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Sunday's Update - Anne, Margaret, Martin, Richard, Ted and Alice

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This week brought to us Anne, Margaret, Martin and Richard.


Welcome to Monday's second episode, delayed only by two agricultural shows (South Ronaldsay and West Mainland) and a concert by Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham. Sorry.

Danny's in the police station, having a go at the police for dragging him out of the work and embarrassing him in front of his employees. He points out that he looked after his father through his final illness. "You don't half like the sound of your own voice," the policeman says. "Maybe it's a cockney thing." Danny asks if they're going to lock him up for being a Londoner. "Sadly, it's not an option," the policewoman says. The policeman explains that they've spoken to Mike's UK and Spanish solicitors. The Spanish one has confirmed the existence of a second will. Danny says he had no knowledge of that. The police are not convinced. They plan to talk to Leanne, but Danny says he has no idea where she is.

Cilla is going on about Sally and tells Chesney she doesn't want him hanging around with the Webster kids. The gate open and Sally waltzes in to ask if Chesney picked up anything from her house. "If you did, Ches, go and have a bath so we don't all catch it," Cilla says. Sally asks him straight if he took five pounds, which Chesney denies. Les leaps to Chesney's defence. "If this lad says he's done nothing, that's good enough for us!" he says. "Now clear off!" Once Sally's gone, Cilla and Les ask Chesney if he took the money. He denies it again. "Good," says Cilla. "But if I find out you did, lad, I'll kill you myself." Poor Chesney looks hurt.

Sean is in the cafe bringing Frankie and Roy up to date on Danny's being carted off by the police. Janice is there looking at the menu. She tells Sean she's sick of everyone going on about Leanne and Danny. Her phone goes and she goes outside to talk to Leanne, telling her to stay put in Spain because the police are involved. "If they're gonna collar Danny, they're going to come after you next."

Danny is still protesting that he didn't know anything about the will until the Barlows came waving it under his nose. The police say that once they've had a chat with Leanne, they might want to see his bank accounts and books. "So, don't be going anywhere, will you."

Rosie and Craig are sitting on a bench with some chips. Rosie isn't eating. Her phone goes and, once again, it's Laura. She walks away from Craig to talk to her friend. David sits by Craig and they agree to go to Roy's. "I hate to say it's getting boring, but. . . " "It's getting boring," David finishes.

Rita stops Sarah and Jason outside the Kabin. She rushes in and brings out a butterfly brooch she's giving to Sarah because it's old and it's blue.

At the Websters', Sophie is feeling guilty, though Cameron seems to have no conscience. Sophie says she took the money to buy cigarettes, but she can't let Chesney get done for something she didn't do. Cameron tells Sally he has to go and Sally cross-examines Sophie about whether or not something is wrong. Sophie mutters that they were talking about a girl at school.

"Violet," says Kirk. "You're a woman." Violet is flattered that Kirk's noticed, but Kirk wants a woman's opinion about what to get Sarah and Jason for a wedding present. Adam is in the pub telling Fizz and Joanne that he's not just a kid. Ken comes over and Adam tells him about the police taking Danny. He says he decided to make a formal complaint, though Ken thinks it's a bit early for that.

Cilla is building up a good head of steam. "We're going round!" she tells Les and Chesney. "I'm sick of us being fobbed off like some lower form of life." She's also sick of Chesney being accused of being a thief, whether he is one or not. "I'm not," an indignant Chesney points out. The menfolk reluctantly get up and follow Cilla.

Cilla hammers on the Websters' door. "What about an apology?" she snarls as Sally opens the door. Sally says she'll accept one, along with a five pound note. The shouting is getting louder when Sophie tells them all that she took the money. That shuts them up, especially Sally. "Ooh-er," says Cilla. "Who's a tea-leaf now, then?" Chesney asks Sally if they can go inside. "So we're not all standing out here being embarrassing."

Danny knocks on the door and Ken answers. He goes inside to have a go at Adam. Ken says he understands Danny is upset, but he has to realise there are frustrations on both sides here. Adam says Ken had nothing to do with it. "No, because grandad ain't as small-minded and vindictive as you," Danny points out. Ken says all the threats have come from Danny so far. "So don't start coming all righteous and hard done by now." Adam says he might drop the charges under the right circumstances. "Twenty-five per cent," Danny offers, though he says he must be mad. Adam refuses, which makes Danny indignant. Ken asks for half an hour. Danny says he'll be in the factory, but in exactly 31 minutes he's going home.

Les suggests they all sit down like civilised people. "That'll be a first!" snipes Sally. Sophie shuts her up and apologises, saying she just wanted to buy some fags for her and Cameron. She says she didn't want to get Chesney into trouble. "I just did it, that's all." Chesney speaks up: "I'd never steal anything from your house, Mrs Webster." Cilla looks very smug. "I hope you're proud of yourself, Webster," she tells Sally. "Cause your kids are so special, aren't they. Not like us common folk." Les shuts her up. "This is not the time for crowing, my sweet," he says, in a tone of voice more suited to "Shut up, you stupid cow." Kevin arrives home and wants to know what's going on. Sally says Sophie will explain. "But I just want to say I'm sorry," she tells the Battersby-Browns. "And I'm sorry if I disturbed you earlier." Cilla makes a dive for her handbag and starts fumbling with the zip. "I could be recording this on me mobile phone!" she says. Les drags her out.

