Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thunder Bay Pingfest of May 16, 2007

Some old school Coronation Street fans got together this evening at The Fox & Hedgehog in Thunder Bay for a few bevvies and some conversation about life in Weatherfield. From left to right are Marion, Alicyn, Betsy and Mike. Papa Smurf was passed out on the floor already, as is his wont. It turns out that these northern fans of the show are wonderful people, not the crazed killers that MJ thought they might be. All those present have all been watching the forever, and three members of our group have been to the Coronation Street set - Mike and Betsy have been three times, and they brought along a delightful collection of photos and autographs from various cast members they have met on their visits.

The photo on the left (I chose this one for you Jacqueline) is of the leopard skin coat that Bet Lynch wore during her time on the show. The middle pictures are of Mike and Betsy in front of The Kabin. The framed pictures include Mike and Betsy with Bruce Jones (Les Battersby), Sean Wilson (Martin Platt), Denise Welsh (Natalie Horrocks Barnes) and Johnny Briggs (Mike Baldwin) giving Betsy a snog on the cheek.

We have made plans to meet on a regular basis for more good company and conversation, so if anyone wants to join us, we will let you know the time and place. Naturally any of you big city types who want to breathe some fresh pure air for a change or meet some opera singers you are welcome to join us as well.


Jacqueline said...

NICE! I hope these are new readers to Corrie Canuck too!

Glacia pets the part of the computer screen that holds Bet's jacket.

GoBetty said...

How was last night in Toronto?

MJ said...

How do you know they're not shape-shifters?