Wednesday, June 13, 2007


To my fellow Corrie Canuck's time to get up guys, we're back at work.


Last night’s episode left us all with one burning question.

Does Liam only own one t-shirt?

Beyond ‘78’
Liam spends his whole time trying to convince Danny to let him into the factory and ducking behind sofas when there’s a knock at Frankie’s door.

Frankie and Liam decide to let Danny know about them so that he can have one bad day instead of dragging the pain of finding out half the factory is gone and so is his ex to one deliciously gorgeous raven hair god.

Anyway, Danny finally gives in and tells Liam that he can come into the factory to make coffee and take messages. They go to the pub to celebrate where Liam raises his glass and says, ‘Oh, and I schtumped your wife.’, and the runs like hell out of the Rovers.

Danny takes this surprisingly well in the sense that he doesn’t kick Liam back out on the street and expects him back at work the next day. Of course there’s a lot of chest puffing on both their parts in front of Frankie.

My god, that Frankie has a shit life, doesn’t she?

Greater Manchester Area Centre for Drug Addiction and Barking
Fred and Ashley visit Claire who’s playing a board game with her new fancy man, Cliff. They talk about her condition and discover that she still convinced the baby isn’t hers and that Ashley’s betrayed her.

They try to talk some sense into her, but to no avail. When asked later how her condition is, Fred replies, ‘Barking.’ (And Glacia giggles at the lack o’ tact.’)

Free Drinks, Free Meals and All the Gold Lame Clothing You Could Want
In one of my favorite scenes of the season, Liz and Steve discuss buying the bar. Oh dear readers, it was beautiful. I didn’t even hear what they said, I was too busy just looking at them.

Liz and her breasts in high heels smoking and Steve, opened shirt and what’s left of his hair pompadoured up leaning up against the car, fag in hand.

I could have watched that all night.

They get Fred to agree to sell the pub and Steve brags about how he will now have free drinks, etc AND he gets to live on his own again when Liz moves into the pub. Unfortunately, the bank wants them to make higher monthly payments before they’ll give them the mortgage, so Steve decides to give up his flat and move into the Rovers and once again, live with his mother.

Gee, I can’t help but thinking about Jim in prison when he hears the news. His dream of the McDonalds owning the Rovers finally coming true – except, well, he’s in the can.

Cheers go up all around when the punters hear the news and Norris asks Rita if she remembers when Sir Thomas Moore owned the pub. She tells him to get bent and compares him to Annie Walker (who owned the Rovers when the show began back in 1546) as someone else who thought they were above their station in life.

Fred, btw, was at first reluctant to sell the pub because feels they need to stay in Weatherfield for Ashley and Claire. Bev and Ashley talk him out of it and tell him that they need to get on with their lives, which he agrees.

Audrey, however, has a different p.o.v. on this and is worried that Fred was strong armed into moving at a time when he feels his family needs him.

The Stupid G.D. Pen Storyline
Rita wins a trip to Budapest and somehow Norris feels that she should give him the trip because he ‘understands’ Hungary more than she does and that the trip would be wasted on him.

She then calls him a pinhead, in Hungarian.

(BTW – I’ve put in an email to my friend to find out exactly what it is she called him.)

‘Home Improvements’
Tracey wants Charlie to come to town with her, but he tells her he needs to fix some stuff in Maria’s flat. He then goes over to ‘sort out her tiles’.

We see Maria and Charlie snuggling together and while he has to leave, he promises to come back and ‘tighten her taps’.

Later, Audrey gets notice about a seminar on the tanning product they're selling at the salon and decides to send Maria to Birmingham for the conference.

Maria is delighted that she gets two days in Birmingham and asks Charlie if he wants to join her while she ‘learns about tanning’.

Charlie ‘agrees’.

‘I wonder if he’d be willing to come to Toronto to ‘plaster my walls.’ ‘ ponders Glacia.

In Other News
I want Sean’s ‘Stray Cat’ t-shirt for my birthday.
Jamie continues to ignore Violet.
Rosie gives Craig a ring.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Rita just use the one word she knew in Hungarian -- goulash. Unless I wasn't watching carefully enough, I don't think Rita was calling Norris a "highly-seasoned Hungarian soup or stew of meat and vegetables, usually flavoured with paprika."


Jacqueline said...

You might be right. I thought I heard 'goulash' too, but then my ear for Hungarian isn't that great. It'd be way funnier if she actually came up with a word in Hungarian.

If it *was* goulash, my friend is really going to make fun of me.

GoBetty said...

I loved Steve's hair last night. Classic! Hilarious familial smoking scene.

Jacqueline said...

It had a certain 'duckworthian' quality about it. Flashback to Jack circa 1970.

Anonymous said...

I love your updates!! I also loved the scene between Steve and Liz. I get a kick out of her outfits. However if I wore the stuff she does I would get a huge MOM from my son and a what were you thinking? Does Tracey ever do anything else but ask Charlie to go shopping? I think Liam is HOT!!

Jacqueline said...

I would get a huge MOM from my son and a what were you thinking?