Danny knocks on Frankie's door, but she's got no sympathy for him. He says he might have broken a few rules in his time, but that doesn't make him a mass murderer. "What are you telling all this to me for?" asks Frankie. Danny looks slightly stunned. "Well, who else am I gonna tell?" "Answer that and you'll be half way to figuring out what your real problem is," Frankie tells him, shutting the door in his face.

Craig tells David he's sick of Rosie going on about the holiday and Laura and milky coffee. Roy tells Craig there may yet be unsold sandwiches. "Have you got any pies?" Craig asks brightly. "I can see you've got a future in industrial arbitration," Roy jokes. Rosie comes in, demanding to know why Craig went running off. "I can't believe Laura keeps ringing me," she says, and starts going on about the holiday again. She says there were boys chasing Laura. Craig asks what she would have said if someone approached her. Rosie reels off something in French. All I could get was "Excuse me sir," "very nice" and "in England". "Nope, you've lost me!" Craig says. He turns away and asks Roy if he wants the dishes put in the sink.

Danny stops Janice in the street to ask where Leanne is. She won't tell him.

In the pub, Sarah and Jason arrive to be greeted by their pals. Fizz says she and Hayley are poised ready to make any changes to Sarah's dress. Except Jason points out they can't afford the dress. Molly says Rita's going to donate some invitation cards. "You know," says Sarah, "everybody is being so nice." Gail comes in. "Oh, I meant nearly everybody," Sarah adds. "Did I miss something?" asks Gail. Rita tells her: "It's a choice you've obviously made, love." Gail decides she shouldn't have come out and leaves.

Adam and Ken leave the house. Adam has come to some kind of decision. "If he doesn't like it, we come straight out, no arguments," Ken warns.

Sophie is crying. She says Cameron just ran away. In tears, she leaves the room and Sally sits on Kevin's knee (yes, really). They agree it's not a good way to get your heart broken.

It's showdown time at the OK Knicker Factory. The doors slam open, just like saloon doors and Ken and Adam walk across the floor with a measured pace. Danny walks out to meet them. Adam is prepared to forget about the second will and any other court action in return for 40 per cent. "You're having a laugh," Danny says. "Thirty." Ken and Adam turn to leave. Danny stops them. He tells them they can have the 40 per cent if they drop any other claims against Mike's estate apart from the factory." He says he'll draw up a nice proper contract. "Just so long as we don't have to shake on it," a reluctant Adam says. Ken says he thinks they should shake. They do and the Barlows leave. "If you listen, Adam, you might just hear Mike turning in his grave. Well, it's either that or he's applauding." A beaten Danny comes out behind them and watches them go.

The End.
Margaret Carr

Wednesday 9 August

Adam has gone to the factory that he now has a 40 percent share in. Just as he's asking Joanne to come out and celebrate with him that evening, Danny appears, obviously irritated to see him. "Do you want something?" he asks, curtly. Adam tells him he wants his 40 percent. Danny tells him his legal man is on to it, he hasn't got anything to worry about. "Now, do you mind?" says Danny, trying to get rid of him. Adam says he might just stick around, he's got every right. Keen for him to leave, Danny tells him they'll discuss the whys and wherefores tomorrow.

Clutching a plastic carrier bag, Sarah catches up with Hayley in the street, excited to show her the dress she's just bought for her wedding. Audrey comes along and when she sees it she is aghast to see that it's obviously several sizes too big. Sarah tries to explain that it was last minute, there wasn't a lot of choice….. Audrey asks what shop it was that would sell Sarah something so obviously the wrong size, she'll go and give them a piece of her mind. Embarrassed Sarah confesses that it was the charity shop. Hayley butts in – "We can remodel it," she says, "a bit of nip and tuck here and there it'll be right as rain." Jason comes along, "What's this you've bought me?" he jokes, grabbing at the bag as they tell him he mustn't look, it's bad luck. As they all stand around laughing, who should be coming along but Gail, with an expression on her face that would turn milk sour. (Seems to be her usual expression these days.) Audrey and Hayley go on their way, leaving Sarah confiding to Jason that she's worried that everyone will be laughing at her on their wedding day, wearing her charity shop dress. Jason, bless him, tells her that whatever she wears it will take his breath away, "'Cos you're gorgeous and I love ya!" he says.

It's the end of the day at the factory. As Sally moans to Janice about her stiff shoulders and clicky wrist from slaving over a hot sewing machine all day, Danny asks her if she hasn't got a home to go to. "Fish fingers to fry or something?" he says. "Personally I prefer to use the grill, Mr. Baldwin," says Sally primly, as she leaves. Danny then complains bitterly to Janice about how he has been stitched up, first by Leanne and then by a 'floppy haired teenager'. (Someone else has noticed Adam's awful haircut!) Janice is amazed to hear that he struck a deal with the aforementioned floppy haired one. She tells him that he can't go blaming Leanne, she's now abroad and can't come back. He tells her that she and Leanne could be in very serious trouble for perverting the course of justice. Janice tells him it was nowt to do with her, although she admits that Leanne might have been doing some ducking and diving. "Exactly," says Danny, "and I'm the one that's paying the price." (He seems to have conveniently forgotten that he did actually shred the original second will).

