Monday, May 14, 2007

Kym Marsh

Amid the fooferaw of Jason doing a runner on his wedding, the Rovers acquired a new barmaid in the form of Michelle. We've seen her previously on the show when she helped Vernon find a new flat for him and Liz.

Michelle is played by Kym Marsh, who used to sing with a group called Hear'Say. She has since gone on to an acting career as well some solo singing, as we can see in this video.

The music, well, what's the word I'm looking for here? Oh yes, "blows." But she sure is pretty. With shiny, shiny black hair.

So, so shiny.


Anonymous said...

OK, I am not liking Michelle so much so far. I think she looks odd behind the bar, far too glam for Rovers.

There are pretty women and good looking men on the show, but none have looked like fashion models before. What I liked was that people looked, well, normal.

Recently, when I was trying to find an update, I accidentally stumbled onto footage from far in the future (for us, anyway. It was current for Brits.)

There were four people in the scene, and I knew none of them. I know now one is Michelle.

I can only say these people looked like the British version of Desperate Housewives...far too sleek for the street.


GoBetty said...


Debbie said...

OK, I had to stop the video because it was that bad I couldn't handle it. i did watch ity long enough to note that she looks better with short hair.

But, yes, she had that shiny shiny black hair. How does she do it? Egg whites? Canola oil? John Freda? It's out of this world.

I liked Michelle from the beginning. She has a whole family who will be introduced later. One particular family member is a new bit of street totty.

I also like that Liz doesn't like her. It opens liz's personality a bit. You get to see her vanity.

papasmurf said...

Papa Smurf = Thunder bay totty


Jacqueline said...

Glacia is buying a ticket to Thunder Bay.

Jacqueline said...

I like Michelle, but I do agree she's a bit too glam for the street.

Give me someone like Raquel...calendar material, but certainly not Milan stuff.

Ang said...

Thanks for that. When I was able to tune in for a few minutes here and there on Sunday (while taking care of my 4 month old cousin) I didn't know who she was! I was very confused...

blows lol that cracked me up. I skipped the clip as I totally trust your judgement John!

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to give Michelle a pass on the "too glam for the Street" issue because her character is a singer. Like Vernon, she is used to being adored and puts a lot of effort into her appearance.

The closest comparison is Frankie who originally thought of herself as too good for the Street. Remember how she dressed and carried herself? Then she wised up and went back to her working class roots.

Besides, us blokes need a little totty, too.

Her hair is shiny.

Debbie said...

Thunder Bay you say...
She is pretty Glam but I think the days of Coronation Street characters dressing like they have never seen a fashion magazine or TV have to come to an end.

I think they do a pretty good job at keeping it real in Weatherfield, although.

Michelle always looks nice and well dressed, but she doesn't look like she is wearing Prada or anything like that. She dresses as well as Tracey Barlow.

Anonymous said...

Ok John, I'm going to give Michelle a chance because she is an entertainer and so should look glam.

I will think of her as this generation's Rita. (Remember the ancient Youtube clip of the Abba-like Rita in the club?)

I like Rita, she's a great old broad, so this could work.


Anonymous said...

I started liking Michelle when she chased Eileen down the street to apologise for what she'd said about Jason. She seemed very sincere and didn't rise to Eileen's very rude responses. Can't we please just exchange Michelle for Vernon? His eyes continue to creep me out. I don't know how Liz can look down her nose at Michelle when she's going out with Vernon!

Anonymous said...

Noooo!! I was hoping the bad tattoo on her shoulder was drawn on by the makeup people to give the character some "edge" but alas, they are real -- with a few more added since that video.

(Like Ian Thomas, I've nothing against painted ladies but the design has to look like it had a little thought behind it)

Ah well, at least her hair is shiny. ;-P

Rob Swizzle said...

Violet and Michelle are must have seen the same "severe bobs for barmaids" magazine at the hair salon. But yeah, shiny. So much so I thought it was CGI.