Monday, June 18, 2007

Update for Episodes 6388 - 6389 June 18, 2007

Ever notice that Charlie and Tracey live in #6?. As in 666...

Young Love

Craig and Rosie are having a little face time in the love shack discussing their future. Rosie assumes when she goes away to some posh university that Craig will be there right beside her. Craig, clever lad that he is, has already got a pretty good idea of what the future holds for him and Rosie, based on her behaviour after the trip to France and her recent obsession with shopping and texting her mates. Young Harris assures Rosie that they will be sure to see each other on odd weekends and holidays.

Old Love

Rita, Emily, Audrey and Gail natter on at the pub about how they are too old (or in the case of Gail too much of a shrieking harridan) to ever contemplate getting married again.

Confused Love

The strange homoerotic three way continues betwixt Jamie, Sean and Violet. No matter what she does to get a rise out of Jamie, Violet is repeatedly ignored.

No worry my dear, Papa Smurf will be glad to go bikini shopping with you - Frankie can come along too if she wants to.

Violet asks Sean if he is sure that his gaydar is working properly, Sean insists that Jamie is as straight as an arrow. Sean even buttonholes Jo in the pub to inquire about Jamie and his sexual proclivities, based on the brief relationship they had. Jo tells Sean that she isn't that kind of girl, they didn't go out long enough for them to do the horizontal limbo. (mind you Jo seemed quite willing to be a mattress test pilot with the young kilted lad their first night out)

Violet is becoming increasingly unhappy with her state of affairs. Poor dear, she deserves some happiness.

Three Way Love

Tired of being the sweet treat that the boys are fighting over, Frankie decides to end it (whatever it was) with Liam. They go for a quiet drink at the pub but there is too much of an audience, so they go sit on a bench and chat for a while. Frankie kicks the shamrock Lothario into touch.

Liam then slinks back to the factory where he finds Danny working late. Trying to put a good spin on the situation, Liam tells Danny that he ended it with Frankie - for the sake of the business. Danny has a bit of a jab at his new partner, comparing Liam to George Lazenby*, and comparing himself to Sean Connery. Liam thinks perhaps he is more of a Daniel Craig, but Danny thinks Wendy Craig** is closer to the mark.

Later in The Rovers Liam eventually admits that it was more of a mutual break-up, or maybe she actaully ended it with him, something like that.

*George Lazenby was the actor who played James Bond in 'On Her Majesty's Service', but was overshadowed by Sean Connery, who had played the part in the first five Bond films, and would return to reprise the role in later years. Lazenby was rarely seen on the big screen again.

**Wendy Craig is a well known British actress of an earlier era.

Tainted Love

Shel, Bev and Fred are in the back room debating how many one night stands Shel has had lately. Fred, wise old soul, wants to leave well enough alone, I say well enough alone but Bev keeps nagging her daughter about who the father of the baby is. Is it Steve MacDonald? No - it was Charlie Stubbs. Bev sends Fred out of the room for a while so she can have a proper chat with her daughter.

Fred walks out to the bar and sees Charlie. An awkward moment ensues.

Shel and Bev go at it hammer and tong. Bev can't believe that Shel let Charlie do this to her. Shel tells her mom that maybe it was her that did it to Charlie, that she was standing up to him for a change? 'By lying down for him?' asks Bev. Shel tells her mom she knows Charlie was bad for her, that she had to go through therapy because of him, but it was Shel that left Charlie at the altar, she was in control of the situation. Bev compares the situation to 'The Omen'and 'Rosemary's Baby', and in a move sure to get her nominated for mother of the year tells Shel to get drunk tonight and then make an appointment the next day to 'flush that bastard out of your life forever.' Bev is four sheets to the wind by this point but her behaviour is still inexcusable. Shel, understandably upset, runs out the back door. Bev runs after her but is too late, but then bumps into Deirdre in the back alley, who invites Bev in for a chat.

The two old friends open a bottle of wine and before you know it Bev has told Deirdre what she promised not to tell, that Charlie is the father of Shel's baby. This puts Deirdre in an impossible situation, she doesn't want to betray the confidence of an old friend, but she has to think of her daughter first. Bev begs her not to tell Tracey, or at least wait until Shel has left, but Deirdre wants Tracey to hear about it directly, so she will finally realize what sort of a man Chartlie really is.

Bev continues to pester Deirdre the next day, and eventually the two women and Ken meet to talk about the situation. Ken thinks Charlie has a moral right to know about the baby. Some heated discussion ensues. Bev asks if Charlie is going to put on a Spider Man costume and hang off the town hall clock.* The Barlows leave in a bit of a huff. They track down their daughter and tell her the news of Shel and the baby. Harsh words are spoken.

The Barlow women storm into The Rovers to confront the Unwin women. Tracey wants to hear the story directly from Shel, who tries to tell Tracey that it is a lie to break up her and Charlie but Tracey isn't buying it. Bev and Deirdre get stuck in as well - Deirdre making a comment about Charlie and his little swimmers making their way acros the street on their own. (a bit of an unpleasant image) Tracey call Shel an arrogant bitch and tells her to have a hot bath with a bottle of gin**. All hell breaks loose and Tracey tries to attack Shel.

While all this is going on Sean and Violet are on the other side of the door doing nothing to intervene. I guess discretion is the better part of valour. Fred shows up and brings an end to the back room shenanigans.

As she is being dragged out Tracey threatens to kill Shel, who tells Tracey that she might want to save that energy for Charlie one day.

Shel tells her mom - 'a fool with a big mouth who can't hold her drink' - to shut up.


Bev, after pummeling herslf in the head and calling herself a stupid, stupid woman, turns to Fred for some consolation. Fred gives her a hug but there is some eye rolling going on at the same time.