Sally has gone over to the garage to meet Kevin as he locks up for the night. She moans about the fact that they've hardly seen Rosie since she got back, and decides they ought to have a 'family night' in with a takeaway, and spend some 'quality time' together. They then run into Rosie and Craig and Sally puts this to her. Rosie seems less than delighted by the prospect of a night 'Chez Webster' and says she's going to Craig's mate's house. Eventually she agrees to get home for half past seven, and asks if Craig can come too. "Yeah, course," says Sally, although her face and voice say otherwise. Craig is quick to pick this up and says he's got other things to do. Smiling broadly, Sally and Kevin continue their way home.

Sarah is putting up the hem on Bethany's bridemaid's dress. Gail comes downstairs with her po-face on. "Look Gran, I'm a princess!" says Bethany, but Gail doesn't comment. She's then horrified to see that Sarah is actually sticking the hem up with sticky tape. "It'll come down and look a mess," she says. (She cares?) Sarah tells her that this is to work out how long to do it, and that Hayley or Fizz will be sewing it for her. "You know, my friends, the people who do want me to be happy." Gail turns around and goes back upstairs.

Sally and Kevin are writing the list of what to get from the Indian takeaway, as Rosie and Craig sit in the squat in Diggory's old shop. She's busy texting Laura, until Craig gets fed up and snatches the phone out of her hand, saying he's sick of her getting messages every thirty seconds. "Oh sorry!" huffs Rosie, "I'll switch the sound off!" and she puts the phone down. He tells her she's hardly said two words to her and she was meant to be home about half an hour ago. She just turns around and starts kissing him.

In the pub, Adam puts drinks in front of Deirdre, Ken and Blanche, telling them he handed in his notice to Penny King. He then went to the police and withdrew his complaint about Danny. Blanche remarks that she would have made a good police officer, but Ken thinks she would have been more at home in the Gestapo. Deirdre tells him that if they're going to be working together, he and Danny are going to have to get on. Adam says he'll go in to work and go home when he feels like it, and take the money and run.

Fred tells Bev that he's found them a holiday cottage just a mile away from where Shelley is. He thinks they could have a look at property while they're there, it would be a nice part of the world to retire to. Bev sees retirement and one step closer to the grave, so Fred says she can carry on working, he's always fancied being a kept man.

Maria is coming back from doing a bit of late night shopping, when she meets Charlie. They flirt a bit with each other, and she tells him she's been buying throws and cushions for the new flat.

Sally and Kevin are waiting in vain for their errant daughter to return, and Sally throws the cold Indian meal in the bin. They can't get any answer from her mobile phone, and Sally realises that they don't have a clue where she is, they don't know which mate of Craig's they've gone to, they don't have a phone number, address or anything. Sally is starting to get worried, but Kevin tells her he's sure Rosie will be home soon.

Danny meets Frankie in the street, and starts to tell her that it was her remarks about Mike and the will that got him to change his mind. "So the thought of you being sent down for the rest of your natural had nothing to do with your change of heart?" she asks him. He admits that being dragged down the nick did tend to focus the mind but he did fee guilty. "You telling me did know about this will all along?" snaps Frankie. "No, no, of course not," says Danny and then says he didn't want her to lose the villa after everything he put her through.

Sally and Kevin are phoning round, trying to track Rosie down, without success. Sally points out that Rosie is just 15, they should know where she is. "Just because Craig is a law unto himself, she thinks she can carry on like that an' all," she says, and thinks they'll have to stop them seeing each other. Kevin points out that that didn't work last time.

Meanwhile, Rosie and Craig are asleep.

Walking down the Street, Danny notices lights on in the factory, and goes to investigate. Inside, Audrey, Fizz and Hayley are helping Sarah with her dress. "What the hell…..?" he says as he comes across the little group, "are you two moonlighting or what?" Hayley apologises and says she did mean to ask him. He then tells them to relax, he can see they're on a mission of mercy. Sarah says she didn't mean to get anyone into trouble. "At ease, Bambi," says Danny, "I love a bit of romance as much as anyone." He remarks that the dress is a bit big, "looks a bit like one of Hattie Jacque's cast offs!" "Hattie who?" queries Fizz. Sarah says it was all she could afford, but Danny says that Fizz and Hayley will get it looking peachy in no time. Audrey then offers him a mug of champagne. "I thought you'd never ask Audrey," says Danny, "and call me Danny." Hayley points out how the dress is now taking shape, "Do you feel better?" she asks. "Yes," says Sarah, "I do." Audrey then twitters how those are the words she'll be saying to her new husband on Monday.

