Tuesday, July 03, 2007

‘So Long Ducks!’ – A Video Tribute

Oh Fred…oh Fred….

By far one of my favorites, with his Hitchcockian profile, wonderful overbite, affection for the Square Dealers and rotten luck with the ladies. Oh, the hand over his chest whenever he spoke or got a bit confused, the waving of the cigarette to make a point...all come together to make the magic that was Fred Elliot.

However, I'm sure he'll be best remembered for his own brand of English. I’ve been trying to find some classic Fred quotes that go beyond, I say, go beyond the Leghorn-ness we’ve all come to enjoy. For me, it wasn’t the repeating that made me love Fred’s speech, it was the particular way he chose his words.

He called everyone by their full names, such as ‘Devendra’, ‘Charles’, ‘Beverly’, or ‘Steven’.

When he ordered his drink it was, ‘A scotch and a threat’, but never too many before caring for ‘our Joshua’ and the ‘baabee’.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with too many more, so it’s probably more appropriate to let the man speak for himself. To that end, I give you a video tribute to Fred and the wonderful John Savident.

Just a note, if you feel like you’re getting weepy, remember what Fred would have said, "Ah'll not have it! Ah say, not have it!"

From 1997, classic, classic Fred - always the athlete.
I remember when Fred came on the show back in the 90’s, a close friend to Alf and fellow member of the square dealers, quietly running his butcher’s with his ‘nephew’.

By ‘eck, you’ve done wonders for my will to live!

FYI – the lady doing the dance is Maxine, Ashley’s late wife and mother to Joshua.

On the John Savident Side, Ever Consider Fred as a Nazi?

I will have you shot, I say, I will have you shot!

John Savident as John Savident
There’s a quick clip of John (along with other Corrie peeps) at the front of this video. It’s the opening night of Susie Blake (Bev) in ‘Wicked’.

There’ll be a little twinkle under everything.

(Sidenote, as I was watching this I was thinking how much Susan Blake and Haley Mills look alike...I had no idea they were related.)

Finally, two lovely tributes to our favorite butcher.

BET Tribute

Harry Hill Tribute – The Many Faces of Fred

I’ll just end with the last – but best Fred quote of all….

"Be happy, I say be happy."


Working From Home Today said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

As for Fredisms, I totally forgot about "Thee and me," as in: "Thee and me need to have a little chat."

Gregg Anderson said...

Nice work Jacqueline!! And yes I merely was forced to stay in Surrey ... for 7 years!!! Yikes!

Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

The BET Tribute.... ba ha ha! I always thought that Fred was secretly a black man.