Monday, May 14, 2007

Small Furry Update with a Tail


I see now that I kind of screwed up last week and posted the epidosde updates instead of Glenda's weekly summary. (And 'eek' I don't have permission to repost the big ass episode updates.)

Here, for your pleasure is the weekly update from the lovely Glenda. It's difficult for me to edit these to be up-to-the-point with our Corries - so there is a wee spoiler. (But I think we can all guess that the wee Peacock bairn wasn't going DIE in the car.)

Just a note, my favorite conversation was when Craig tells David that the Croppers have a television but, 'they only turn it on when there's a specific show they want to watch.'. (Freaks!)

But without further ado....

August 14, 2006

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. Come in, sit down and make yourself comfy. Without any further ado, here we go with this weeks’ Coronation Street update.

Big story of the week has been Jason and Sarah’s wedding (or lack thereof) so I’ll jump right in with news of the nuptials. Strapped for cash, Sarah buys her wedding frock from a charity shop and it’s left to Fiz and Hayley to work their seamstress magic and turn some old woman’s petticoat into a pink confection of satin and bows. Little Bethany looks a picture in her white and pink froth of a frock but it all fails to crack a smile on Gail’s face, she remains opposed to the wedding and will not budge. Neither will Eileen, which means the two mardy mums form an unlikely alliance and drown their sorrows together in the Rovers with Eileen flipping beer mats on her nose after one glass too many while Gail’s hair-do flicks up in a vain attempt to flee from the sides of her miserable face. Charlie organises a joint hen and stag do in the Rovers which means Maria gets to see a cuddly side to her new landlord, which has hitherto been buried to all. As the two of them prepare the party in the Rovers, they flirt over bunting and balloons but when Maria tries to kiss him at the end of the night Charlie pulls away coyly, reminding her he’s taken. Ooh, he’s playing this one cool, is Charlie-boy. At the party, Jason slurs a speech about Sarah’s hair looking like a shampoo ad and how she’s got the cutest little toes he’s ever seen. Everyone drinks to the loving couple except for Eileen and Gail who stay away from the party in a bad mood and a sulk. “I hope Fiz marries me someday…” muses Kirkeh, taken by the romance of the night, “…at the Planetarium”.
On the day of the wedding it’s all systems go at the Platts as Audrey fusses in her best frock, Sarah’s in rollers, Maria’s doing make-up and hair while Gail goes to work, still not best pleased. Sarah gets little Bethany to sing her wedding song, A Whole New World, to Gail in the garden, hoping it’ll soften Gail’s heart and she’ll relent and give in. But even that doesn’t work (and somehow I can’t see Beth turning up on X-Factor any day soon). Over at Eileen’s, Jason’s in tears because his mum won’t come to the wedding and he even has to iron his own wedding shirt -although it’s left to Charlie to tell him he’ll get it done quicker if he plugs the iron in. At the Rovers, cold savouries are spread out on the bar ready for the reception and a bit of a do. When Betty spies Tyrone trying the pastries, she threatens to slap his backside and there was a wonderful comic look between the two of them across the bar of the pub.
And so, ladies and gennelmen, it’s off to Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw for the wedding of the summer. Just as the happy couple are about to say their vows, in walk Eileen and Gail wearing a bit of slap and old frocks and it’s hugs all round with Sarah and Jason over the moon to see their mums who’ve arrived to watch them get wed. In the confusion of the moment and before Sarah can say “I do”, Jason pops to the loo and it all goes down the pan. When Jason doesn’t return after a wee while, Charlie goes to check to see if Jason’s got tummy troubles in the toilet but all he finds is an empty cubicle and an open window. Jason’s gone and done a runner, jilted Sarah in her pink frock on her special day and then sends her a txt msg to explain: “Can’t do it, sorry. J x” It’s a terrible thing, constipation, but it must have been pretty bad to make Jason miss his own wedding. Needless to say, Sarah’s in tears and Gail and Eileen return to best bickering form.