Outside, Maria joins David eating chips on the bench, whilst Sally is still looking for Rosie. Gail tells her they're all selfish at that age, her Sarah was just the same. Sally tells her that Rosie is going to be grounded til the next millennium. She wonders if David might know where Craig is staying. David and Maria walk on, and when they get to the pub he tries to get her to go in and bring him out a pint, but just then Gail sees him and calls him over.

In the Rovers, Bev asks Liz how she feels about acting as manager while they're away, and tells her that Fred is thinking about retirement. Liz confesses that she would love to be able to retire, she'd do a course in making shoes, she loves shoes!

Maria has joined Charlie and Jason in the pub. Charlie asks her when they can expect Sarah to show up, and Maria explains she's having her dress altered. Maria tells him that they don't usually get on, so it's strange being her bridesmaid, but she'd like to make it special for her. "Ah," says Charlie, flirting with his eyes at her, "sweet!"

David is writing out a list of Craig's friends' phone numbers, and Craig's mobile number. Sally and Gail commiserate with each other over their respective daughters.

Back in the factory, Sarah's dress now fits her perfectly and looks wonderful! Audrey hugs her and says she brings a tear to her eye, Sarah is sad that her mum won't see her in it.

Back at the squat, Craig's phone buzzes as Rosie sleeps on. He picks it up and puts it under his pillow.

Sarah, Audrey, Hayley and Fizz have joined Jason, Maria and Charlie in the pub. Charlie presents Jason with an envelope, he's paid for them to spend their wedding night in the honeymoon suite of a posh hotel, four poster bed, champagne, roses – the lot! Maria gazes at him with admiration as they all toast the happy couple.

Sally has finally managed to speak to Daniel's mum, she hasn't seen Craig for weeks. Sally and Kevin then start to despair, they don't know where Rosie is and have no way of finding her. Sally can't sit at home any more, and goes off out to look for her. As they walk down the Street, the little wedding party spill out of the pub, singing "I'm getting married in the morning!" as Gail, with a face like a smacked backside, looks out of her upstairs window. Sally and Kevin stop in the middle of the road. "What are we supposed to do!" says Sally, distraught. "Our daughter is out there somewhere and we haven't got a clue where she is!"

Anne Logan

Friday 11 August

Sally and Kevin have had a sleepless night, worrying about Rosie. They decide to report her missing and Sally takes a photo with her. Kevin goes over to the garage to tell Tyrone he'll be late and Sally goes off to ask around the neighbours.

Charlie and Jason are doing some truck-loading outside the yard and Jason is full of the joys of the nearly-married. Nearby, Vernon and Liz step out of the cafe after breakfast. He wants Liz to take some time off, but she doesn't want to let down Bev. Maria comes out of her flat and Charlie gives her the eye. Then he suggests to Jason that he and Sarah have a combined stag and hen do. He even offers to get the first round in. Jason can't understand why Charlie has been nice to him twice in two days.

Around in Coronation Street, Sally talks to David and Maria about Rosie. "I didn't sleep a wink," she tells them.

This is not the case with Rosie, who is just waking up. "Oh my god, I am so dead," she tells Craig. She looks at her mobile phone. "They've left hundreds of messages. They must be frantic!" Craig says to wait and he'll come with her, but it's too late. She's out the door.

Kevin, for some reason, is at home, making a cuppa. No, I don't know why they didn't go to the police station. The door slams and for a second he thinks it's Rosie, but it's Sal. He doesn't have time to be disappointed, though, because next thing Rosie comes through the back door. Sally starts in with the "You don't give a damn about us. All you care about is yourself," accusations. Kevin shouts at her that they were about to go to the police. "We had visions of this on the front page of every newspaper in the country," he shouts, waving the photo at her. "'Missing girl' -- worse." Rosie tries to apologise but can't get a word in. She rushes past them, almost in tears.

At the salon, Charlie comes in to see Sarah. "How do you fancy a party?" he asks her. When Sarah rushes off excitedly to talk to Jason about it, Charlie asks Maria if she can give him a hand to get things organised. As he leaves, he can obviously hear behind him: "You know what, I don't care what people say about him, I think he's dead sweet." He smirks.

In the factory, they're discussing food when Adam walks in. "Morning slackers," he says cheerfully, heading into the office with Danny. Sean is waiting for something to hit the fan, but Joanne says it's all sorted.

In the office, Danny hands him a contract to sign, though Adam wants his lawyer to check it first. "Don't want you pulling any of your cockney barrow-boy stunts," he says. They snipe at each other, with Danny accusing Adam of never working for his living. Sean comes to the door and says there's a problem with one of the machines.

Kevin and Sally are having a late breakfast. Rosie comes in to apologise. "I just fell asleep. End of." They press her for details of where she was. Kevin wants his name, address, telephone number. "We're not going through another night like the last." Rosie admits Craig is living "across the road". They assume she's lying about the Platts putting him up, but she says he's in the old bakery. No wonder they were confused. Diggory's bakery is down the street, around the corner and across the road! Kevin and Sally are not happy.

