Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bruce Jones News --SPOILERS--

We've discussed on this blog before the public behaviour of Bruce Jones, aka our Les Battersby, so it's of interest to note the latest news.

There are big spoilers regarding Les and Cilla contained in this news story so if you like to avoid spoilers regarding Corrie's future, avoid clicking that story.

If you want to discuss the news item and its ramifications, you can do so in the comments section, where spoilers for this item will be in plain view.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll start.

It's a shame that Bruce Jones' behaviour has got him fired and now leaves the character of Les with a less than graceful exit. Currently the character is on tour with a tribute band. Now, we'll never see him again.

But I can't say I blame his bosses when he gets drunk in public, insults the fans, spoils upcoming storylines and makes racist comments. It's disrepectful to the show and to the fans.

My question now is, what's going to happen to Chesney? Will Fiz take him in? Roy and Hayley?

Lori said...

I am hoping for Roy and Hayley to take him in. I have heard rumours they were going to make Chesney into another nasty teen (and I do stress the word rumour) but I really hope not, they have all they can handle with David Platt I think. It would be nice to see the return of Cilla at some point, the actress is fantastic with her charactor, but I won't miss Les at all.

Jacqueline said...

more importantly, will the new tenants FINALLY fix the water damaged wallpaper?

Working From Home Today said...

Aw, that's too bad. I think the character deserves a better send off than that! I mean, it's Les! Give us proper closure.

Come to think of it, maybe that is proper closure....

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, a new family called the Mortons have moved in and they're taking on the role as the Street's most uncouth family.

I think Fizz should move in, taking on Yana as her lodger, and Chesney under her wing.

Anonymous said...

As long as Chesney doesn't leave the Street when Les and Cilla do, although I grudgingly admit to enjoying them - they are so obnoxious and awful that I (a) feel smugly superior and (b) thank God that my neighbors aren't like them!

I am not liking the amount of turnover we seem to have had recently. Is this a new phenomenon, or has it always been this way? Glacia, John, Papa, Missus...any info?

It seems that I just really start to like a character and they disappear.

Michigander Fan

PS Is hockey almost over? (Once the Wings were put down like dogs I stopped paying any attention at all.)

Debbie said...

Well, Jacqueline I do know that the wall paper was changed, so that is good.

But, Les really does vanish. It is like *poof* he is gone like Kaiser Soze, Rolo Tomasi or my ex-boyfriend.

I really hope Chezney stays on. He is darling. I hope he lives with Fiz. It is the logical choice. Also, I can't see him being the bad teen. It makes no sense.

I think it would be well more interesting if Daniel Barlow came back as the bad teen. I mean he certainly has the baggage for it.

Anonymous said...

I think Chesney is popular enough to stick around but the writers are going to have figure a way to get him to stay that makes sense. His adopted father has vanished, which leaves him to the care of his mother, who is also leaving. Somehow, he's going to have stay on the street but in someone else's care.

Fizz does make the most sense and I'd love to see her get a real house on the street. But I wouldn't mind seeing the Croppers take in another Brown, this time for good, as they've always wanted a child. They've never been able to conceive because of some fertility issues.

Anonymous said...

lol Fertility issues? Hayley is a transexual and I do not think transexuals can bear children naturally. Correct me if I am wrong here...Yeah, I quit watching hockey when our beloved Wings lsot it...I hope they don't make Chesney a bullyboy...I am glad Les is going..Sad about Cilla!!!

Michigan Corrie Fan

Anonymous said...

When Jones was in Hfx a few years ago for a Corrie fan gathering, it was slightly apparent the handlers were a little exasparated with him.

They never actually said anything, but there were sighs and "oh, that's just Bruce!" comments made to the crowd.

He just really didn't know when to stop. And from that evening alone, I think there is a lot of Bruce in Les, and vice versa.

I saw the YouTube posting of the Mortons on our site, but couldn't really tell where they lived.

After the Battersbys, how bad could they be?


Anonymous said...

I just saw this in Wikipedia...interesting if true..

Commencing in May 2007, ITV will relaunch its online website to include video on demand content. This will allow viewers to watch episodes of Coronation Street any day (free of charge) after their original transmission within a 30 day window.

Michigan Corrie Fan

GoBetty said...

I heard that when Les was in Toronto a few years ago for the British Isles show... he was really plastered. I was just getting Corrie at that point but remember a discussion about this on CBC Radio 1.

Too bad they don't kill him off dramatically. I loves me a grave cam shot.

I did grow to like that character of Cilla immensely. Hope Chezzers gets to stay.

Anonymous said...

Betty, that was probably the same trip and directly after he was in Hfx.

There is a local group that used to nab Corrie stars on their way to the TO show, but didn't nab Fizz this year. :(

Bruce wasn't outrageous, just sort of out control in a little boy, look at me way. The evening was coming to an end, even for die-hard Corrie fans, but he was still up there trying to be centre of attention, launching into songs, etc.

A little embarrassing really.


Anonymous said...

When I first started watching Corrie a little over two years ago I found Les amusing. Now he's mainly annoying and I really can't stand Cilla, so I won't be sad to see either of them go. Chesney is a gem, though. Hopefully, they'll figure out a way for him to stay. Cilla's abandoned him before, hasn't she? Did Les ever get to legally adopt Chesney? I can't recall the resolution of that story line.

Debbie said...

The adoption was successful, so who knows what will happen with Chez.

Anonymous said...

Thus ends the dream of the 'Ches and Les' taxi firm. *sigh*

Rob Swizzle said...

Please post the weekly updates. When I try to find them myself on other Corrie blogs, i end up stumbling onto all sorts of spoilers.

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean. I have found out more things that I wasn't ready to know that way.

PLUS, I want to talk about the goof on this week's episodes - did anyone else notice that Sally magically appeared at work in Underworld while she's supposed to be on vacation with Sophie?

Michigander Fan