Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Angry Chef Update


In Which Mr. Glacia Does a Lot of Screaming from the Kitchen
Last night’s episode had Mr. Glacia’s full attention and there were a lot of , ‘What!’ and ‘That guy’s a real bastard’ being shouted from the kitchen where the mushroom soup was being prepared.

I Was Drunk, 0h and a Bit of a Bastard Too.
Charlie makes it back home to the street and drops off Maria but not without telling her how he wants them to be a real couple. He then goes back to Tracey with an arm full o’ flowers which get smashed upside his head as Tracey screams about him cheating on her.

He quickly realizes that she’s talking about Shelly, not Maria and there’s a bit of relief on his face. Then…..a lot of shock at finding out that Shelly’s pregnant. He immediately goes into the ‘She’s lying’ routine, which Tracey shoots down and makes him admit that he did sleep with Shelly. He sits on the steps and makes his admission, ‘I was drunk.’

Tracey then goes into a fit about how he needs to make Shelly have an abortion as she’s not going to have his spawn walking around with Shelly as the mom. He tells her that he really can’t make her have an abortion, but Tracey brings up how he made her have an abortion and all she got out of it was half a pair of red shoes. She says that if he can’t get Shelly to have an abortion, she’ll leave him. (But wouldn’t that free him up to be with Maria?)

Back at the Rovers, Shelly is packing her bags and not sticking around for the wedding. Bev begs Shelly not to punish her for telling Deidre (‘I was drunk.’) by not attending the wedding. Shelly tells Bev that it has nothing to do with her, that she has to leave because it’s no longer safe around Weatherfield because Charlie knows.

Too right! Charlie finds her with suitcase in hand and throws her up against a wall (Mr. Glacia yells at the telly) and demands to know if it’s true. She tells him yes and he tries to bully her into an abortion because he knows that she’s going to try and child support from him for the next 20 years. She tells him that she’d actually pay him to stay out of her life and that the child is hers and has nothing to do with him and that he’ll never see his spawn.

Charlie seems…confused.

He tells Tracey that Shelly refuses to have the abortion, and of course, Tracey loses it completely. After a lot of screaming, Charlie tells not to worry because, ‘that baby is as good as dead.’

At this point I hear crashing in the kitchen as Mr. Glacia is aghast with shock. I take the opportunity to tell him what Bev said the previous day and there is more dropped ladles and butter knifes on the floor.

He tries to go back to his place, but Tracey has locked the door and told him that she’s kicked him out of the house. He reminds her that she can’t kick him out of his own place and she screams, ‘Just watch me!’ and slams the door in his face.

I Save Text Too!
Violet is really losing her mind about Jamie and continues to needle Sean about the situation. At one point when he’s in the bathroom, she picks up his cell phone and checks his messages.

There are a million gagillion from Jamie such as ‘Are you there?’, ‘Want to go for a drink?’ , ‘How about a movie?’, ‘Help! I’m stuck in a closet!’.

Violet freaks out and confronts Sean, who, rightfully so, is pissed that she read his messages. He does explain that the messages aren’t all from one day, but rather that he saves all messages from Jamie because he fancies him.

Violet gets the idea that Sean should make a pass at Jamie to find out whether or not he’s gay or not. Sean reminds Violet that Jamie is one of his straight mates and he can’t just make a pass at him. (Mr. Glacia nods and says that Sean shouldn’t have to risk sacrificing his relationship with Jamie.)

We leave with Sean looking like he might actually go along with this hair-brained scheme.

And Other Things Happened
Rosie and Craig are talking about their lives in the future and all the traveling they’ll do. She plays some kind of geographical trivial pursuit with him and it takes him awhile to get it. Hint: If it aint’ Dutch, it ain’t much.

With all the whispering going around Blanche is convinced that the family is getting ready to ship her off to an old folks home, so she explains the Italian model of geriatric care how the grandparents get to live with the children until the die, consuming as much grappa and calabrese as they can stand.

But at the bar, she realizes that something is amiss between Deidre and Bev…then between Bev and Charlie…then she says, ‘You and Bev daggers drawn. Her and Charlie the same. Tracy acting peculiar. I'm getting warmer, aren't I?"

I love Blanche.


Anonymous said...

I love Blanche too! May she live to be 100 and never leave The Street!

Didn't Charlie find out that Tracey's pregnancy wasn't real? So why is she throwing her pretend abortion in his face? (Not that I'm a Charlie fan - but that makes zero sense to me.)

I totally agree re: Sean and Jamie. It's ridic for Violet to expect Sean to damage his friendship with Jamie in this way.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I love how, before confessing his fling with Shel, for about 30 seconds, Charlie honestly didn't know what to do. This is the first time in ages that he hasn't controlled the situation. Wonder how long it'll last.

Jacqueline said...

I think she was suggesting that he made her have an abortion when he thought she was really pregnant.

It's all weird logic to me anyway.

I think Charlie was so g.d. confused after thinking that Tracey was talking about Maria and then realizing that it was one of his old sins that came back to bite him in that cute little tight ass of his.

papasmurf said...

I loved the scene when Shel told nasty boy Charlie that he was 'surplus to requiremnts'.

The smurfman has heard those words a few times himself...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sean's willing to risk his friendship with Jamie on the off chance that Jamie might be willing to 'switch buses' after all. I really don't understand why Jamie is behaving the way he is.

That confused look on Charlie's face when he thought Tracy was wise to him and Maria was priceless. But he is such scum. I love the new, strong Shelly. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

so I taped the show last night. Charlie walks into his house, Tracey hits him with the flowers, he looks confused, she starts yelling again...

and the screen goes blank.




And doesn't have it up yet.

Rats! Thank Gawd for corrie canuck.


Anonymous said...


Oh, NO! That's awful! Let me tell you - I got home from dinner with Dad at 10:40 last night, and still sat down to watch it before showering and going to bed.

I could not WAIT for the Tracey/Charlie explosion!

Missus, I feel your pain. Reminds me of the time I forgot to tape Cilla and Les' wedding. I was HEARTBROKEN! I had been looking forward to it so much!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

It always hurts to miss a pivotal CS. I missed the episode where Dougie Ferguson was left for dead by Richard Hillman thanks to a full tape not being rewound. Thanks to a snazzy new PVR this problem is no more, only BEV can rob me of my beloved Corrie. Praise be to the wonders of technology!

oh yeah, Blanche is getting some great lines lately. The line about her "Polish" hip was gold.

S. Poole