Danny is leaning over Sean's sewing machine when Adam appears on the new mezzanine floor above the sewing room. He tells them he's now a partner and wants them all to call him Mr Barlow. "What about Joanne?" asks Janice. "Especially Joanne," he says. Danny tries to stop Adam coming across as a good guy and tells the workers they'll celebrate in the Rovers tonight and the drinks are on him.

Claire is serving up brioche for lunch, though neither Fred nor Ashley seems excited about this. No, I have no idea where Joshua is and why he's not having lunch with them. She settles down with a big recipe book to choose something a bit different for dinner. Eileen's coming round. "Game pie with mushroom foam," she reads. Fred's never heard of mushroom foam. "Look like cuckoo spit," she tells him. "Think I'll give that one a miss." She tells the menfolk she feels a bit sorry for Eileen. "Seems to me your mothering instinct has gone into overdrive," Fred says. "Fred," replies Claire. "Sit up straight and eat your sandwich."

Maria and Charlie are putting up the birthday banner in the Rovers, with Vernon doing the "left hand up a bit" lines. He suddenly shouts "Fire!" which those of you with a UK-television background will realise is a reference to a TV programme in the olden days called "The Golden Shot." Steve comes in. Vernon's clearance letter has arrived, which means he is now officially a taxi driver. And he can start straight away. Vernon tries to wriggle out of it, but Steve and Liz have him firmly pinned. Liz is worried by the sight of Charlie behind the bar. Bev assumed Liz had asked him to help. Meanwhile, Charlie and Maria are on to the balloon-blowing part of the job. As they huff and puff, Maria tells Charlie she thinks Tracy will get him down the aisle. "She always seems to get what she wants." He looks her in the eye and smiles that attractive smile he uses. "So do I."

Sally and Kevin have taken Rosie over to the bakery. They're horrified by the place and Sally points out to Craig that it's totally unnecessary. "We offered you a bed at our house." Sally threatens to tell Keith. "Actually, it's none of your business," Craig tells her. But Kevin shouts that it is their business if Rosie is staying there. They say Craig can see Rosie at their place but not at the bakery.

Kirk is with his pals in the pub, thinking about a possible future wedding. He and Fizz would have the do at the planetarium, with everyone dressed up in space-age costumes. Sean points out that this would involve a lot of Lycra. "Lycra can be very unforgiving," he says. Audrey and Gail come in. Audrey thinks the place looks lovely. Gail thinks they're just doing it to annoy her. Eileen is at the bar asking Bev what she's got that's 50 per cent proof. "I've got some nail varnish remover in my handbag," Bev says. Eileen would be happy but doesn't think Ashley and Claire would like it. "Bottle of red wine it is, then," Bev says. Eileen leaves just as the happy couple arrive for their party. Audrey is thrilled to see how happy Sarah and Jason are. "Are you just trying to make me feel worse?" asks Gail. Audrey tells her to give this up. "It's not too late." "I can't," says Gail. "You mean you won't," Audrey points out.

Sally is laying the table while she and Kevin rant on (to each other) about how dangerous and stupid it is for Craig to live at the bakery. Sally admits that it's dead romantic, really. She says Craig needs to be somewhere they can keep an eye on him. She wonders if Roy and Hayley would take him in.

Steve and Vernon arrive at the pub. Vernon has decided he's not cut out for working with the general public. He helped an old biddy up ten flights of stairs, lugging all her shopping, and she paid him in 2p pieces. In a booth, Molly tells Tyrone her dad has put the house up for sale. There's a flat over the shop in Chorlton. Tyrone is depressed at this. He'll never see Molly. Sarah, a bit the worse for drink, goes to ask her mother to have a drink with her. Gail refuses and stalks off home. Back in the booth, Jason makes a speech. He tells everyone that Sarah has hair like a shampoo advert and is the most wonderful, gorgeous, annoying woman he's ever met. And she's got the cutest little toes he's ever seen. At the window end of the booth, Tyrone asks Molly to move in with him -- once he's cleared it with Jack and Vera. Charlie and Maria have a quiet chat. She's wondering when it might be her turn to get married. Charlie smiles understandingly and pats her hand.

Claire tells Hostess Trolley disaster stories, Ashley tries to remember what days they used to eat what ("Sausage and mash on a Monday, corned beef on a Tuesday"), and Eileen bemoans the amount of choice in the supermarkets. "You stand there like a rabbit caught in the headlights." They're talking at triple cross-purposes! Claire offers dessert and Eileen asks if she can help, so she's delegated to feed the baby.

In the pub, Fred suggests Vernon lay off the beer. When Fred mentions how busy they'll be with the wedding, Vernon suggests Michelle, the singer with the band. Fred says he'll run it past Liz, but Vernon says there's no need because Liz and Michelle are best mates. (Hah!)

The hens and stags stagger out into the street. Sarah tries to tell Charlie that he's the loveliest, kindest man . . . but Jason interrupts, because she's supposed to say that about him. Everyone goes, leaving Charlie and Maria together. He thanks her for her help. Suddenly, she kisses him, but he stops her. "Take it easy, Maria, I'm not a free man." Embarrassed, she walks away.

The End
Margaret Carr

Sunday 13 August
A very good day from a rather wet London (well it was at time of writing). We have been waiting for this for weeks!! So macs on umbrellas up and here we go!

