Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We've JUST Sobered Up in Toronto

Which is why the pubnight update took so long to post.

Full house at the Auld Spot last wednesday with Working from Home and spouse, the Greens, Lisa, Mr. Glacia and Kristen and Aaron. We talked about everything from Corrie, to Sporanos, to hockey, to cats in heat.

As a special bonus, I brought along the treat Flaming Nora (who's been letting us use her updates) sent us from En-gar-land. Chocolate! She sent us this great huge package and so we could even share with our waitress (who btw - is a dream of a waitress and should be behind the bar at the Rover's Return).

I wanted to take a pic of us all enjoying this, but our freakin' camera's battery was dead. So instead, here's a picture of the wrapper I saved and have been carrying around in my purse for the last week...


ALSO, she sent on the Julie Goodyear autobiography for us to share. I've had this in my mitts for a few weeks now and I'm ashamed to say that I'm just THAT slow of a reader. I'll plan a pub night for June and I'll pass it on then.


Oh, I'm also thinking of organizing a dinner at 'Yer Ma's Kitchen' sometime this summer. It's at the Dora Keogh on the Danforth, right beside Allen's. A full home cooked meal in this Irish kitchen/dining room for between 8 -14 people. It'll cost about $50 a head with drinks, but I've done this before and it's well worth it. So, keep that in mind and I'll organize that maybe for July.

So this is your cruise director, Glacia signing out.


Anonymous said...

Aw, wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Tunnocks products own me. I used to buy the caramel bar thingys and their tea cakes at London Drugs in BC, they are bloody heavenly!


S. Poole