Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BYE BYE WFH - But Just for 8 Months


Okay, Working From Home is going to go to Saskatchewan for 8 months.

This means the Toronto group has to fete her at a Corrie Pub Night.

So, how does, August 1st sound? (Or is that too close to your departure, love?)

Y'all let me know how that date works, kay?

Also, I might not get the update up until later today as I gots a deadline at work...but it is coming.


papasmurf said...

Working from Home and Jacqueline having a kitten fight...I can see it now.

Working From Home Today said...

right. She'd totally kick my arse. 1st sounds good!

Jacqueline said...

bring it.

Ang said...

August 1st sounds good to me! just back from Halifax that day so will need a drink.

Rebecca said...

August 1 should work for me too! Congrats to Working!

Lisa said...

I'm in. Fire me up. We's gonna miss you little Monica - the Corrie fan not the dog. Our Monica is at least paper trained.