Elsewhere on the Street this week, Rosie spends time in the squat with Craig who’s dossing down in Diggory’s old cake shop. It’s right minging, with no running water and Craig’s smelly and unshowered but Rosie ends up falling asleep there and Sally and Kev are out of their mind with worry, not knowing where she is. Sally’s all for searching the streets, calling the cops, locking Rosie in her room until she’s 21 just as soon as they find the little madam. So when Rosie saunters home the next morning, she knows she’s got some explaining to do. She takes Sal and Kev to see where Craig’s sleeping rough. They’ve already offered for Craig to come and stay with them but he’s turned down their offer of bed and beans so Sally comes up with a plan. She asks Roy and Hayley if they’d take Craig in and when they see the conditions Craig’s living in they can’t turn him down. He’s not best pleased at first and kicks out for his independence but Craig finally caves in to soap and water, hot meals and nights in playing Scrabble with the Croppers.

In the Rovers, new barmaid Michelle starts work after Vernon the drummer – a man who’s turned being feckless into an art form – puts in a good word for her with Fred, without telling Liz. Liz isn’t best pleased to be working with Michelle and this Corrie fan isn’t best pleased that Kym Ryder’s in Corrie. Let’s just say the jury is out in our house, at least on my side of the sofa, but I’m prepared to give her a chance. Just. Anyway, Liz is keeping a beady eye on Vernon who’s keeping a beady eye on Michelle behind the bar, along with Steve, who’s also quite taken with the Rovers new barmaid. Vernon’s not happy working at Streetcars and tells Liz it’s not quite his scene, he prefers being a drummer in the band: “I’m used to being adored” he moans.

Maria settles into Charlie’s flat and has to call out her new landlord when the electrics stop working. Little does she know that Charlie’s been into the flat when she was shopping in town and removed some fuses, deliberately on purpose so he’d have an excuse to get in there with his new tenant. She’s not the brightest bulb in the pack is Maria, but I don’t think she deserves what Charlie’s got up his evil sleeve for her over the coming months, oh dearie me, no.

Adam’s full of swagger and smirk and lords it over the girls at the factory with his “Call me Mr Barlow” act then doesn’t bother turning in to his first day at work. He goes shopping and drinking and thinks it’s a lark, getting 40% of the factory business for doing sweet nowt. Danny offers him fifty grand cash to buy back his share of Underworld, which Adam refuses. When Ken finds out that Adam’s wasted his first day, he’s angry with him and tells him so, in no uncertain terms, especially after Blanche has bought him an alarm clock from the car boot sale.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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August 21, 2006

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. This week the update is getting ready for its birthday tomorrow, August 23. But anyway, before I start the update this week I’d like to mention The Soap Show at It’s a weekly internet radio show for fans of British and Australian soaps. It’s good fun and well worth tuning in. Past shows have included interviews with the actor who played Corrie’s Todd Grimshaw and Coronation Street writer Patrea Smallacombe. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this weeks’ Coronation Street update.

(J's note - Happy Be-lated B-day Glenda!)

I wasn’t sure if I’d tuned into Coronation Street or a cheap German porn B-movie this week, what with Maria calling Charlie round to her flat to fix a leaking tap after he’d been in there while she was out removing the tap washer in the first place. When the water sprayed Maria’s kitchen and her t-shirt went see through I had to avert my eyes. I think I also tutted loudly. And then landlord Charlie came round to sort out Maria’s plumbing and the next thing you know, he’s helping her off with her wet clothes and into bed. It was probably just in case she was starting with the flu, or something. Maria’s falling for Charlie and she thinks he’s feeling the same way about her but she gets a rude awakening when little miss toxic returns to the cobbles ahead of schedule, surprising Charlie. Tracy goes to the salon to get her mane teased back into shape and demands a cut and colour from Maria herself. Charlie turns up to pay the hairdresser’s bill and whispers sweet nothings to the Corrie crimper as he hands over the cash behind Tracy’s back.

