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Be happy. I say, be happy.

Fred Elliott: The Biography

Fred first appeared on Coronation Street in a series of guest spots before joining the cast for as a regular. In 1995, he was part of a delegation to their French twin town and Fred tried to bribe the judges in a black pudding competition, nearly causing an international incident. This also marked the beginning of Fred's role to confidant and friend to Audrey Roberts.

Later that year, he joined the cast as a regular, with his apprenticing butcher and "nephew" Ashley Peacock in tow. Fred was originally co-owner of the Rovers with Mike Baldwin and Duggie Ferguson. He sold his share to Duggie but by 2002, was full owner of the pub before selling it to Steve and Liz Macdonald.

Fred was thrice married over the course of his lifetime. His first wife Sybil passed away in 1975. He was briefly married to Maureen Holdsworth, who quickly left him for Bill Webster. He also married Evelyn Sykes and bought the Rovers as a gift for her to run. Unfortunately, Evelyn never divorced her first husband and the marriage was not legally valid.
Fred and Maureen

He was due to marry Bev Unwin but sadly died before the ceremony could take place.

Unlucky in love for most of his love, Fred unsuccessfully proposed marriage to Rita Sullivan, Doreen Heavey, Penny King, and, of course, Audrey Roberts. He was also conned by a woman named Stacey who pretended to be a Thai bride named Orchid.
Doreen Heavey

In 1999, Fred admitted to Audrey that Ashley was indeed his son, the result of an affair with a Kathleen Gutteridge, a young worker in one of his shops. She rejected his offer of marriage and Ashley was given to Fred's sister Beryl Peacock to raise as his own son. When the truth of Ashley's birth was uncovered, the two forged a close bond and even moved in together.

This cycle repeated itself in a way when Ashley was forced to admit to a court that Joshua was not his biological son and is, in fact, the son of Dr. Matt Ramsden, who now has visitation rights. Fred had to admit that the revelation of Ashley's true parentage has led to a distant relationship between Ashley and the man who raised him. Because of this, Ashley fears the same thing happening with Joshua.

Despite his nose for business, Fred always put his family first. When Ashley, whose wife Maxine was murdered, struggled with his feelings for hired nanny Claire, it was Fred who urged his son to pursue the relationship. He told him to leave Maxine as a cherished memory and live in the now.

On the day of his wedding to Bev, Fred visited Audrey to assert that it's Bev he loves, even though Audrey said she would have married him if he asked her again. Fred then died of a massive heart attack in Audrey's hallway.

He was a devoted father, a doting grandfather, and the one thing he always wanted to be was a loving husband. And although that last chance at happiness was denied him, much of his life was about not having regrets, devotion to friends and family, and not letting life pass you by. In a way, he was the antithesis of John Lennon's axiom that "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

His last words were, "Be happy. I say, be happy."

Source: Corrie.net and Wikipedia.


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Ian said...

Will any of the square dealers be there for the funeral?

Anonymous said...

Yes how lovely...Did anyone else have some tears? The actress who plays Audrey really was sad...I read she was very emotional when doing these scenes because of John Savident leaving the show. She was great as was John. It looks like the stuff will hit the fan now that Bev knows the truth about Audrey and how she tried to stop the wedding.

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Wow, I had forgotten about Evelyn Sykes, Linda's mother. Audrey's grieving, Bev just seems sorry she got gypped out of having a caretaker with money.

I can understand Audrey not wanting to go from Alf to Fred via a small Archie detour. There must be a more dashing, older gent out there for her. Just as long as she doesn't let Gail be matchmaker. Yikes!

GoBetty said...

Ah, bless. Nice post, thank you very much. Since all the kookiness in my life I haven't seen Corrie in sooooo long but visit here everyday to catch up and see the chat. We can only hope for a grave cam shot.