Tracey rushes home and chucks Ken out on the street.

Meanwhile Charlie is in Birmingham with young Maria for an evening of naughtiness. While she goes up to the room to freshen up before dinner Charlie calls Tracey to tell her that he has just made it to Leeds for the stag-do, and wonders how things are back on the street. Tracey, looking distraught while sitting in a dark room tells Charlie that all is well, nothing interestng happened at all since he was gone.

*This is a reference to Fathers 4 Justice, a group that uses highly public acts to get their message about father's rights across. After some of it's members hatched a plot to kidnap the son of Tony Blair, the group was disbanded in the UK.

**An old wives tale about a method for a DIY abortion.


Anonymous said...

Bond references. Two nasty references to abortion. Tracy beating the crap out of Shelley. Bev the gormless alcoholic. Fred trying in vain to keep the peace and his curt conversation with a clueless Charlie. And Corrie's obsession with Fathers 4 Justice continues.

Pure. Dead. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Shelley will be changing her name to Rosemary after all.

OK. Here's where I lost it. (Full disclosure: I don't particularly like Bev.)

1. Trying to convince your fully grown daughter to have an abortion: bad.

2. Saying really nasty hurtful things to your daughter: bad.

3. Telling Deirdre: really bad.

4. Spending a day trying to convince Deirdre to not tell Tracy: kinda good.


What the hell was she thinking?

If she can't hold her liquor (or can't hold her tongue as she's holding her liquor), she shouldn't drink. Harsh words, I know. But she's too old to do stuff like this.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

BTW, Papa - nice update.

I do know who George Lazenby is, but Danny lost me at Wendy Craig. I'm going to have to look her up on IMDB.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Bev is out of control and can't get through the day without slugging a bottle of wine. She's basically a functional alcoholic and everyone knows this but looks the other way, so long as there is no stress in her life. It makes her more real to me and while I don't like her actions as a character, I like that she's written that way.

As soon as Shelley dropped the bombshell, she fell apart and rather than tactfully suggesting that Shelley has choices, she makes a nasty reference to "flushing the bastard." I hate Bev as a person, but as a character, she can be quite compelling at times. She's not a villain but she's not virtuous person either, but she thinks she is, which makes her interesting to me.

Jacqueline said...

Where the hell did the 'is it steve mcdonald' come from? I'm getting old, I know, but did Shelly and Steve ever come close to dating?

I liked Fred's math when told that the baby was Charlies, 'Why that was near 12 months ago!'....then the slow dawning on him....oooooooh.

Anonymous said...

I also dislike Bev. I thought she was horrible to Shelley. Like Shelley pointed out she'll soon be 34. And didn't Bev have a relationship with Charlie? I know this sounds really mean but I was enjoying Tracy's anquish when she was sitting on the couch wailing. I feel sorry for Violet Jamie is just not into her.

Anonymous said...

Re: Fred's math. Fred was gold in that episode.

Shelley and Steve didn't date, although Bev and Liz all but threw them naked into a bedroom together. They went on a date, just for fun, where they met up with Charlie and Tracey. In an effort to be civil, the four ate together when suddenly Steve and Tracey had to dash off toth'hospickle because Amy had typhoid or something.

Shel and Charlie continued their date and ended up horizontal, vertical, and a few other angles, at the Rovers. Because Shel was initially cagey with Bev about the events of that night, Bev thought that could have been the night little Damian was conceived.

Mayfairgirl said...

I have to agree on the Bev comments. She is a complete idiot. Good thing Fred sold the Rovers, or she would be in rehab before you know it. (singing Amy Winehouse)

I am not sold on Shelley's hair, I think it looked better straight.

I am glad to see the girls on the street are appreciating Liam's hotness.


Anonymous said...

You have to feel sorry for poor Fred, caught up in the maelstrom: his daughter-in-law is 'barkin', his future daughter-in-law is carrying the devil's spawn, his fiance is a gin-soaked harpie, and he's just sold his bar when he's not even sure he wants to retire. It's enough to drive a sane man mad, I say, a sane man mad! But somehow, you just have faith he'll weather it all.

I would have loved for Tracy to accuse Charlie over the phone, but that's not her style. I'm sure she'll have some 'suitable' welcome for him when he returns.

And poor Ken, there's another older man who'd just like the quiet life but instead is fed a regular diet of Tracy, Blanche and Adam.

Norris needs a serious wake-up call. He should be counting his lucky stars that all he has to complain about is whether he gets to go to flamin' Hungary or wherever with half a pen or not.

Westcoast fan.

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' Shelley's new hair and new look.

I thoroughly enjoyed the danny/liam conversation about Bonds, but I thought Danny was referring to Wendy Craig of Peter Pan? Isn't that the last name of Wendy, Peter and John's family?

Did anyone else gag when Ken, who believes Charlie is Satan in work boots, nevertheless insisted Charlie has a 'moral' right to know he the baby daddy?

Get a clue, Ken. Blanche, smack Ken on the head hard once, just for me!


Anonymous said...

Actually, according to my daughter and her amazing internet research skills the last name of the family in Peter Pan was 'Darling'.

Yeah, I thought that comment of Ken's was pretty weird. Ken, Ken, Ken, a child's right not to be exposed to Satan incarnate surpasses the Satan Incarnate's right to inflict his evilness on the said innocent child (presuming any child of Charlie's can be born innocent).

Anonymous said...

The Darling family, that is right! Shows I'm not as good at Trivial Pursuit as I thought.

The Darling family -- would that be the Unwins or the Barlows?

John, I found myself nodding at your description of Bev as a functioning alcoholic with visions of virtue. I also don't like her, but find her interesting.