Charlie turns up in his van just as Maria is waiting for a bus sitting on the pavement (did her mother never tell her about sitting on cold surfaces, let alone getting her skirt dirty?!). She tells him that some post has arrived for him. He suggests coming round this afternoon, but she will be out shopping. However, she suggests as he has a key, he could let himself in and pick it up.

Adam comes down with Joanne, looking a bit hungover (or was it worn out ?!). Deirdre suggests that he takes it easy as he starts at Underworld the next day. Adam confirms that he has no intention of exerting himself, inasmuch as he will get 5% of the profits for doing nothing.

Hayley is busy sewing up Bethany's bridesmaid dress. Sarah invites her mother round to see all the dresses, but Gail refuses. She still does not approve. Amongst other things they are both so young, and Jason has messed her around.

Over at chez Grimshaw, Jason is trying to persuade his mother to come to the weather. Sean even has a go at her, saying how she will always regret it if she doesn't go. However Eileen is obstinate and won't be moved. She reads out his horoscope from the paper which refers to him being "easily led". Jason doesn't believe her.

Blanche comes back from the car boot sale, which she has been to with Ken (bet he really enjoyed that!). She relates that he has no idea what to do. He wanted to buy something from the first stallholder. She explains that you have to go right around the sale making notes and then come back again. Hardly drawing for breath, she notes that Joanne is there again. Then she suggests that the family go to the Rovers to celebrate Adam starting at Underworld. Adam explains he is going shopping with Joanne. Joanne is willing to forgo that and join them at the Rovers. Blanche remarks "oh, you are coming too".

Danny sees Frankie sweeping up outside the cafe. He is surprised she is doing such tasks, but she likes to keep her hand in ! He offers her a drink at the Rovers, but she wonders (in amusement) whether he could still afford it. He jokes that he could just about.

Todd rings Jason (we don't actually hear his voice), to wish him all the best of luck for the wedding. Jason tells his mother that even after what Todd and Sarah went through together, he is still able to give them his blessing.

Eileen sees Gail in the street. They decide to commiserate together over a drink … guess where?!

Gail is looking forward to a caravan holiday, but she says she is not leaving Rosie alone in the house. Kevin breaks it to her, that he has an important client and a job which will mean he will not be able to come. He insists the rest of the family ought to go.

Charlie is wandering around in Maria's flat. He is turning over books, papers and CDs. He then pulls a couple of fuses out of the mains supply.

In the park Sarah and Bethany are playing on the swings. Jason tells Bethany that tomorrow he will tell everybody how much he loves her mummy (aah, sweet !).

Eileen tells Gail that she has nothing personal against Sarah and Gail says the same about Jason (so why don't they approve then?!).

Vernon is in the Rovers and in comes Michelle (the attractive singer in his band). She is going to start work. Liz is surprised as nobody has told her about it. She is not too happy about it. Fred and Vernon both make their excuses to leave.

Maria comes back to her flat and finds the electric kettle won't work (wouldn't have anything to do with the missing fuses would it?!).

Sarah and Jason are in the pub and see their mothers, but decide to ignore them.

Charlie gets a phone call, he says although it is Sunday he will come over. (Who is going to guess who the phone call was from ?!).

Liz tells Jason and Sarah that she is sure that their mothers will change their minds by tomorrow. She then offers them a drink.

Adam is worried about working with Danny. Blanche doesn't trust him, she says "he's as slippery as his father" (ouch !) .

Michelle (creates a pleasant view as she leans over to talk to Sarah and Jason), she wants to know why their mothers are so miserable.

Charlie arrives at Maria's flat and manages to fix the "problem". She is very grateful to him and offers him a drink. Charlie plays hard-to-get. Charlie plays hard-to-get. (sorry I had to repeat that as it is a little out of character!) , but redeems himself by saying "there is always tomorrow".

Danny comes into the Rovers, and Adam takes no time to have a snipe at him. Danny snipes back. Adam says he wants to send flowers to Leanne to thank her. Danny hopes he will be that sharp when he starts work.

Jason and Sarah make a final (?) appeal to their respective mums. Gail says she would be a hypocrite if she came along.

We leave the couple outside the Rovers with Sarah crying her little heart out, and Jason trying to comfort her by saying that as long as she and Bethany are there, that is all that matters.

Martin Rosen

Monday 14 August

Well soaps are a different reality to my world and therefore when I get to write an update I have to remember that the normal laws of relativity no longer apply. So inevitably Gail and Eileen are bound to remain in agreement with each other throughout the wedding, and of course how many soap weddings actually run smoothly - indeed can you remember a single one where the start and the finish were simple and straightforward and there was a direct link between the couple getting married and living happily ever after?

I am only dealing with the events prior to the ceremony, my colleague Katie who will no doubt be along shortly will bring matters to their inevitable conclusion.

Tonight's episode was written by Damon Rochefort and directed John Anderson by with copyright remaining with ITV Productions to whom many thanks.

