Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bottoms Up-date


So recently Shatnerian and I were online discussing how we can add to the Corrie Drinking game. I think this episode provide more than enough opportunity to get smashed.

Everytime Bev says ’10 More Minutes’Bev is well, drunk and wallowing in her own self pity and only picks her head long enough to say, ’10 more minutes, 10 more minutes and I would have been his wife.’

I got to say, as much as I find her annoying, I’ve love how this character is written. When things are going well, Bev is on board and lovely, but the minute something goes bad…..wooooo. She’s just so without any sense of security or inner strength.

Anyway, she’s been told that the will is being read and dresses up to join Ashley and Claire at the reading, all the time complaining that Ashley has taken charge of the whole shebang and no one tells her anything. But why would they she’s only the widow – oh wait, no, not his widow…just 10 more minute, just 10 more minutes.

They return to the Rovers and you can already see that something is amiss. Bev got nothing. Everything that Fred owned went to Ashley and Bev is left out in the cold. No retirement house, no security, no nothing….just 10 more minutes.

Fred obviously didn’t have the time to change the will before the wedding. Now, in a sane world, Bev accepts that and Ashley makes sure that the woman his father was about to marry is provided for.

But this is Corrie.

So Bev starts screaming at Ashley like it’s his fault and causes a ruckus. At that moment, Audrey (who’s decided she’s not going to act like a pariah and actually go back to her local) enters the pub and Bev almost spontaneously combusts. She starts blaming Audrey for her situation because if Fred wasn’t at Audrey, Bev wouldn’t have had to wait 10 more minutes and she would have been Mrs. Elliot. She asks Audrey if she would like to take the shirt off her back too, and proceeds to strip, but luckily someone intervenes. At this point, Mr.Glacia calls over from the computer, ‘She’s having a hard time letting that go, isn’t she?’.

Bev then delivers the best Corrie line of the season, ‘I need gin, NOW!’

As she goes on a binge, she tries to bar both Audrey and Maria from the Rovers. At this point Liz steps in and tells Bev that it’s not her decision who to bar from the pub. Liz also tells Ashley that she’s not going to deal Bev’s behaviour on a regular basis and that he needs to do something.

Bev then decides to bar Audrey from the funeral. Audrey tells her that she will indeed be at the funeral to pay her respects and what’s more, she’ll be sober.

Well, yes. Man, if I lived in Weatherfield and I had out of town guests, I’d take them to the pub – because there seems to be free dinner theatre there at least twice a week.

Everytime Rosie Gets Sad Doe-Eyes
Keith apparently has been told about Crais as the Webster story opens with Kev on the phone with him. Rosie asks if there’s any news, and Kev says no, but that Keith is sure Craig will come home as soon as he runs out of money and anyway, he’s confident that Craig can take care of himself.

The family has a chit chat in the kitchen and Rosie says she’s going to go take a walk. Kev asks her to leave her passport and she responds by reminding all and sundry that it was she who decided she couldn’t go off with Craig. That for some crazy reason, she couldn’t leave her family like that.

She then goes out and Kev reminds her to keep her mobile turned on. (yesssss dad…)
After a few hours go by, Kev and Sally get worried and go look for her. It’s not hard to guess where she is, she’s at the secret Craig and Rosie hideaway…being sad. The parental units come in and give her a big hug and take her home.


Everytime Charlie Meets Ned Beatty on a River Raft
Liam approaches Charlie and tells him to lay off and to not try that macho pushy stuff again. They both do a lot of puffing up of chests and make fun of each other’s accents. Liam walks away while humming the tune from Deliverance.

As he’s storming off, Liam sees Maria and tells her that she and Charlie are welcomed to each other.

Du-du-daaaaa….now Maria knows that someone knows that she and Charlie and seeing each other!

Everytime Someone Else Moves into Eileens
Violet dumps Jamie.


And the best part is, she tells him that he’s been treating her like dirt. When he tries to convince her to stay, she tells him that she’s got more dignity than that.

