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Can it be tiem now for regualar Corrie tiem? (whatever...i hate those lolcats anyway.)

Okay, so it looks like Walt Disney has won the Stanley Cup and I assume that Corrie will back on during the week starting next week - but don't quote me. I'll have to confer with Snuffleupagus over some noodles at Sweet Lulu's on Queen St. West to make sure.

So, here is the update from last weekend. I made some adjustments to Glenda's notes as the Claire storyline that we've seen isn't as far a long as what she's written.

I'd would also like to add this one point, 'HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO LIAM!' Glacia sips her martini, takes a drag of her smoke and slowly eyes him up and down with an approving nod and says, 'Very well done indeed.'.

Now, here's our Glenda.

September 11, 2006

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. This week the update is packing its case, wondering if it’ll fit into last years’ bikini and slapping on the sun cream. Yes, it’s going on its jollies at the end of this week. But fear not, dear readers. For while it’s away, we have a cracking line-up of stand-in, sit-down weekly update writers for you. (If you’re reading this update on however, the page won’t be updated until early October so be sure you don’t miss an update, it’d be best to subscribe to the Corrieweeks mailing list here and the update will be sent to you by email automatically, without charge and with a big smile). And so, for the next three weeks the updates will be brought to you by jolly John Dean, reckless Richard Whitbread and jaunty Janet Waterhouse. My huge thanks go to all of them, again, and you can find out all you need to know about all the Corrie weekly updaters on this webpage here:

I’ll be seeing you again when I return from my hols all bronzed and lovely, but in the meantime, without any further ado, here we go with this weeks’ Coronation Street update.

Liz McDonald is officially my favourite Corrie character, well at the moment, anyway. And when I say ‘favourite’ I do of course mean ‘second favourite to Spider’. But anyway, this week she was in her glory in the back room of the pub. Fag in hand, clad in leopard print, cleavage all over the place, holding court and dishing advice, falling out with her newest barmaid Michelle and keeping on the good side of Betty, just in case. She’s a worthy successor to the best barmaid of all time, Bet Lynch, but with her own style, a rocky past and big bumps in front of her. When an estate agent with a face like a wet Thursday morning comes round to value the pub, Liz is upset and angry that Bev and Fred hadn’t mentioned they were thinking of selling. Steve’s all for his mum getting a loan and buying the place herself, a plan on which she’s thinking.

David’s still bunking off school and tells his mum he’s being bullied by the big lads who taunt him with: “What do you call someone who can’t tell the difference between Blind Date and Crimewatch? David Platt’s mum!”. It’s all lies of course and Gail confides to Audrey that she’s not sure David’s telling the truth any more. Oh, wake up and smell the playstation, Gail. She drags David to the Headmaster where he picks three names at random and tells the Head they’re the bullies who are picking on him before he saunters home to watch daytime TV and style his hair like Oddbod Junior from Carry on Screaming.

Liam and Paul Connor, new brothers of the parish, stitch up Adam Barlow, knicker-boy and general numbskull, good and proper. They convince him his share of the factory is worth half of what he thinks it is and then buy it from him at the knock down price. Danny’s not going to be best pleased when he returns to find himself being partners in a business with Weatherfield’s answer to the Mitchell brothers. I quite like them though, I have to admit. Liam’s a bit thick and looks like a Thunderbird puppet (as does sister Michelle the barmaid) while Paul is older and wiser with a proper Coronation Street face and doesn’t appear to be remote controlled.

Violet moves in with Jamie at Frankie’s place and although he makes all the right noises about living with his girlfriend, you can tell that He’s Just Not That Into Her. On Violet’s first night in her new home, Jamie goes out on the beer with Sean on Canal Street. Now I’m not one to gossip, as you know, but if I was Violet, I’d be a bit worried.

It’s Sean’s 30th birthday this coming Friday night and a karaoke night has been planned for the Rovers. Liz fully intends to wipe the floor with Michelle on the karaoke machine, knocking her socks off with I Will Survive, no doubt, while Michelle (Kym Marsh) could perform a medly of her hit.