We open with Jason smiling across the road to Sarah in her bedroom as Gail leaves the house to go to work, ignoring everyone and everything with a real scowl on her face. Obviously seeing the bride on the day of the ceremony no longer engenders any bad luck. Charlie emerges from his house as Maria passes on her way to prepare Sarah for her big day. He takes the opportunity to make her laugh.

Ken suggests that Adam should be heading for work - he is wearing a scruffy T shirt and jeans and when Ken suggests a change before going to work might be a good idea, Adam reminds him he needs to get off. Adam turns the television. Later we see him leave the house, walk across the road to his revolting little car (it is not quite as bad as his haircut, but almost) turn the stereo up to 11 and disappear off into the distance.

At the Hillman, sorry Tilsley, sorry Platt household Hayley is sewing furiously, Maria is planning to start work on Sarah's hair as well as planning what to do with Bethany, not to mention Shaggy - sorry David. Bethany is promised she will be a princess. This preening and prettifying continues on and off throughout the episode with Gail returning at one point to talk to Sarah. Gail says she cannot stop the wedding - but she will be around to pick up the pieces when it goes wrong. Sarah asks why she is so sure it will go wrong - because it is rushed and there is Beth to consider. Sarah re-assures Gail it is not going to happen. Bethany sings the song she has prepared in celebration of the wedding. Gail returns to work. Audrey thanks Maria for her efforts and then suggests something stronger than another cup of tea - some champagne. Audrey retires to the garden and phones Gail - she wants a meeting at Roy's in ten minutes.

Across the road Charlie is trying to convince Eileen (with Sean's help) that she should be at the wedding. Eileen refuses to listen and heads for work. Jason is trying to iron a shirt when she returns at which point Charlie leaves. Eileen wants Jason to understand but there will be no-one there - no father, no brother, no mother - only his boss and the lodger. Eileen offers to do the ironing - but she is worried about Beth - but he says the person getting hurt is him.

At the factory Hayley and Gail talk about Craig's current place of residence. Mr Baldwin is looking for Adam who has not turned up. None of the staff know where he is and Danny refers to him as a waste of space (which sounds about right to me). Later Hayley and Roy check out the bakery and manage to gain entry and find the squat as fitted out by Craig. Roy observes how desperate Craig must be to remain in Manchester. Roy and Hayley cannot stand by and leave Craig in this state and feel that they must offer him the spare bedroom in the flat - a 15 year old boy can be no more difficult than Fiz - nor much older. Staying in the squat another night is not on.

Over at the Rovers decorations are being erected, food being prepared, balloons blown up and the odd drink being consumed. Adam wanders in, wearing new clothes - he tells Fiz he has not been work - he gets 40% of the profits if he goes to work or not - so why go in. Doris has prepared labels for the food on the computer and is going along putting them in the right places - including as Kirk observes - a quicky, spelt quiche. Along at Roy's Gail tries to explain why she cannot support the wedding and they have nothing at all to move into a tower block with Beth. Audrey tells Gail how much like Ivy she looks - Audrey says she is trying to shock some sense into Gail - but it is not working. Audrey has one last try - if Gail does not attend the wedding she will break her daughter's heart. Gail almost breaks but leaves without saying a word.

At the StreetCars office (where notably there is absolutely no sign of Lloyd - presumably he is discussing his taxi rides to London with the appropriate authorities) Steve cheekily suggests that if Eileen leaves now she can reach the wedding on time. For the last time she says no, as Claire and baby arrives, pushchair leading. They look at the baby and Steve accuses Eileen of not being so keen on her own child.

Danny finds Adam in the Rovers where he is celebrating the wedding. Danny is pleased that Adam wants to be a sleeping partner and departs with a smile on his face. Michelle, the new barmaid being played by the former Hearsay vocalist Kim (Marsh) Ryder, arrives very late and apologises to Liz who is in charge (Bev is visiting Shelley - can I start a bring back Shelley campaign - we want Shelley etc?). Michelle promises to skip her break to make up for being late which defuses the situation. She gets down to serving drinks pretty rapidly.

Sean re-assures Jason that all will be well and for once Jason is looking smart (something at which Charlie fails - he is not wearing a tie - someone take him out and shoot him please?). They all head to the Rovers for a pre-wedding drink. Sean introduces himself to Michelle and they have five minutes before departing.

The entire StreetCars fleet is lined up ready for loading - Gail watches through the blinds of the medical centre. Eileen punches holes into a piece of paper. Steve lets her know that they are all about to depart. At one end of the Street Sarah and her entourage emerge and get in the nearest cars whilst at the other end of the Street the male participants emerge from the Rovers and Jason and Sarah stare at each other whilst the minxy Maria eyes up Charlie.

Gail watches the procession depart as does Eileen - each locking a gaze with their respective offspring, the closing shot is a rear view of Michelle, presumably the next minx on the block with partially bare back as she strides back into the Rovers.

Well looks good from here - should be "a bit of a do" as they say up north.

K Richard W


Anonymous said...

I feel terrible saying this, but Bethany is the WORST child actor in history. I mean, I realize that Shirley Temple was uniquely talented, but good grief!

