Saturday, June 16, 2007

Those Eyes Update

The factory girls are all abuzz about Fiz’s birthday (meaning they’ll have drinks after work for a change) but Sean is barely paying attention. Is Jaime gay? Is he in love with Sean? Sean and Violet continue to be baffled by Jaime’s strange behavior.

Fiz is all set to be disappointed on her birthday. As she opens a card from Kirk, he says, “I know it’s not much. But it’s the thought that counts.”
“Yes it is, Kirk. Let me know when you have one," she replies.
He assures her he has something bigger for her, to be presented after work. When she unwraps a set of fuzzy pink dice from Chesney, her imagination runs amok. Kirkeh’s bought her a car!

Alas, Kirk hasn’t bought Fiz a car, he’s brought her a car. A friend's car, which she can borrow to practice driving. Fiz proceeds to beat him about the head with her new watering can / purse.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Bev’s on a bridal rampage and poor Fred’s kicked out of the pub, and he can take his cigarette’s too! Bev sends him on a mission to take flowers to Audrey. Sample flowers for the wedding, but flowers no less.

Enter Shelley! Looking all fab in her new, short hairdo. Tracy spits venom at her from across the street and while Shelley does pause to engage in a dialogue about broomsticks and where they can be shoved, she seems generally uninterested in Tracy and Charlie.

Bev notices a change in Shelley, saying, “It’s great to see ya like this, luv. Especially with me other bridesmaid on the ‘appy pills.” Too true.

However, queue the strange behavior. First Shelley turns down a drink. Then she asks that Marilyn Monroe’esque bridesmaid’s dress to be taken out a bit, saying the chef at her new pub is too enticing. His food, that is.

Bev obsesses about why her daughter hasn’t even touched her wine. Is it antibiotics, she asks? Shelley says it is. But Bev knows a thing or two and nails her daughter with the truth. Our Shelley’s knocked up!

“It’s still early days, isn’t it?” Shelley says when asked why she’s trying to hide it.
“Who’s the father?” Bev asks, "who's the father?"

Queue credits. Anyone care to guess?

In other news:
  • Rosie goes to Craig’s old hiding place after school. In a rather charming scene, Rosie says she's sick of everyone assuming what they're getting up to. Craig points out that the mattress is still there....
  • Liam masterfully reminds Danny throughout the day that he’s taking Frankie to the movies. They trade barbs in a way that seems kind of sporting to the two of them, but it’s just getting on Frankie’s last nerve.
  • Janice is back from… where the ‘eck did she go, anyway?
  • Betty’s asking questions about Clair and Fred subtly (ha) explains that Claire’s mother is sick and Claire’s at her bedside.
  • Sarah, Audrey, Maria and Tracy discuss how it’s so easy to fall for the worst guy for you. Tracy admits she has a crush on Hannibal Lecter. She likes his eyes. Ew.
  • Charlie and Maria solidify plans for their Birmingham rendezvous. Tracy warns Charlie that if he does something he shouldn’t, she will find out about it. Charlie looks pleased with the challenge.


Jacqueline said...

Fred's the baabee daddy, I say, Fred's the baabee daddy.

Sorry...I just had to go weird on you all.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even get my hopes up about actually SEEING Shelley. I thought it was going to be like when Dev visits Sunita.

Boy was I geeked to see her! So sorry to hear she's spawning Satan's baby. No word on whether she's changed her name to Rosemary or not.

And did she rock the Marilyn Monroe 7 Year Itch look or what?

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

I was pretty surprised to see our Shelly too!!! And yes she did look pretty good. I wonder if she's only back to get killed off by Charlie when h finds out about the baby.

Lots of cool things happening right now

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what Bev meant by "her other bridesmaid is on 'appy pills"? Who is the other bridesmaid? Claire? If so, Bev is cruel to say that about her but then Bev has a mean mouth. Shelley looked great...Wait until Tracy finds out about the baby and then Charlie's affair...She will go mental!!!!
Another Michigan Corrie Fan

Jackie said...

I agree, I it's Charlies baby! I hope that the deal to sell the bar to Liz and Steve falls through and Shelly and Bev and Fred all stick around.

I like Liz, but I just don't see her as the "owner".

Anonymous said...

I can't remember. What was the final story (were the final stories) that Charlie and Shelley told about their liason?

So is Shelley back in the picture for the next little while to work out this story line, do you think? Or are we just being teased for an episode or two until we learn Charlie isn't the real father?

Why is Bev having such a hard time getting rid of Fred, when poor Ashley must be up to his eyeballs trying to single-dad it and run the butcher shop at the same time?

Having accidentally seen a spoiler on youtube a few weeks back I unfortunately know what's in store for the Charlie/Tracy relationship (my eyes! my eyes!)

Westcoast fan.

Anonymous said...


Apparently there are TWO Corrie episodes on Monday night!

Not sure why...

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

There's an "Aboriginal stories" special on Thursday at 7pm so they're doubling up tonight.

Anonymous said...

Shelley told everyone she didn't sleep with Charlie, except Violet knew the truth.

She was ridiculed by Tracey and Charlie, but stuck to the "we didn't do it" story so her mother would not be upset.