Claire’s told Ashley she was going to see her dying mum, so Ashley, as you can imagine, got quite a shock when Claire’s mum turned up in the butcher shop as fit as a fiddle except for a twinge in her knee.

Julia Haworth who plays Claire has been doing a fantastic job in this role lately and if she doesn’t win best dramatic performance at next years soap awards, I’ll eat my trilby.

And finally this week, Cilla starts selling off all the stuff in their house on eBay to raise cash to pay the bills. Well, that’s the theory anyway but when Yana persuades her mate to splash the cash on fun instead of on food at Freshco, Cilla doesn’t need much tempting. She books a holiday to Ayia Napa with her mate and tells Les she’s leaving him and Chesney home alone with empty cupboards and no food.

See you in three weeks time!


Inserted notes from Glacia:
Audrey is at the butcher's at the time and the three of them go back to the Peacock/Elliot home to track down Claire. Audrey leaves a message for Claire and is about to hand the phone over to Claire's mom (whatthehellishername? Let's just all her 'Bernice'), when Ashley yells out, 'No don't - she won't come home if she knows her mom's here.'. I'm sure the cellphone didn't pick that up at all.

Bernice ends up giving Ashley a bit of a hard time that he let Claire take the baby knowing that she had already abandoned him a few times before.

Claire, meanwhile, did this weird thing with the baby where she compared him to pictures from before, then bundled him up in the pram for a walk. The last we've seen of her and the baby is her marching along the street telling baby leroy that she knows what babies needs and that it's nothing personal what she's going to do.


Note to Claire, when the investigation starts, remember these 5 little words.

'The dingo ate my baby!'


Mayfairgirl said...

Hello, Liam is right. What a hottie!

tanzie said...

First words out of hubbys mouth last night after the game was done was "there, now you should get your coronation street back". Ahh I love him lol. YES about Liam! Claires mums name is Yvonne. There's just too much going on to comment about any one thing. I'll be glad to have the 1/2 hour a day to ponder and chew over things before the next installment. Looking forward to the updates and chats.

Debbie said...

I gotta agree, Liam is a looker!

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't wait for the 'excrement to hit the fan' as Sean put it, when Danny gets back. The lawyer in me was tearing her hair out at Adam's being able to sell his 'shares' in the partnership. If he's a 'shareholder' then it's a limited company. But whether it's a limited company or a partnership there would surely be an agreement between the owners restricting their ability to sell to third partes. Makes for a good plot line, I know, but still . . .

Is Claire under some delusion that Thomas isn't really the 'original' baby? That comparing the pictures to him didn't make much sense. Or maybe she was looking at the resemblance to Ashley (come on, doesn't every baby look like Ashley?)! Maybe he's not the real dad! Maybe she'd been having it on with Matt Ramsden!

papasmurf said...

maybe the baby looks a little smurfy...

Jacqueline said...

papasmurf...what did you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't every baby look like Ashley? What a GREAT line!

Man, they don't take long to move entire families into the street, do they?

Loved the update line referring to Liam and Michelle as looking like Thunderbird puppets.

Wonder when Fred and Bev will be back.

Rob Swizzle said...

Thanks so much for the posts! I can't wait for Corrie to be back on when I can watch it.

So three Stanley Cups in a row, the Canadian team has had it's ass handed to it by a sunbelt expansion franchise.

Do Canadian hockey fans enjoy this sort of humiliation? Time to find a new sport.

Rob Swizzle said...

"(come on, doesn't every baby look like Ashley?)"

Anonoymous, you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that when Liam was sending Kelly home to change her clothes, Sally Webster was there? Isn't she supposed to be on vacay with Sophie?

The actress who plays Claire has been doing a good job, for sure, but come on, who didn't see that coming? (Mom showing up and, you know, not having cancer...)

I am loving Liz right now! We need more Liz, more Fizz and more Amber! (And possibly Liam with his shirt off...)

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

ill be the first to admt i really hate Ashley and Clurrr...but I am eagerly anticipating the reveal on this storyline....what the hell are they going to do to her??? Kill the baby? Leave it in a dumpster? Jump off the hurch steeple?

I hate that I am so drawn into this storyline