this. I watch the show with hubby every day, and enjoy reading your entertaining recaps.

Anonymous said...

Question of the day: where would your child be safest?

a) in the dishwasher
b) with David
c) with Bev

The answer is (a).

See, Sarah IS a good mother!


Rob Swizzle said...

Dishwasher quiz was hilarious!