She has a good cry out in the back of the pub and Liz comforts her. In the end she straightens herself out for the punters, but Sean can tell immediately that something is wrong. She tells him about the breakup and he tells her that she should move into Eileen’s place.

With Jason living there….ha!

How many rooms are there in this house anway?

She agrees, Eileen gives the ok and that is that, whether Jason likes it or not.

And Now That You’ve Had Too Much To Drink…Sean talks to Jamie about the situation and Jamie maintains that he’s in love with Frankie. Sean reminds Jamie that Frankie is his mom. Jamie says, ‘Not my real mom, and I love her.’ Sean reminds Jamie that it’s just wrong on so many different levels. Jamie reminds Sean that he doesn’t care and that he’s madly in love with Frankie.

Sean finish the conversation by speaking for Corrie fans everywhere with one sentence; ‘I feel sick.’

It gets worse, back at the Baldwin house when Frankie hears that Violet dumped Jamie, she tells him that he needs to find a girlfriend because being by yourself is not fun. Jamie says life is good with just the two of them living in the house.

THEN, he starts shadowing her around the house talking all creepy and Frankie is starting to suspect something

I swear to God that scene with them in the kitchen has been the creepiest thing since that guy wanted Liz to wear a saddle.

In other news
Maria tells Cilla that she looks like a settee in a parrot’s costume.

Kirk-eh is buying Fizz a scooter.


Anonymous said...

I so wanted Liam to punch Charlie in the face. I think Liam is one of the sexiest guys to walk the cobbles in a very long time. I cannot understand what the hell Maria sees in Charlie.
Like you Jacqueline, I was wondering how many bedrooms Eileen has. We live in a 3 bedroom house with one teenage boy and at times our house feels very small.

Anonymous said...

I liked the dueling accents between Charlie and Liam but I was waiting for them to pull down their pants and start measuring.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Bev will end up with the cottage in the Lake District, given to her by Ashley, who just wants to get rid of her.

Anyone know what happens to I don't seem to access the page anymore. It's going to make my "Many Faces of Violet Wilson" photo montage very difficult to produce (hint: she has one).

Anonymous said...

Insanely creepy. Agreed.


Rob Swizzle said...

‘I need gin, NOW!’

I agree , great line. Bev is turning into a "Barfly"/"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" mash up.

Jacqueline said...

To All My Friends!

Anonymous said...

I have to say the Fred death fall out is incredibly interesting, so much so I can barely register the other plot lines.

NOT that the Fizz plot line is much of one. I mean really, all I've liked of this was her big green car handbag.

And does Craig's departure coincide with the big singing contest he was in a while back? Or is he really gone for good?

Jamie and Frankie will go nowhere, I think, by the look on Frankie's face.

I admit I was not really bothered by this plot line, just kind of like "well, you know, they're not really related, he's a nice guy, she's a nice woman, maybe this is actually love, a complete brilliant turn around of the Leanne/Danny situation..."

And then I saw Jamie staring at her with creepy killer eyes like he was about to suck the breath out of her.

Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Make it stop!


Anonymous said...

John asked: "Anyone know what happens to"

It's working for me.

Where is Liam from? I can't place his accent.

Jacqueline said...

Scotland, definately, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

I'm just thrilled that the Will was finally read and "just 10 more minutes" Bev got the rude awakenning she deserved. I think it was appropriate that Ashley gave her the watch that Fred had bought for her, but I don't think she deserves anything else...not even a free pound of sausages each week.

Now, she just needs to pack her bags and get out of the Rover's...and leave the gin bottle behind. :)


Anonymous said...

John, is down again as of Friday a.m. That happened last week as well, and then it was back up again.

The site says the account has been suspended. I think if it comes back up again, I might just click on a few sponsors to make sure the site sticks around.

Tanya said...

I also loved the "I need gin...NOW" line. But the setee dressed in a parrot costume was a close second. Not often that I laugh out loud at a line twice in one show!

Debbie said...

I totally forgot about that whole thing with Liz and the saddle. HA! Thanks for the reminder.

Debbie said...

AND... I'd love a free pound of sausage each week.

Jacqueline said...

So would I, love, so would I.