Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update - June 13 - Ever Fallen in Love with Someone You Shouldn't Have Fallen in Love With?

The New Junior Partner

Liam appears at the factory, carrying a bottle of milk, just as Danny arrives. Mr. Baldwin thinks he's showing up late but as it turns, he just nipped 'round to get a bottle of milk, as he's been at work since half past six.

Later, Danny officially announces to the workers that Liam has been brought on as junior partner at a foolishly low wage, but don't forget that Danny is still boss.

He later makes Liam work through lunch as he pops off to the café but gallantly offers to get him a sandwich, and Fizz tells Danny that Liam absolutely hates mustard (but, but English mustard is so hot and so awesome).

Danny shows up at the café with a big bouquet of flowers, telling Frankie it's their anniversary of the first day she babysat for him. Yeah, that's the ticket. She doesn't buy it but she does take the flowers and Danny takes an order for some sarnies, with slashes of mustard.

Later, after Liam is spitting up his sammiches, Danny orders Hayley to spy on junior as he nips out for two hours. Liam decides he's going to nip out and see what happens. Hayley is not best pleased to be placed in such a precarious power struggle.

Liam goes to see Frankie at the cafe, who cautions him not to pick a fight with Danny. Later, he tells Danny it was thoughtful of him to give Frankie flowers as it makes the place smell lovely whenever he visits her.

The Rovers' Steve Macdonald Era Begins..

..with a banging hangover in the Streetcars office.

"Did we buy a pub last night?" asks Liz. Steve advises that in fact they did and pops the last paracetamol, leaving Liz to crawl over to the Kabin for some, where she is asked to referee the Budapest contest dispute between Rita and Norris. She refuses and demands the drugs.

Jamie Comes Out!

(for another night on the town with Sean!)

Sean and Jamie are planning another boys night out as Violet suddenly looks crestfallen and reminds Jamie that this was her night off and they were supposed to spent it together.

Jamie later pops by the Rovers with flowers for Violet and says he'll cancel it, "if she wants" (nice passive aggression there, Jamie). She says for him to go ahead but be sure to come home tonight as she will seduce him in her 1920's lingerie.

Sean and Jamie pop by Streetcars to get their cab. Steve, their driver, thinks it's odd that Violet is not accompanying them. "Gay man friends with straight man?" he thinks. "Does not compute."

Meanwhile, Violet sits with Frankie drinking cocoa on the sofa with Frankie wondering if Jamie is pulling away from her because she moved in. Frankie says that such a notion is stuff and nonsense and that Jamie is lucky to have her.

Jamie and Sean arrive home, trashed. They decide to go back to Sean's for brandy and a chat. Sean asks Jamie to reveal a secret but Jamie refuses, saying that his life is an open book. Sean then quotes the Buzzcocks, "Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?"

Jamie says yes. Sean goes to make coffee to ensure they are awake for this bit of gossip but when he returns, Jamie is passed out asleep. Sean tucks him and says that's one way to avoid the truth.

In Other News

Rita and Norris are still arguing over who gets the Budapest trip. They are now trying to get random neighbours to settle it for them.

Kirk is trying to teach Fizz to drive but she almost runs over Blanche. Fizz laughs it off but Kirk looks concerned. (Not sure I like this - Fizz is an intelligent woman. I'm sure she would have gotten proper classes if she wanted to drive and she certainly wouldn't drive as recklessly as she did.)

Liz rang Bev's bell at closing. This is not a euphemism. Bev was kind of mad about it.


Jacqueline said...

Just how much money has Devinder made this week on flower sales?

Tanzie said...

Best part of the whole show was watching Rita and Norris faces as they waited for the next custom to walk thru the door, and it was Blanche! Priceless!

tanzie said...

Oh...and Liam...yes I think he's cute and all, but is it just me, or does it sound at times like he's talking with marbles or spit in his mouth? Probably just me..

GoBetty said...

BUZZCOCKS! "What Can't I Touch It?"

Anonymous said...

great update! Did you all hear what i heard? Did Danny say the anniversary flowers were for the first time she babysat AND the first time they "grouted the tiles"? If so, that's a little slutty, Frankie. Also re: "violet looked crestfallen" - Violet looks crestfallen in every episode, and she does it well. It was a little weird to me that she sat up til all hours drinking cocoa with Frankie, while dressed in her twenties lingerie waiting for Jaime to come home and "insert euphemism here"

Tvor said...

I think i like Liam. He's like a Manchester version of Danny with all the patter isn't he? Hm... I think i might blog that myself!