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Again from the Lovely's the update from the weekend. I hope this is is all.

August 28, 2006

First off, many thanks for the birthday wishes that were winged my way across th’internet last week, they were all much appreciated. Regular readers of the updates who’ve been with me for years will be relieved to know that I continue to look as fresh and girly as I did all those years ago when we first started out on our weekly update adventure together and, ahem, I’m pleased to report no grey hairs or wrinkles. But now, without any further ado, here we go with this weeks’ Coronation Street update.

Jiltin’ Jason works to get back into Sarah’s good books and puts up posters up and down the street declaring his lurve for little Ms Platt. Or Splatt, as I like to call her. But when Sarah sees the posters she rips them all down and uses them to wrap up the odds and ends Jason has left at her house - DVDs, CDs, and the teddy bear necessities of life.

Amber starts work at Kev’s garage and Norris is first to complain that it’s an unsuitable role for a young girl when he spies her in her overalls. But a surprising friendship has sprung up between Norris and Amber, the two of them gossiping about anyone and everyone like a couple of old women. Amber asked him if he was ever a hippy, to which Norris replied no, he couldn’t get away with wearing sandals without socks. This could be an interesting partnership to keep a comic eye on. Dev’s not best pleased when he returns from a meeting with Sunita and the twins only to find out that Sunita’s gone and got herself another fella. Amber can’t help but feel relieved that Deve won’t be throwing her out of his life, not yet anyroad.

Claire’s still manically cleaning and re-cleaning the house, snapping at Ashley and pretending (I think) that her mum’s ill with cancer. Ashley takes the baby to register his name – Thomas Duncan Peacock – but Claire stays home and takes no interest in her newborn. She arranges to have lunch with Eileen but when the big lass turns up at high noon with butties and cakes, Claire hides on the floor and pretends she’s not in. Eileen suspects there’s something wrong with Claire - the lights are on, but no-one’s home.

Kirk books a cottage in the Peak District to take Fiz away on holiday after she complains to Rita that she’s fed up and frustrated. I love the way Fiz kicks out against the confines of the cobbles every once in a while. It’d be unnatural not to, don’t you think? Anyway, Molly and Tyrone tag along on the holiday but Kirk has to tell Maria that she’s not wanted so he puts it to his sister as subtly as Kirkeh knows how: “You can’t come!” after Molly says she’s not going if Tyrone’s ex is. Away from the cobbles in the country, Fiz wants to go walking and sight seeing but the rest of them want to go pubbing and drinking. She storms off with Monica (the greyhound, remember?) and Molly in tow and confides to her mate that Kirk is fast losing appeal.

The Croppers are having trouble coping with Craig in their flat. They’re not used to such a big, hefty teenager hanging around the house and Hayley gets herself into a state over not having enough time in the bathroom each morning to do all the things that a woman’s got to do. Roy’s all for drawing up a rota and the two of them get all panicked about sharing their space with Craig, who’s oblivious to it all.

When Underworld chuck out an old PC, Fiz and Kirk take it home for Chesney to use. The first thing he does is get on th’internet to play games but Roy tells him there’s money to be made from selling old tat on ebay and shows him how to do it. You can see where this is going already, can’t you? Yup, Cilla’s in dire straits and it can’t be long before she starts flogging off everything they own, including Les’ Status Quo LPs.

Charlie installs CCTV at the builders yard and trains it onto Maria’s front door so he can track her whereabouts as she flits hereabouts and thereabouts. She tries to cool it with Charlie and when he breaks into her flat to mess up the washing machine so it causes a leak, Maria calls out a plumber, trying to retain some distance from her lewd landlord. But Charlie’s not having this, he wants Maria totally dependent on him, just him, just like Shelley once was. So he breaks into her flat, smashes things up, breaks things and steals things and then when the cops arrive he’s round there offering tea and sympathy and says he’ll fix things up for Maria. She’s nervous about being in the flat on her own so calls Charlie round to help her out of her clothes and into bed. I hope they don’t drag this thing on for months like they did with Charlie and Shelley. I don’t think I could stand another three months of a decent actress wasted, playing “Menaced. Wearing Pjyamas” five times a week.

And in the Rovers, Betty and Liz keep a close eye on new barmaid Michelle who’s giving Steve McDonald the glad eye. Michelle’s also trying to keep her distance from feckless Vernon who’s hands keep wandering in Michelle’s direction. She’s not best pleased about it at all although Liz thinks Michelle is a huge flirt, trying to steal away both her fella and her son.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I love that Amber is working for Kevin. It gets her out of the cornershop and more out in the street where she can interact with more characters. You tend to see the garage more than the shop so it gives her more visibility (they did something similar with Sean that they gave him a second job at Rovers because he was so popular). I know it's just for summer but it's a good start.

And more women should be working in the skilled trades, anyway. There are truckloads of cash to be made there.

Jacqueline said...

The sound of Glacia flipping through the Yellow Pages under 'Trade Schools' whilst wiping her nose with a U of T degree.

Anonymous said...

See? Amber's a role model already.

Anonymous said...

Amber and Norris hooking up to keep tabs on the street is going to be glorious!

Claire really is giving Ashley a dance. Does anyone really believe her mother is ill? How long will it take before anyohe else notices she is ill? Or maybe just plain weird?

I thought Charlie was many things, but not a stalker. Creepy, creepy.


Anonymous said...

I hope this Clair thing doesn'd drag on too long. Personally I find the character extremely annoying. How clueless is Ashley and everyone else? Doesn't anyone notice how she never seems to pick up the baby let alone feed him and will leave him with anyone who is stupid enough to provide free babysitting service. There are enough experienced mothers on the street that should notice how ODD her behaviour is.

Jacqueline said...

I've never been too much of a Claire fan (except when she threw the bachelor party for Les) she's just creeping me out.

I noticed too that she's not picking up the baby.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about Clare's behavior and that other mothers should notice.

I think the fact that she is still quite involved in Josh's life probably fools a lot of people.

BTW, are Fred and Bev gone to visit Shelley? Can't recall. Those two would probably be the first to notice.

Ang said...

Thanks for posting the update. I was only able to catch the last hour on Sunday. What on earth is going on with Claire. Post partum or something? what is she going to do with that baby? I hate waiting to find out now lol and I'll miss this coming Sunday :(