Thursday, May 24, 2007


In the great internet tradition of LOLCATS, LOLGOTH, and LOLSTARTREK, I present to you my contribution to the latest meme that I'm not sure even I get.

I give you:



raincoaster said...

Welcome to the pantheon. Well done (is that a deliberate Dr. Phibes reference in #1?).

Steph said...

Love the last one! LOVE IT!

I encourage more lolcorrie posts. There's a great cheeky analysis of the lolcat phenomenon over here if anyone is interested in/unfamiliar with this weird meme.

Anonymous said...

Hey raincoaster, No Dr. Phibes reference here. I'd never actually heard of that film until you mentioned it. It's just that I always imagine that Cilla smells of rotisserie chicken when she's on that bed.

MJ said...

*waves to Raincoaster from down the street*

raincoaster said...

You can never have enough Dr Phibes! It's always appropriate for any occasion.

*waves back at MJ*