All the more reason for you to wear Liz-wear.

Anonymous said...

You know you're headed for a new era in Corrie history when the Rovers changes hands. Farewell, Fred Elliot, I say, Fred Elliot Era Rovers and Hello! Steve Flamin' Macdonald Era Rovers. It's been said before that Steve is the next Jack Duckworth and I don't disagree. He's turning into a middle aged curmugeon right before our eyes.

And by the way, I totally called Crazy Claire:

Anonymous said...

Steve is another of my favorite characters - he just adds a little extra 'funny' to everything he does. Like that scene quite a few episodes back in the office of Streetcars, when he was sitting in one of the wheeled chairs and made his way towards Eileen at the desk by a series of small forward pulls with his feet, and lots of elbow movement. Maybe some people think he's a bit over the top, but he just kills me.

Won't Liz be thrilled if Steve and Michelle become an item and Steve decides Michelle should live with the two of them? Tit for tat. Afer all Steve had to put up with Liz and Vernon getting it on in his flat (Yewchh!)

Westcoast fan

EPS said...

The actress playing Claire deserves an award. She has the role spot on.
I also wondered re: Liam's t-shirt. I thought that perhaps he had gotten a gross of the same shirt via his market stall unless he just sees (smells) no need to launder his clothes.
Violet needs to find herself a fellow worthy of her.
No Sarah Louise last night. What a relief!
Bev sure is a jealous, self-centered cow.

Great to have them all back on a week night. I do wish we could get double episodes until we catch up or, at least, get close to the UK.

Anonymous said...

Rita did say "Goulash". Tha actor who plays Liam is cute but he's a horrid actor! Steve will be the money man but Liz will come to think to think herself as owner...Just watch...She is a bossy one!I think the actress who plays Claire is great. It highlights a problem with mothers after giving birth. Oh yeah, anyone out there who would like a copy (FREE!) of The Official 40th Anniversary Coronation Street CD? it has the Corrie theme on it twice plus pop hits from the last 40 years? Leave your email address here and we can discuss me mailing to you! (From the UK...all free!)
Michigan Corrie Lover

Debbie said...

I gotta disagree with eps. I think Audrey is the jealous self-centred cow.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't see Audrey as being jealous at all. She's just there helping out, but every time Bev sees her she thinks she's trying to move in on Fred. Granted, Fred has a heart of gold, but the packaging's enough to put most women off, so I think Bev can breathe easy!

Westcoast fan

(London) Rob said...

Hi, I've just come back to Corrie Canuck after what seems months away (that's cause it WAS months!) - still bleary-eyed from watching hockey, hockey, hockey (damn, I thought the Red Wings should have won it all!).

Great update Jacqueline...your wonderful description of "Liz and her breasts in high heels". Tryin' to picture a pair of breasts in a pair of high heels...and "smoking" too!

OK, let me get this straight..."one deliciously gorgeous raven hair god"...this is Liam? I don't get it - doesn't anybody else out there but me think he's a shallow wanker?

The fact that Frankie seems to enjoy his attentions has forced me to re-evaluate her...downward! Sorry, she's lovely but lately she's been the classic dumb blonde batting her eyes, acting coy, and playing those dumb little games while trying to decide if she'll go out with the grinning, tee-shirted "god" that is Liam.

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Colour me confused! When did Charlie and Maria get back together? Last I saw he destroyed her flat and she called the cops. How did he win her back? This is what happens when I can't get up early enough on Sunday and I forget to set my VCR!

Nicole in Vancouver

GoBetty said...

Yeah, Charlie and Maria (Back? Together? Back together?). Huh? Where the hell is Nathan? Who in the hell are these brothers that own part of Underworld now? WHY is OldSkool fighting about going to Budapest? I'm REALLY confused but there's NO NEED to explain, I'm sure it's because of hockey and me consistently missing Sunday mornings and no longer having a PVR and not watching too much TV anymore anyway.

In my world, I turned the empty bedroom into Betty's Workout World. You all have FREE LIFETIME MEMEBERSHIPS. Your membership includes: use of the pilates ball, use of the one (1) set of 10 lb free weights, use of the tension band, use of the yoga mat, use of the P90X tapes, use of the chinup bar (which my g-f the welder is building!)... See youse there!

Anonymous said...

(London)Rob, yes, you are wrong.

Frankie is very smartly going to hook up with probably the best looking man to hit the street for a very, very long time.

Yeah, so she'll throw in a few 'after 20 years it's hard not to talk about Danny' comments (which are getting old), but then he'll just want her all the more.

Smart, smart, smart.

Does anyone else think Michelle really does use a pork chop on her hair? The only other person with hair that shiny black is Veronica of Archie comic book fame.

Does that make Liz Coronation Street's Betty?


Anonymous said...

Yes, gobetty, Charlie and Maria hooked up through some pact with Satan. I'm not really sure how that developed...

Oh, yes. Charlie wanted her. 'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Charlie + Maria = Workout with Satan! I will be there.

Nicole in Vancouver