Jiltin’ Jason disappears for a few days while Sarah cries on the sofa in her jim-jams, Eileen’s got a face like thunder and Gail’s going round saying “I told you so” to anyone who’ll listen. Sarah tells little Bethany that daddy Jason isn’t going to be her daddy anymore, he and mummy have had a falling out. But when Jason does return he’s full of remorse and guilt and desperate to win back the fair hand of the Platt maiden. In a gesture he thinks romantic he pins up a huge sheet across the road from the Platt’s house that reads “Sarah. I love you. Sorry babe, x”. “What’s a babex?” asks Gail. It doesn’t do the trick (not yet, anyroad) as Sarah takes down the notice and uses it to wrap up the last bits and pieces she still owns of Jason’s – CDs, DVDs, teddy bear – his most important things in life and then throws them out on the street.

Claire’s still scrubbing and cleaning, working and shopping, anything other than staying at home with the new baby. Ashley can’t understand what’s got into his missus and pleads with her to stay home and act like he thinks a new mother should. But he’s blind to what millions of viewers can already see, Claire’s got post-natal depression and Ashley hasn’t a clue. After a phone call from her mum she takes the baby to the park in a Streetcars taxi and leaves him there alone then she disappears. A passing cyclist finds the abandoned taxi and baby, rings Eileen on the switch who tells Ashley who drives straight there in his jam-jar motor. He smashes the car window and rescues the baby just as Claire reappears and Ashley’s furious with her. They calm down and talk and she tells him her mum is dying with cancer. Is this the reason for Claire’s odd behaviour? Is she really telling the truth?

Barmaid Michelle starts work at the Rovers and both Vernon and Steve eye her up behind the bar. Liz isn’t best pleased about any of this and takes it upon herself to make life difficult for her new barmaid on account of the fact that her fella and her son are giving her the glad eye. With Liz busy behind the bar, Vernon asks Michelle out on a date - which she refuses. When Steve says he wouldn’t mind going out with Michelle, Vernon warns him off and says she’s got two ugly brothers who make The Sopranos look like Four Poofs and a Piano. Never heard of them? Find out more at

Craig moved in with The Croppers this week after Rosie left him again to spend summer with her mate Laura in a big house in Devon. Kev feels sorry for the lad so invites him round to watch the footy with beer and fish and chips which makes Hayley feels left out and she tells Craig he can watch footy there any time he likes. Bless him, he’s a lovely lad is Craig and he doesn’t want to upset Hayley so tells her he’ll stay in one night to play cards with the Croppers.

At the factory, Danny ups and leaves for a holiday in Spain, visiting son Warren. He leaves with Frankie’s best wishes and her lipstick kiss on his cheek. Danny puts Adam in charge at the factory while he’s away, something that Adam isn’t too happy about as it means he’ll actually have to do some work. But Ken’s pleased as it means Adam will have to face up to some responsibility instead of zooming around Weatherfield in his little yellow noddy sports car.



Anonymous said...

Viewers may also recall the day Jason informed Sarah-Lou of Katy's death via message.

Death notices, marriage cancellations. Is there anything unlimited text messaging can't do?

Anonymous said...

Best part: Kirkeh pondering whether Jayshun actually TOOK a wee when he went to the loo...

Because if he didn't have to wee, then that means he PLANNED the runner!

I laughed like a maniac watching Kirkeh trying to decide whether this was a first-degree or third-degree ditch!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Other reflections:

1. I hate Ashley SO MUCH!
2. Craig and Rosie are not going to be together much longer.
3. Charlie is far more manipulative that I had previously given him credit for.
4. Where was Emily? She normally comes to all Street "dos", so the fact that she wasn't at the (non) wedding was weird.
5. Norris cracks me up.
6. Vera's hair didn't look nearly as comical as usual...

Michigander Fan

Pamer said...

i thought it was a shame that Maria wasn't wear a lighter coloured t-shirt

Anonymous said...

Emily must be off visiting her niece or something because how can she miss the wedding of the Sarah-Lou? Fizz once said that Sarah only knows how to do two hairstyles: shaved and "Emily Bishop."

Pamer you take what you can get on this show. Between that and the close up of Michelle's bum in the same episode, I feel my patience as a male viewer of this show was rewarded at last.

I also think it's hilarious that David has a crush on Maria, who's far too oblivious notice. And now that's Charlie has made her a dirty, dirty girl, it's going to get even better.