It's physically painful to watch this kid. She cannot say her lines correctly, she has no sense of emotions, and ACK! now we also know her singing voice is horrid!

I mean, A Whole New World was never going to be Mozart, but (shudders uncontrollably)...

The kid that plays Amy does a better job, and she's like 3!

OK, I feel better now. You can all tell me what a monster I am. I don't care.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Michander Fan,

You are worst than Hitler.

Jacqueline said...

Seriously, that kid sucks - and I don't feel bad about critizing any actor's ability, no matter how old they are.

Just because someone is under 16 doesn't mean they can't be terrible and that song (which in it self is an assault on humanity)was nothing short of torture to listen to.

The only thing more disgusting was Gale's soppy face all over the screen.

But that's just my bit.

Glacia slings back another G and T and rages against the machine.

Anonymous said...


Hahahaha. I feel better now. I really feel guilty talking trash about a kiddie, but geez louise, is she the best they could do, honestly?

Gail's really bothering me. I mean, everyone on the planet (except Jayshun and Sharah) KNOWS this is going to be a train wreck. And I get that Gail and Eileen are upset about it. But you know, you have to let your kids live their lives. Audrey's crack about Ivy was spot on! (I wasn't watching the show back then, but I have seen Corrie Secrets from CBC, thanks to my Frostback Buddy Joe.)

And I have watched her stalk around the Street for weeks now without saying anything, but THAT PURSE DOESN'T WORK WITH ANY OF HER CLOTHES! Plus she's taken to carrying it like a weapon...

Michigander Fan

Ang said...

Thanks for the update!!!!!! Now I don't feel so out of the loop. I missed so much :( Kind of glad I missed out on Bethany's singing though! sounds like that's something that didn't need to be heard at all.

I love Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham btw..

Pamer said...

anyone else catch tyrone's comment to kirkey about his singing ability?...that was cool

Pamer said...

...and Danny making fun of Sal and her fish fingers...LOL who wrote this episode??

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Jacqueline and Michigander Fam concerning the actress who plays Bethany. The child is terrible! The sweet little boy who plays Josh is so much better! The child who plays Bethany has to be at least 6 and has been on the show for a while -- why is she so terrible! And has anyone noticed how Claire NEVER picks up her baby! How dense is Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Best parts: Danny's line about fish fingers.

Blanche's line to Jo: oh, you're going too?

Sean's line to Kirkeh and Ty: Lycra is very unforgiving...

Really good writing throughout. Super summaries too!


Anonymous said...

If I ran the zoo...(that's a fave statement of mine!)

The kid that plays Bethany would by given acting lessons until she GETS IT RIGHT. No pudding for you! No videogames or TV. Oh, you want your dolly back... sing on key or dolly's head gets chopped off!

Let's bring Sam Goldwyn back from the dead - that guy knew how to make child actors perform!

What, too harsh?


Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


How dense is Ashley?

How dense is a rock?

He won't realize anything is remotely wrong until Claire is carted off wearing a straightjacket. Then, because it's "too painful" he will dump her like a hot potato.

He's a butthead. (That's a technical term.)

Michigander Fan

(Can you tell I don't like him?)

Jacqueline said...

The 'your dog is dead - now cry!' school of child acting?

Tanzie said...

*puff puff..pant* ..Love the sunday summary...its just soooo long...my "scrolling" finger is getting worn out!! *puff puff* ..allll the way down the page, only to find out that no one has added anything new and witty (sad pouty face inserted here)

Anonymous said...


Yes. Exactly! That kid should have been awakened by Joan Crawford standing over her at 2 am and forcing her to sing scales. Once you learn correct pitch at 2 am, you can sing anything!

Stupid child labor laws. Like she really needs to "play"! She needs to learn to act!

Are you looking up the number for Child Services of Metro Detroit right now?!


Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Yes, I certainly feel sorry for the poor child who plays Bethany. Acting is not in her blood. Why are her parents putting her through this (oops, forgot - money!)

I love how Danny took the wind out of Adam's sails by being glad he hadn't shown up for work. Any bets on how long it will take Danny to get those shares back from Adam?

So when was it that Fizz lived with the Croppers (obviously before my time). Anyone know how that all panned out.

Rob Swizzle said...

The summaries are very complete, though I miss the lean scathing wit of the Corrie Canuck regulars. Please, let an influenza epidemic stop these insufferable hockey playoffs in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

So did Sarah and Jason get a flat in one of those tower blocks we used to see in the old school opening credits?

Anonymous said...

Fizz first came to the street because her lovely mother, who years later turned out to be Cilla, couldn't or wouldn't care for her.

Fizz was put into care, and the Croppers, who always wanted a child, took her in as their first child, I think.

Didn't Fizz tell the authorities Roy made advances? Can't quite recall that.


Pamer said...

i think the Croppers had Wayne as their first live in child...then since they relaly enjoyed having him, they tried to get others to come live with them. As I remember Fiz didn't stay very long since she was Craig's age and ready to strike out on her own.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised none of the gents here have mentioned the addition of the lovely new barmaid Michelle with the shiny, shiny black hair.

So, so shiny.