Thursday, July 26, 2007

Character Profile: Bill Webster


Okay, I don't have a hell of a lot of info on him, but just for those of you who are curious, this is the scoop on Kev's dad, Bill.

He came on the show in 1984 (two years before Kevin) after his wife died. He was living in No.11 and worked in Len Faircloughs yard. He ends up falling for Percy Sugden's (Glacia sighs) niece Elaine, with whom he moves to Southhampton and then to Germany

That marriage ends after she has an affair and he's back on the street where he gets involved with Maureen Holdsworth after her husband Reg buggers off. Now, this was 1995 and somewhere between then and 1997, Maureen becomes involved with Fred instead. However, Maureen RUNS off with Bill only 10 days after her marriage to Fred. (I was not watching Corrie 1996-1997 at the time so cannot comment on that.)

He was also business partners with Jim McDonald and had worked at the Rovers. Bill had Kevin and Deborah by his first wife Allison and son Carl with Eileen.

I remember Bill as being a fairly decent guy (despite snatching Maureen away from Fred). I don't remember any history he and Audrey had as the last time I saw him, Alf was still alive.

BTW - DON'T do the Wikipedia search on Bill if you want to stay naive about upcoming plots. There are huge spoilers on Bill's write up.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I did not know Bill had another son! I knew he had a daughter (sister of Kevin) They should bring these people back and have them mess with Sally...that would be great!
If you click on "Coronation Street" in Wiki, you can get some great pics!